Alrighty I'm going to give a Hell On Wheels fanfic a try. This, Westerns & Civil War Era, is out of my writing realm but it's also my fav historical period in time. I know I already have a bunch of stories out but I just couldn't resist doing this. Anyways I own nothing just this story idea for this fanfic.

To Stay Or To Go

The heat had only gotten worse in the past few weeks since he had ran off, evading the law, in the middle of the night after a stolen glance at that fair beauty known as Lily Bell. He rode his chocolate brown horse through the plains of sun bleached tall prairie grasses, never resting. Cullen Bohannon couldn't rest, he was a wanted man and that mark upon him right there made it impossible for him to call anyplace with any ounce of civilization home.

He had once been a family man, a homebody, that craved to run off in search of new sights and adventures and when he took his chance at leaving his family it would end in a deadly result for his family. Returning home from war, expecting the awaiting arms of a soft hearted wife and an eager boy, he was met with the horrific images of his family tortured and dead by the hands of Yankees. After burying his wife and son he vowed to avenge them, therefore setting off on his mission of mixed justice and hate. Only that mission had led him to becoming an outlaw, to his current circumstances.

A bead of sweat ran down his nose, dripping off at the tip, as another ran down from his brow to his cheek. His black hat provided shade from the blinding sun as he galloped away, not knowing where he's going, just as he's done for weeks now. His clothes were getting soaked with the amount of sweat his body was producing and the wind that past him by as he rode at a fast speed chilled him to the bone for a mere instant while his hair danced wildly from under his hat in the wind.

All of a sudden in the quiet, crisp, air, there was a popping cackle-the sound of a gunshot. Cullen looked over his shoulder and rolled his eyes as he saw a posse of 3 men behind in at a far enough distance that was still in shooting range. "Damnit." Cullen grumbled as his quickly grabbed his revolver from his hip. He quickly looked over his shoulder, aimed it at some silver haired man, and shot the man right off his horse. The horse, owned by the shot man, had run off while dragging the man along since the man's foot was caught in the stirrup.

"Give yer self-up, Bohannon!" One of the bounty hunters called out to him as sounds of gunfire could be heard. Horse hooves galloped on at fast paces, sending dirt and bits of grass flying in a ball of dust trailing behind the animal.

"Yea, we don't wanna be killin's ya cuz ya's worth more alive." The other bounty hunter chuckled as he took a shot at Bohannon; a shot that had barely buzzed by the man's cheek and had most likely caused some grazing.

"Christ." Cullen groaned as he quickly turned around and shot at both of the bounty hunters while tightening his grip of his horse's reigns, causing the animal to make a tight and impromptu turn.

One man was shot twice in the chest and the other was shot once in the chest and twice in the gut. Those bounty hunters were dead now aas the lie bleeding helpless on the ground in a sickening still and stiff way.

"Looks like I ain't going nowhere with you, you dead now." Cullen chuckled as he studied the dead men for a quick moment before riding off once again.

The sun was beating down on the great plains of the West, causing everyting to burn up with an invisable fire. Railroad workers, men of all colors, races, creeds, and religions, slaved away as they busted and broke their backs in the hellish heat while many of the women folk, whores and decent, sought shelter from the heat in the many tents adorning the make shift traveling city of Hell On Wheels. The heat was so bad that even the working girls had taken the day off, opting instead to wor twice as hard that night.

In a tent placed amongst many nameless people's tents a fair blonde was sitting and conversing with her only friend, the dark haired tattooed former working girl, as they took shelter from the hot and blistering sun. "Eva, if you truly love Elam then stay by his side and support him." She advised the other lady after hearing her pour her heart out in need of advice and help.

"Is that what you did with your husband, Miss Lily Bell?" Eve asked as she played with her raven ponytail that was sleekly running down her bare shoulder.

"Yes, I was right by Robert's side as he surveyed land for a dream of a railroad; I'm honoring his memory by ensuring the road be built too." Lily sighed in a small huff with empty blue eyes as her hand subconsciously rested on her belly.

"You're expecting, huh?" Eva pointed towards the blonde's belly.

"But how-" Lily began to ask until her words were quickly cut off by Eva's.

Eva explained how she figured out that Lily was expecting a child with a warm smile on her face. "Your hands have been laying on your womb lately, only ever seen an expecting woman do that. So, you ain't quite showing so you what 2 or 3 months in?"

Lily nodded her head. "Almost 3." She let out in almost a whispered tone.

"You gunna raise a baby with no Pa on the rail road?" Eva asked rather bluntly but the woman was never known to be shy. Having been a whore, before Elam came along and saved her from that life by claiming her as his and only his, she had never watched her mouth and she still didn't; whatever shot out of it was said.

"Yes and I shall do whatever it takes to give my child a life." Lily quickly answered with such fire for a woman. Most women would be out looking for a husband to care for them and to pawn the child off on but not Lily; she was an entirely different breed of woman. She was determined to get by on her own; she was a head strong but beautiful woman that was going to survive in a man's world all on her own two feet.

"Well, Miss Lily Bell, I can be of great help to you. I know bout birthing babies, from when I was with them Indians years before."

The black rail car with the silk window coverings stood still, only a certain select people ever went in and ussually they were summoned in. Summoned as a king would do but yet again the occupant of the car was a king, a king of the rail road. His crooked vission and lust for money was the driving force behind the construction of the railroad. But anoter lust was the reason why an emancipated man was nearing the king's car.

The tall chocolate skinned man entered the shrewd businessman's rail car, knowing that he was going to be sent on a money making errand. "Ah, Mista Durant, you wanna see me?" He took off his hat and nodded his head out of respect for the big boss man.

"Yes, I need somebody to do a bounty hunting job for me." Durnt's tongue clicked on the roof of his mouth as he sat his fat, pudgy figure up straighter in his desk chair.

Elam took a seat in the chair in front of Durant's mahogany desk, a desk covered in maps and other kinds of paperwork. Elam waited for the crooked tycoon to speak but when he did no such thing he broke the silence by asking, "Oh who, Mista?"

"Oh your old foreman, Mr. Bohannon." Durant said simply as he held out a golden cigar case, filled with the finest Cuban cigars, in Elam's reach. His lips curled into a sinister smile, one that would chill most men to their core.

But Elam wasn't like most men…

Elam's brown eyes grew wide for he didn't want to hunt down a man, the only man, that he considered a friend and an equal. "But why me?" He asked, maybe a bit too quickly, as he took a cigar that was offered to him.

"Because he's a dangerous criminal that needs to be brought in plus it's a messy job that nobody seems to be able to get done, so that leaves you my good Sir."

"How much?" Elam asked, not knowing why he even did so since his mind was already made up on what path he was going to take.

"The $250 bounty and a $50 bonus from me as well." The ginger haired man with a cubby face explained as he puffed on his prized cigar, only the best that the money earned by the blood, sweat, and tears of others could buy.

Elam quickly did the sum in his head. He knew it was a lot of money but he also could tell by the idden maliciousness in the rich and shrewd Irishman's tongue that his reasoning behind the bounty being fulfilled on Cullen's head was more than a civic duty to the law. Hell they were in the West, the law didn't even count now did it? No. "So $300 then?" He asked as he dusted off some ashes from his cigar into the crystal square glass ashtray that was on the desk before him.

"Yes, now get out of my sight and find that Bohannon man." Mr. Durant waved his hand, making the smoke from his cigar waft in all different direction, motioning for his do anything for money worker to get on about his business.

Little did he know the true point of where his dirty worker's loyalties lied…

"Elam, what you doing here in Miss Lily Bell's tent for, can't wait for me to get home now can you?" Eva's apple red lips curled into a smile exposing her pearly whites as she titled her head at her lover while he made his way into the white linen tent being held up by a huge tree branch.

"Aws, Eva, I came to tell ya I gots to goes lookin' for Bohannon, I won't be home for long time." Elam explained to his love, even though Lily had also heard since after all the words were being said in her tent right in front of her.

"Elam, why ever would you be out chasing after Mr. Bohannon for?" Eva asked with a confused look to her eyes since she knew that the men had been friends in the camp and she knew that Elam wasn't a man to turn on his people, his friends.

"Mista Durant sending's me, thatta be why." Elam just sighed as he cocked his head slightly to the left."

Lily's eyes went wide for she couldn't believe that Tomas Durant, a man of business with a sick obsession for her, was sending a friend of Bohannon's out to find him and sadly possibly kill him. Hell, Lily saw the wanted posters, even heard the reasons why behind it from a marshal or two whenever they came, but she honestly couldn't blame him. He was grieving, his wife and son were killed while he was off at war-killed by the enemy he swore to protect them from-and now he wanted justice and revenge. She knew how he felt; she honestly did, since she felt the exact same way after the death of her beloved Robert.

Eva respected Bohannon because he was kind to Elam and even saved him from being hung; he was also kind to her and didn't look down at her being with a half black half white freed slave man. She also knew that he had been a great help to Lily and also that he was a big driving force behind the railroad meeting the deadline since he was the foreman/overseer. All she could think of to say to her man was, "Be safe, Elam, and please don't hurt the man. He was decent to us, all of us."

"Wasn't planning on it, now be safe and stay heres with Miss Lily Bell while I be gone." Elam told Eva as he gently traced her cheek with his hand, staring into her eyes, not wanting to go and leave her even though he knew that he had to.

"Yes, Elam." Eve nodded her head as the dark skinned hand moved away from her light skinned face. She felt nervous, not wanting anything to happen to Elam or the outlaw Bohannon.

Elam was just about to exit the tent whenever he was stopped by Lily placing a hand on his shoulder. "Elam, when you find Mr. Bohannon tell him from me not to let the loss of his family destroy him for it's just about done that already; tell him his wife would want him to find peace not agony." She told him, wanting her message to be relayed to Bohannon.

Truthfully Lily missed Cullen's rugged manly vibe, she missed his dark piercing eyes, she missed his musky smoke and whiskey tainted smell, and she missed their idle conversations, but she knew that she was a grieving widow pregnant with her deceased husband's child and that such thoughts were out of line. That nothing good could ever come from this senseless addiction to the man that was Cullen Bohannon, the grieving widower fuelled by hate and revenge.

"Yes, Miss Lily Bell, I will." And with that being said the tall man with the creamy brown skin tilted his hat and left the tent, leaving the ladies to get back to their talking and knitting and sewing while he went on an endless manhunt to more or less warn his friend that Durant was after his ass and wanted his head on a silver platter.