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When plans are to be changed


Roxie moaned tiredly, nuzzling her face deeper in the cushion she lay on.

She heard a soft chuckle, as someone called again, "Roxie…wake up…"

Her eyes finally fluttered open, as daylight stung them and she winced. Again, she heard a soft chuckle coming from above her head. She lifted her face and gasped.

Frank was looking down at her, a whimsical smile playing on his still exceptionally pale face. It hadn't been a cushion she'd been laying on, but his torso, and as soon as she realized this she scrambled upright, afraid she was hurting him. Her mouth hung open in shock.

"Frank…" she gasped softly, "You…you woke up…you're all right…Oh my God…"

"Oh, come now, it was only a momentary weakness," he dismissed the situation, though she noticed his voice was still breathy and strained.

"But, Frank,…." She began, but he cut her off.

"- No need for all this fuss, now, really!" he gave her another grin, but she could see from his face he was still tired and still weak.

Roxie shook her head, then sigh, "Well, I better go call Magenta and Riff raff-" She turned around to get up, but felt Frank take her arm gently. She froze and turned back around, already knowing why he'd stopped her – and the look on his face told her she was right.

"Don't go. Please." he breathed.

Roxie merely nodded and sat back down. He gave her an understanding look, letting go of her arm, and she watched him try to struggle to get up.

"Would you mind helping me up, darling?" he asked her, giving her a pleading look. She nodded again, and without thinking leaned over to place her hands on the sides of his chest, helping him lift himself up. He settled down against the headrest. When Roxie pulled back, she saw him looking at her almost incredulously. "What's the matter?"

"You touched me…Without wincing or hesitating…And it's the first time since…well, that night," he answered, his voice unsteady, before he added in almost a whisper, "So you're not afraid to touch me anymore."

Roxie suddenly realized that he had just put her to the test, and she hadn't thought twice about touching him because any sort of fear she could've felt towards him until the night before was now far gone. But of course, he hadn't known that until now. Seeing the faint glistening of tears in his eyes now made her heart swell in her chest. She also felt tears prick at the corner of her eyes, and shook her head vigorously. "No," she said, then leaned in towards him to further prove her point, laying on him gently so as not to hurt him. She placed her hand on his chest and slowly dragged it up to his face, as he watched her, placing it under his jaw and turning his head towards her, looking him in the eye and whispering, "I'm not."

"Oh, Roxie…" he breathed, leaning closer to her.

She tilted her head up as well, so that their faces were only a breath apart, and they stood still, their lips almost brushing against each other, breathing deeply. Frank closed his eyes anticipating the kiss, but quickly opened them again when he felt Roxie's hand press lightly on his forearm, where he held the bruise from his overdosed injection. He hadn't noticed she'd glided her hand down his chest and arm, and was now gently pressing her fingers over the bruise.

Frank peered down at his arm, then back up, and saw that her shallow breathing was now interrupted by slight sobs as she closed her eyes and frowned. "Frank…" she whispered, opening her eyes and looking at him seriously, "Why…Why did you have to do this?" She sounded on the verge of tears.

Frank's heart sank seeing her like this, but he'd known what consequences he'd be facing before he acted. "Must we really talk about this now…?" he sigh dramatically.

She eyed him more sternly. "Yes, we do," she answered firmly, then suddenly pulled away from him, straightening herself up, "Do you have any idea how this made me feel?"

"Darling, I know, you're upset right now, but - "

"Last night," she cut him off, "I thought…For a second, do you know what I thought? I thought I'd lost you, Frank. I thought I'd lost you, for good…" she repeated, her voice cracking as new tears formed in her eyes. "Why did you have to do this, Frank? Why this way?"

"Because I thought I had no other choice!" he exclaimed, also starting to feel teary-eyed. She stared at him in silence, and he continued, "Because I thought I had already lost you, and I was desperate and I was foolish enough to make a choice that I knew, I hoped, would affect you in the same way you've been affecting me…." He trailed off, taking a moment before continuing, "Because I…." he looked away, as the tears threatened to take over. Roxie's heart beat at twice the usual rate.

He shook his head, sighing, "I realized I can't stay away from you." He turned to look at her again, "I don't want to. Not like that. Never. And…" he took a deep breath, "Being pushed away from you like that was already killing me, anyway." He lifted himself up from the headrest, leaning on his arm as he placed a hand on her chin and lifted her face to him, smiling weakly at her with tears now evident in his eyes, as he asked, "Can you forgive me? For hurting you once again, my little lamb?"

She kept her eyes lowered as he leaned his forehead down against hers, and placed a hand over his, speaking in a trembling voice, "Frank…" she choked back a sob, "Don't you…ever…ever…do something like that to me again, do you understand?"

He closed his eyes, nodding. She tightened her grip on his hand, and he responded by doing the same. "That was the stupidest thing…You could've done, for everybody. Me, your companions, your people, your mission and most of all yourself. Don't ever try something like that again. Please..." she looked at him pleadingly, "Don't ever make me think I lost you again."

Frank nodded, touched by her words, before pulling back and opening his arms for her. "Oh my little Roxie…Come here…" He whispered.

Roxie let go of all her defences and buried herself in his embrace, wrapping her arms around him tightly as he clung onto her, resting his head on top of hers. She allowed herself to cry freely at last, relieving her tension as he simply held her and stroked her back, placing kisses on her hair. After a while, she pulled back from him. He peered down at her inquisitively.

"So are you…All right with this? With…Who I am?" he asked her anxiously. He had to know immediately. She shook her head again.

"Yes…No…I don't know," she answered honestly, "But…All I know is I don't want to be away from you any more than you do." He nodded, understanding, and she continued, "And…And I know that maybe this isn't a good enough answer for you, but I don't know…Frank, I can't lie to you and say it's already all fine and over for me, but I…I've realized that you were right. You're still…you," she placed her hand on his cheek as she said this, and he smiled at her, "You're still my Frankie…And now you're all right, and you're here with me, and the worst is over…and that's all I care about right now." She ran her thumb across his cheek, keeping eye contact with him. She felt his skin begin to heat up beneath her fingers and smiled softly at him, as he mirrored her expression.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked him.

He nodded, "I'm fabulous, baby."

"I know you are," she replied jokingly, and he chuckled.

He slowly dragged his arm across the bed, intertwining it with hers, and also placed his hand on her cheek. His touch sent a renewed wave of heat flowing through her, and his grin widened a little as her expression lit up.

"How about you," he then asked her in his low voice, "…My little lamb?"

"I'm just…I'm so glad to be here with you," she answered simply, "Oh, Frankie..." she breathed.

Feeling his body heating up so close to her again made everything else around her disappear from her mind. She leaned forward, touching her forehead to his again, like they always did, and closed her eyes. He breathed deeply, also closing his eyes as he nudged her forehead gently. They stood still, almost afraid to move, listening to their breathing.

Then, tentatively, Roxie moved slightly forwards, and Frank dared take the chance to lift his face level to hers. Again, they stood still for another few moments, until they dared to move closer still. Their lips finally met in a chaste kiss, as Roxie could not repress the feeling of electric sparks between them and abandoned herself in the familiar gesture. Frank frowned slightly as he tasted her lips once again against his. Roxie then brought her hands up to cup his face, parting gently from their first attempt of renewed physical contact, and they exchanged meaningful looks.

"I've missed you," she whispered.

"My little lamb," he called her by her pet name once again, "I have missed you too. So very, very much." And he leaned in again to claim her mouth, but they were interrupted when the door opened.

Magenta and Riff raff entered the room, stopping in their tracks as soon as they realized they had interrupted something. "Master, we apologize-" Magenta began, but Frank cut her off.

"What is it?" he demanded, as he and Roxie separated.

"We…came to see how you were doing," the maid answered.

"We're happy to see you have…recovered so quickly," Riff added, eyeing Roxie.

Frank noticed this and shot him a warning glare, before saying, "I thank you for your concern. It seems that I have passed the most critical phase of overdose during my rest, but I might need to ask you for another medicine injection later on," he told Magenta, who nodded. "Are there any other news from…home?" he then asked Riff raff, who nodded as well.

"Yes, Master."

"What is it?"

"The Queen requested a communication, so Magenta and I took care of it. She asked for you but we were able to…avoid too many explanations. She had an announcement to make –" he stopped abruptly, eyeing Roxie again.

"Riff raff," Frank spoke menacingly, "Until I tell you otherwise, you are to stop leering freely at Roxie as though she were filth, and start treating her like part of this family. Is that clear?"

Roxie stood quietly by his side, clutching on his bicep in a childlike manner. After a few seconds, Riff raff nodded, diverting his eyes definitively from her. "Yes, Master."

"What did my mother have to say?"

"The Queen announced that the…convention will be joining us a little sooner than we imagined."

Roxie felt Frank's muscles tense beneath her hands. "How sooner?" he demanded.

"They are scheduled to arrive next week."

Frank sighed deeply, "I should've known she'd want to take matters in her own hands sooner or later…"

"Wait," Roxie intervened, suddenly realizing what she had just heard, "They? They're coming here? You mean…" she looked at Frank, "Your people are coming here?!"

Frank closed his eyes, shaking his head, "Roxie, please, not now. I'm going to explain everything to you later," he promised, giving her an understanding glance, and she nodded, trusting him. "Very well," he then declared, looking at the two servants again, "Magenta, Riff raff, I'm afraid I won't be fully recovered for another few days, so I ask that you start the preparations you are already aware of. I'll do my best to be operative as soon as possible so that I can help you, but in the meantime you know what needs to be done before the arrival. Oh, and we'll both require rest for now, and food in a few hours. And also, tell Columbia she can call that good-for-nothing rascal and tell him to meet me in the lab in a few days, when I'm back on my feet. Now leave us," he then ordered, and the two left them alone once more.

"Roxie," he immediately turned to her. He gave her a reassuring smile, beckoning her back in his arms as he readjusted himself on his side so that they stood facing each other. He wrapped one arm across her waist, tugging her slightly to him. "Listen, my little lamb," he said, "There's another plan I must tell you about."

Roxie nodded, "You know I want to know only the truth," she reminded him.

"I understand," he replied, "And that is why I'm telling you this. There's going to be a…convention, of some sort, here at the mansion in a week, as you have just heard. That basically means that the Queen – my mother – has sent a group of Transylvanians to come and "visit", per say, us here on Earth. Of course, this visit of theirs is actually an attempt to check on how my mission is going; apparently my mother trusts me but not enough to leave me alone for too long… But I don't blame her, the Council is probably already starting to question my abilities, seeing I have been gone for some time now without showing significant improvements with my quest…"

"All right," Roxie answered, "Frank, what is your mission?"

Frank took a deep breath, "Well, I was hoping I'd have more time to let you adjust to the situation before giving you even more information, but, oh well…" he shrugged, "I suppose it's better to just say it all and be done with it. I was sent here," he adjusted himself a little higher on the pillows, "To pursue a research in bio chemistry. I was to study the inhabitants of Earth, who are very similar to the way we Transylvanians are, and experiment with different techniques our science has acquired and developed over the years to try and discover a new way of creating a form of life operating from an inanimate body."

"Wait, you're trying to create a human being?"

Frank nodded, "Yes, Roxie."

"But that's…that's impossible! And why would you want that?"

"Well, for many reasons," he replied, "Trying to defeat incurable illnesses, take advantage of a new form of humanoid biochemistry, even create new life forms when needed – genetically improved and modified soldiers during war times, for example. To control life would mean an incredible advantage on any other species across the galaxy. It was thought impossible, yes, but our science had started to develop some theories, which needed to be experimented, that could be the key to the solution. And I was chosen to come here and experiment on a humanoid for the first time, after numerous studies and attempts have been done on smaller life forms on our planet. I was chosen because I was one of the best students at our University's Science course, and because like I told you before the Council thought this would be an appropriate task for me to prove myself as a ruler."

"And…have you succeeded?"

Frank sigh, "Well, I can't say that my latest attempts have been a total disaster, honestly, but I'm afraid I still have a lot of work to do if I want to show them I am worthy of this mission…" he shook his head, "I'm hating myself for this, but I'm beginning to be afraid. I fear what will happen if the conventionists find that I am not suitable for my task and report my unsuccessful attempts back home to my mother and the Council…" he let the phrase drift off, staring ahead of himself with his eyes unfocused.

"But, Frank, wait…" Roxie spoke softly, and he snapped back to attention to look down at her, "What about…the pact…the proposal?" she asked, almost embarrassed to bring the subject up again. "Wouldn't that be a valid enough solution to protect yourself from them?"

Frank understood what she meant and shook his head softly, "Oh, Roxie…" he sigh again, "I'm afraid it's not going to be a possible solution right now."

Roxie suddenly felt inexplicably rejected, and her heart sank, "But…What do you mean?"

"I mean it wouldn't work," he answered, "Getting married to you is not the answer."

She frowned, looking away as a doubt entered her mind, "So you…You don't want to go through with the proposal anymore, because of what happened with me…"

Frank also frowned hearing her words, realizing what he'd said made it sound like he was refusing the proposal he'd made her and was thus refusing her as well. "Oh…No, no, Roxie," he tutted, "What I meant is that, if I got married now, now that the Queen has just announced that the conventionists are arriving…that would just make matters worse, do you understand? They would immediately think that I'd violated the pact and tried to force somebody to marry me just to get away with the fact that I'm not prepared with my research…And the Council would probably accuse me of breaking the pact, retire me from the mission, and of course cancel the matrimony. I am not going to take that risk. And most of all -" he placed a finger under her chin and turned her to face him, smiling at her, "I am not risking having an invalid wedding with you," he said firmly. "Do you understand?"

Roxie nodded, feeling her throat run dry as she once again had evidence that he had actually proposed to her. As she looked into his eyes, she felt like she wanted to tell him something, she felt like she should find a way to express what was going through her mind as the importance of the meaning of his words sunk in, but her own words failed her. Instead, he seemed to read her mind, as always, and simply grinned at her perplexed expression.

"Oh, my little lamb," he chanted, "You are far too precious to me, to make me take such risks with you…But then again, perhaps you'd be better off if they did cancel our wedding, instead of having to spend your entire life with a mad scientist like myself!" he winked playfully at her, and she giggled. He smiled back at her and leaned forward to kiss her soundly on the lips. Her laughter immediately died out, and he felt her tense up at his unexpected move. He pulled away, a look of disappointment on his face. "I'm sorry, my darling," he apologized, "I keep forgetting that I should not be doing certain things if I am to keep my own promise to you…"

Seeing the sorry expression on his face made Roxie feel guilty for reacting like she did, but once again she didn't quite know what to say to make up for it. "No, Frank…" she stuttered, "I'm sorry, it's not that I…I don't want you to think it that way…I just…" she sigh, frustrated that she didn't know how to express what she meant.

Frank, however, seemed to understand her perfectly, just as well. He placed his hand under her chin, making her look up at him again, and slowly stroked his thumb across her lips. The caress sent a sudden shiver of lust rushing through Roxie, and she closed her eyes slightly.

"Oh, Roxie…" Frank breathed, pulling himself closer to her with his eyes half-closed. True to his word, however, he stopped a breath away from her lips this time. "I know…I understand," he said reassuringly, but his voice was thick with lust while he continued, "But I desire you, so much, my little lamb...it's aching me to have to keep away from touching you like I would want...do you realize it?"

Roxie was hypnotized by the way he moved his lips while he spoke and by the tone of his voice. She trembled at his words, beginning to feel a heat building in her thighs while he spoke, despite herself. She shivered even more when Frank, taking advantage of her momentary hypnotized state, dragged his other hand across the sheets, expertly running his fingers up her legs, across her thighs, and up her torso.

"I wish so much to be able to touch you again, little lamb," he whispered sensually, his every word dripping with desire making her stand perfectly still. Her breathing began to turn more shallow, and hitched when she felt his hand land on her breast while he spoke. She abruptly closed her eyes, involuntarily moving and pressing herself on his palm, which caused even more friction. He moved slightly away from her lips, brushing his forehead with hers as he hovered an inch from her.

He breathed in her ear, "Oh…But I know, I've promised you, I wouldn't do anything…unless you ask me to…" Roxie felt him grin. She knew exactly what he was doing, and he did too… and she also knew she was helplessly giving in…and he knew that too.

"Hmm," he murmured, "Although, I think I do recall being allowed to do something like this..." he lowered himself slightly from her ear and sensually placed a kiss on her skin there, nipping at it right after while simultaneously grasping her breast tighter. This made Roxie throw her head back and gasp, as he kissed the spot he knew was one of her most sensitive. Again, she felt him grin against her skin, "Oops, silly me. I was allowed to do that on your wrist, not here, wasn't I? Well, my darling, I apologize for my terrible mistake…" but still, he leaned forward and placed another nip on the same spot, "…OH, I'm truly sorry, old habits and all that… I'll stop now, immediately…if you'd like…"

He began to pull back, but was suddenly blocked on the spot as Roxie placed her hand behind his head and kept him there. He stood still for a few moments, feeling her shiver beneath him. Then he spoke again, this time having lost a little of his edginess, afraid he'd been too bold and was scaring her away from him again. "What's the matter, darling?"

"Frank…" she breathed, "I'm frightened."

Her voice however, he noticed, seemed breathy with excitement rather than fear. Still, Frank closed his eyes and asked, "Am I frightening you again, my lamb?"

Surprisingly, she shook her head. "No…"she answered, pausing, before she added in a whisper, "…I'm frightened because I want you so much."

Relieved to hear that, Frank nevertheless tried to keep his calm, knowing he still had to do something about the situation since she still did was not budging, "Well, my darling…then why don't you let me pull back so we can talk about this together…?"

He tried to pull back gently once again, but she kept him firmly where he was. Again, she shook her head. "No…" she whispered, and he waited patiently for her to continue until she added, "I…I can't bear to look into your eyes right now. Please…" she begged before he could reply, "Please, Frank, just help me…I want you but…but I'm afraid of…of…"

"What, darling?" he asked, frowning slightly, "What are you afraid of?"

She paused for a moment before she answered him.

"I'm afraid I'll be too scared to want you if we go any further than this."

Frank understood and nodded. "Well then, do you…want me to try and help you?"

She nodded vigorously, "Yes, Frankie...Please…"

He nodded once more, turning his face to her ear and whispering reassuringly, "I know, love, I know. I understand you…" She nodded again, and he asked, "Will you trust me to let me try something, love?" She stood still for a few seconds, and then gave a curt nod. He knew that meant she was giving him permission.

Keeping his head buried in her neck, he softly dragged one hand down her body, caressing her skin languidly. She shivered again beneath his touch. He paused at the border of the covers, waiting to see if she stopped him. When he saw she stood still, he carefully lifted the covers and dove his hand even further down her body, stroking her stomach down to her abdomen. He stopped again when he reached the rim of her panties, closing his eyes to keep his own lust in control for another few moments.

She was now breathing heavily. He turned his face and gently nudged her ear with his nose, questioningly. This time, she didn't nod, but dropped her hand from behind his head to his shoulders and pulled him to her, demanding his closeness more and simultaneously granting him permission to move on.

He breathed deeply, feeling relieved, and smiled as he buried his face in the crook of her neck. He glided his hand beneath the rim of her panties, letting out a low guttural moan as he reached her most intimate area. Roxie gasped audibly, arching her back as soon as his fingers touched her. He placed his mouth against her ear again and whispered hotly, "This is what I want, Roxie…this is how I want to touch you…do you feel it?" he stroked her gently, making her squirm. "Shhh, shhh, my little lamb…it's all right…don't be afraid…don't fear me…trust me, please…I will not hurt you, do you understand?" she nodded, now gasping for air and moving involuntarily against him, "Shh, let it go, Roxie…relax….just trust me, my love…please let me…." He felt her thighs relaxing at his words, and then felt her part her legs a little more to grant him more access. "Yes, that's right," he whispered, satisfied, "Please let me touch you again, my beautiful Roxie….please don't be afraid…Don't you remember how we used to be? Don't you remember how…good it felt, to be together?" he demanded, underlining the word with a more intense stroke of his hand, which made her moan out loud, before he continued, "Yes, darling…and that is what I want to feel with you again…That is what I want to do…I want nothing more than to be with you, baby…" as he spoke, he continued stroking her repeatedly. She stopped squirming, adjusting to their position as he hovered above her, and slowly but surely began to respond to his touch.

Getting more confident, he pulled down her panties entirely, and felt her wiggle herself out of them, kicking them aside. He returned to his position and started to increase his movements, now beginning to elicit other small moans from her as she moved against his hand and grasped his hair firmly. Unable to hold back, he breathed deeply as well and began placing wet kisses and small bites on her neck, biting her just hard enough to let her feel his teeth grazing her skin, but still ready to stop if she pulled back suddenly.

He adjusted himself on top of her, pressing his body down against hers, and she responded by parting her legs even more and sinking lower down into the mattress. He was now stroking her with intensity, and as his fingers caressed her inside folds he felt her chest heaving with lust beneath him. He increased his movements even more, until she panted his name out loud. "...Oh Frank…Frankie…Oh…" she bucked her hips and clung on to him.

He lifted his face to look at her, covered in sweat like her, "Yes, Roxie?"

She glanced at him, eyes filled with lust, then placed both hands on the side of his face and wasted no time lowering his mouth against hers, his velvet lips sending an immediate wave of pleasure coursing through her veins. She immediately deepened the kiss, as he gave her mouth the slightest nudge and she parted her lips, eagerly welcoming his tongue to dive inside. They closed their eyes, ecstatically rejoicing in their newfound physical contact, while Frank never ceased his intimate administrations with his hand. Roxie felt her head spin, completely and absolutely intoxicated by him and loving every single moment of the sensation he was giving her. The wild attraction they had for each other burned back to life, taking over their every thought. Madly, they roamed their hands across each other's bodies, caressing, pulling and grasping themselves as they seemed to never tire of their kiss. In a mad rapture, Roxie pulled down Frank's underwear, and he tugged his nightshirt off his shoulders, so that they were both practically naked.

Suddenly, Roxie pulled herself up. Frank, feeling weaker than usual, let her take control. She pushed him back, straddling him. She parted from his lips, holding his face in her hands, their breaths heavy, forcing herself to think rationally for a moment. She stared into his eyes as they caught their breath, languidly stroking her thumb on his cheekbone. He turned his face around to capture her thumb in his mouth, and bit her softly, his eyes half closed.

"Is this going to hurt you?" she asked breathlessly, leaning closer to him.

"Oh darling," he replied, kissing her thumb, his voice low and thick with lust, "This is the best cure I can think of."

That was all she needed to hear. She claimed his mouth again, hungrily, and he clung onto her, grasping her shoulders and pulling her down to him. They both moaned as they united, and Roxie rested her head on his shoulder for a moment. He intertwined his fingers in her hair, grabbing her locks and making her gasp, and kissed her fiercely again.

Roxie moved up and down on him, careful not to hurt him and ready to stop if he felt too weak. But instead, his passion seemed to fuel him even more, and he kept hold firmly of her waist, guiding her movements rhythmically. His momentary physical weakness made them climax a little sooner than usual, but the intensity of their pleasure felt a hundred times stronger than before.

Roxie gently pushed Frank back on the mattress, laying on top of him as he welcomed her in his strong arms. She rested her head on his chest, feeling his torso heave as he caught his breath and stroked her hair distractedly.

"Frank…" she breathed, closing her eyes, "Thank you..."

"Would it be too cheeky if I said, my pleasure?" he asked, grinning. She chuckled.

He gently turned on his side, and she slid off him, still remaining next to him. He moved his eyes across her body up to her face, meeting her gaze. The look in her eyes made his heart swell with happiness: at last, he saw no trace of fear, just the adoring look she'd had for him before, which he'd fallen in love with. His heart jolted.

Fallen in love with. Yes.

He caressed her cheek, as she kept looking at him trying to figure out what he was thinking. She opened her mouth to speak, but he silenced her with another sweet, languid kiss. She closed her eyes, this time feeling a new tenderness in his touch and wondering what it meant.

Frank then pulled away, caressing her lower lip like he'd done before, and smiled at her. Yes, that kiss was all he needed, to know for sure.

"I love you, my beautiful Roxie."