Greetings, Audience !

Léo again !

Time has come for a story i've had in mind for quite a long time now. But friendship coming prior to my own interests, i wrote THE GREATEST TIDAL WAVE EVER and GOODBYE EARTH ! as dedications to my buddies.

But now, it's time to think of me a bit…


Why on Earth would a 33-year old man write a romance between 2 female teenagers ? (What you call a « femslash »… at least a word i learned on FF ! ) )

Hum, those who answered : « out of perversity » can leave the room… XD

Well, i once was at a friend's birthday and saw 2 girls there. They at first appeared friends, but i soon realized they were a couple. And then i learned that girls together could be so cute, sweet and caring… as much as in an heterosexual couple, actually.

And i was so impressed by the sweetness, sensitivity and delicacy between girls that i decided that i should one day write a love story between 2 female characters. Careful, it will be strictly a love story, i.e. no sex in there. Perhaps a few intimate kissing scenes, but no further.

You see, my plan is to emphasize as much as can be on the feelings and emotions, insist on the love blooming between Sam and Cathy, their fears, their doubts, and of course their reciprocal tenderness. The « inner life », as one calls it. Therefore, there will be less action than in GBE, but there still will be some more agitated moments.

I really hope to craft a good female love story. Not easy for a man to « pass the test », but then again, haven't i been told several times that my feminine side is more developed than in other men around ? (Hum, that doesn't imply i'm gay – i'm not – but that i have a better understanding of women and how they think/feel/act than other men have, and since i've had numerous female buddies in my life, it proves it's true). So much for that.

And now, dear Readers, now's time for chapter I. Shall we go ? It's just round the corner…