The Prologue

«Where is my mind?

That is a question I find quite hard to answer, at the moment. It seems that either my mind has finally broken down or it has simply decided to abandon me for good, leaving me to tend to myself. I cannot say if I am sane or not anymore. I cannot see if what my eyes are reflecting is reality or a constant dream. I cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not anymore. Time. Time bears no more meaning to me, it has no sense to exist at all anymore. And, strangely, I feel as if I can't recall what it was like before any of this happened. I don't really know, and I can't recall what was of me before I got here. I don't feel like I ever belonged anywhere else, in more than one way. A part of me feels like I never even existed before this. Had none of this happened, I might have never come to be aware of who I am and would have never found my truest self. Or, perhaps, if none of this had happened, I wouldn't have lost myself in the first place. I have been walking on a narrow string on the edge between insanity and reality. And I am afraid to lose my balance. But then again, maybe this is all worth it in the end. For if it is someone who you truly love, how could you hold back from giving yourself up for them, when they were the first to save you?

"Say goodbye to all of this…and hello to oblivion."

Closing my eyes, I hold my breath and step out into the light.»

CHAPTER 1: Arrival at the Frankenstein Place/Enter at your own risk!

"We have a visitor."

Frank N Furter stopped at the sound of the handyman's voice, his arms frozen in mid-air as he was trying to grip onto the chandelier above the metallic tank that was to be used for his grandest experiment to give it the last finishing touches. He lowered his hands and removed the dark oval goggles he had been wearing for protection, sending a questioning gaze at the handyman, his eyebrow raised in amusement.

"I peg your pardon, Riff raff?"

The hunchback started fiddling with hands nervously, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "We….have a visitor, Master."

"I heard that, you brainless idiot," Frank snapped, "What I would like to know is how in the name of Transsexual is it possible that we have a visitor?"

Riff raff mumbled uneasily, "I-I think it would be better for you to come see for yourself, Master."

Frank closed his eyes and sigh loudly with frustration, stalking past Riff raff towards the elevator without another word and noisily removing his pink rubber gloves with a loud snap as he did so. Riff raff quickly followed, taking it as a cue to show him the way.
The handyman entered into the elevator after him and hastily closed the gate and directed them to the ground floor, then quickly re-opened it as soon as they arrived. He clumsily led the way through the mansion, Frank's shoeheels clicking on the ground the only sound echoing around the hallways as they moved. Riff raff finally came to a stop in front of the door that led to one of the mansion's guest rooms.

"This better be good, Riff raff," Frank warned, striding past him and entering through the door.

The bedroom was dimly lit by the pale moonlight filtering through the floor-length windows covering one of the walls and the faint glow of the cluster of candles that had been lit by the bedside. The sound of the rainstorm raging outside filled the air. Magenta, the housemaid, stood silently at the foot of the bed, her face directed towards the person lying there. Columbia, a frisky and exuberant groupie also stood to the side.
Frank walked past them, squinting his eyes questioningly at their expressions, then turned his head to see what they were all staring at. A sudden flash of lighting illuminated the figure of a young woman spread underneath the covers, obviously unconscious.

"Well well well," he said matter-of-factly, stopping by the bedside with his hands on his hips, "What do we have here?" He waited for someone to respond, cocking an eyebrow when nobody did. "I'm waiting for an answer," he added.

"It's a she," Riff raff finally spoke up, daring to move closer to the bed as well and eyeing the limp long-haired figure lying there.

"You don't say, Riff raff," Frank replied in mock astonishment, "My, what a marvellous sense of observation you do have!"

"He brought her here from the woods," Magenta spoke up, her eyes still on the young lady.

"What brought you to do so?" Frank asked.

"I was out gathering some wood and I found her in the middle of the forest. She was already unconscious and badly wounded, and she looked as if she might need some tending to," he explained.

"And you bring her back here?" Frank demanded.

"I hope this does not offend you, Master," he answered sheepishly, "I thought that, perhaps, she could…."

"I know what you thought," Frank cut him off. Riff raff shut up.

"She was wearing this, when I found her" the handyman added after a few seconds, taking a tattered piece of clothing and handing it over to Frank, who grabbed it from him and then moved closer to the bed to get a better look at the girl. What the handyman had said was true: the skin on her face and neck looked badly battered, her lower lip was bleeding and she had a gash above her right eye. Her long hair was tangled and messily sprawled underneath her, and the simple white clothes she was wearing – which would have seemed odd, for this type of cold and rainy weather, had it not been for the piece of clothing Frank was holding which proved that was she was wearing were only her undergarments – were also smudged with dirt and ripped in various spots. He took in her delicate features, her slender nose and her elegant lips and her nicely arched eyebrows. He also noticed a dark patch underneath her left eye, as if someone had beaten her there. He pulled back and stayed silent for another moment, as the others eagerly waited for his next decision.

Another flash of lighting illuminated his face. He seemed to be lost in deep thought, as his dark-lidded eyes remained fixed on the bed and his gaze seemed lost in the distance of his own mind, his chin leaning onto one of his hands. Then, without a word, he suddenly seemed to snap out of his daze, turned around, and headed for the door.

His command rang in the room a split second before he was gone.

"See to it that the wounds are tended to," he ordered, "As soon as she awakens, you know where to find me."

The three servants stared at the door a few seconds after he was gone, then turned to look at the girl again. Another flash lit up the room, reflecting her seemingly innocent and momentarily unconscious features. Then the three of them went their separate ways, each one off to attend to a different duty of some sort.

The same flash of lighting, meanwhile, illuminated the patch of clothing which Frank now examined as he walked back to the lab, holding it up as the eerie night light flashed on the words sewn into the inner side of the jacket which read:


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