The days and nights spent in the stolen security van had driven you to the point of insanity. There days were spent by watching the dull farming landscape roll past the windows. It had given you a sense of tranquillity at first, but now if you see one more cow, you'd probably veer off the empty road and see if you can run it over. And the smell... God, the smell. You would think living in Lima, you'd have been used to a whole different variety of different smells.

The nights were worst. You'd try your best to stay awake at the wheel until Sunshine would insist on driving. Too tired to protest, you would always give in, causing the group to be a victim of the tiny girl's wild, irresponsible driving. Puck and Finn would always snore, and Santana's sobs often racked the Hispanic girl while she slept.

You couldn't blame her. Her sadness would always overtake any happy vibe that you tried to give off. Whenever Santana wasn't staring blankly off into space, she was yelling at everybody angrily in Spanish. At night you could hear her mumble in her sleep, and she would also wake everybody up from their restless sleep when she called out terrified in her sleep for the happy go-lucky blonde. And when everyone woke up, nobody would ever dare to address the subject.

Quinn was always the one that seemed to get on Santana's nerves the most. She seemed to blame Quinn for Brittany's death, and honestly, most of the group blamed her too.

You never thought you'd feel such a sense of loss over someone who wasn't your fathers or Finn... or Quinn for that matter. But Brittany was one of the most wholesome human beings you had ever met. She was never mean to anybody which you respected. She didn't deserve to go that way.

You can still feel the ice encircling your arms uncomfortably, Lucy's freezing hands on your face, then you remember that shred of hope you felt when your friends show up. Santana and Brittany's encouraging smiles when they tell you to hang in there. All of a sudden Brittany's relieved eyes turned to ones of shock as cold racked the blonde's body.

Poor Santana. She tries so hard to make herself seem indifferent.

Your eyes open wearily when you hear a whimper that you had grown familiar to over the past few nights. You slowly crawl over to the sleeping Latina who was rolling over restlessly in her cot. You almost drop to the floor when the van runs over a deep pothole.

"Brittany." Santana sighs and pulls her cheap blanket up to her chin. Your heart breaks a little when you see a wet tear roll down the side of Santana's face. "I'm sorry."


"No, No, NO!" Santana pushes Puck roughly to the side when he tries to calm her down with his hand on her shoulder. "Let go of me! Brittany!"

You had never seen her so broken, Santana crying heavily on the floor as she clutched on to a frozen Brittany's legs, as if this form of Brittany was the only thing holding her to this earth. You walk over to her cautiously and kneel beside her, you eyes too are filled with tears that cloud your vision.

You rest your gently over the tan hand encircling Brittany's ankle. "I'm s-sorry for your loss." You choke out unevenly as you slowly pry the Latna's fingers away.

Santana looks at you with desperate eyes as she says determinedly, "We have to take her with us- we need to find a way to fix her." Santana gets to her feet and looks around the group with hopeful eyes. "We can find a van and- and we could look for someone who knows about things like this. Or- Or we can help Quinn develop her powers, and while Quinn's ice thing keeps her from melting or whatever, she can find a way to fix her. If Lucy can freeze her, then Quinn could- I don't know- unfreeze her!"

You smile sadly at the Latina and squeeze her hands gently in your own. Quinn shifts uncomfortably under everyone's gazes.

"She was my friend too, Santana. If there was anything I could do, I would, but... I've never seen anything like this. I can freeze something and make sure it's still alive underneath, but-but," Quinn takes a deep breath to regain her composure before continuing, "Lucy didn't use any control, I tried to get to her in time but I-" Quinn winces at the look of obvious despair written across Santana's face. "I can try to defrost her, but Brittany's gone... She's dea-"

Quinn was cut off by a feral looking Santana lunging at her and bringing her to the ground. Puck makes a move to pull Santana off of the blonde girl, but Sunshine holds him back, looking at the two girls nervously. Santana brings her fist down repeatedly against Quinn's arms and sides, her built in weapons apparently forgotten in her desperation. You want to stop Santana's attack, but you can't will your legs to move.

"You fucking bitch!" Santana screams. "You ungrateful, puta. We were fucking saving you. I went through a killer headache for you and now Brittany's gone, and for what?" Santana arms fall limply against Quinn's sides. The Latina hits her again tiredly. "Why? We should have never came after you... We were fine by ourselves."

Santana rolls off of Quinn who let out a deep breath she had been holding and clutched her sides. Santana sits next to Quinn and curled her legs into her chest.

"I had this entire plan. After we got under Jessie's radar I was going to take us west, to Cali. She talked about California a lot, she missed her home." Santana smiled sadly as her eyes glassed over. "I had some money in a secret account saved up. I was going to buy us a studio where she'd teach stupid mouth breathers how to dance, and I would have done all the business stuff for her 'cause she hates math, and we'd stay in the condo above the studio. I would buy us as many annoying cats she wanted. And when we-" Santana cringes. "She got old, I would stay with her till the end, and then I would take the Beretta out of the desk drawer and... and I'd do whatever it took to be with her again."

"Santana..." Quinn whimpers. "I'm so sorry."

Santana gets up off the floor and looks at Sunshine emotionlessly.

"There's a lot full of vans out back," Santana tosses a bunch of keys to the tiny girl. Sunshine nods wordlessly and runs towards the direction that the Latina pointed. "Quinn and whoever the hell you are, go help her. Puck, grab Brittany-"

"Santana you know what Quinn said-" You start nervously.

"I'm not leaving her here, she should be with her family." Santana runs her finger over Brittany's frozen cheek. "They deserve to know what happened, and she deserves to be there with people who really love her."

"Wait a second," You scream at Quinn silently to be quiet, anything she has to say would not be helpful. "We can't just drop everything and go to California... I-I need to find my dad. Wherever he is, Beth is, and I know that what happened to Brittany is horrible, but you're heads not in the right place right now."

Before Santana makes a move to jump at Quinn again, a sullen Puck perks up.

"I need to find her, Santana, and so does Puck, I'm sure." Quinn says casting a sad look at Noah. "I could never begin to forgive myself for what happened to Brittany, I'll try to redeem myself for all the stuff I've caused, but my family comes first. Beth is the one thing I haven't fucked up yet. I can't go west to Cali if there's even the slightest possibility that my father has her somewhere else."

You hold your breath as Santana stalks over to Quinn and looks her straight in the eye.

"I'm just asking that you keep her from melting so I can bring her home. It won't take long. It'll be a short explanation, m-my condolences, and then you can run away with Puckerman to find your darling baby Beth." Santana says quietly. "Q... You owe me this much."

"I'm going wherever Rachel's going." Finn speaks up, looking at you determinedly. "I don't know who that girl was, but I want to do whatever you guys need me to do to help."

Santana turns away from Quinn to look at you confusedly.

"Okay, Berry. Who's the Pillsbury dough turd?"

"Santana, I know you're upset," You start, resting a comforting hand on a wounded (pride-wise) Finn. "But Finn is just trying to help. I'll accompany you to California to talk to Brittany parents. And after that..." You trail off as your gaze locks with Quinn.

You have to be honest. You don't know what you're doing. After all of this, you're sure you can't return home, that would put your dads at to much of a risk. And you're beyond confused now about Finn because apparently he's a mutant now. When the hell did this happen? You're not sure, and there's also Sunshine who apparently knows the worlds most well-kept secret. And Quinn-

You don't know if you'll ever be able to trust Quinn again and that breaks your heart.

You have to protect Finn and Sunshine while making sure Santana doesn't murder Quinn, who you don't know if you want to kiss right now or slap her. On top of that, Quinn, and most likely Noah, are going to go off on a dangerous endeavour to find Beth, and you want to go to help, but if you go, Finn will go and he's already to involved in this mess as it is. Furthermore, you don't know at all how Sunshine got involved with Puck and Finn, but she's human as far as you know, and you can't help but think that if she goes up against any mutant, she won't last long.

You fucking hate today.

"Umm... What about me?" The Harmony look-a-like asks as she raises her hand in the air like it's kindergarten. "I'll help, I guess." She says, supposedly unsure of what she was offering to do.

"No offence, honey, but you seem a bit unstable."

You look over to the dark haired girl to see her skin literally crawl. The sight of it makes you want to empty the contents of you're stomach on the floor.

"I-I may be a little," You can see the back of the girl's spine snap and re-align itself in the girl's body. The girl shudders as her eyes turn a deep blue. "Randomized, but I'm only really like this when I'm scared, I think."

"What do you think, Rachel?" Quinn asks.

Fuck, why is it up to you?

"I-I think that we should get to California to inform Brittany's parents of her passing. Afterwords," You pause and lock eyes with every person in the room. "Afterwords, we will find out what we all should do. But like we said before, we need to stick together."

There's a chorus of agreements around me which makes me release my breath which you didn't notice you were holding till now.

"Okay, losers, this way to the wheels." Santana says waving them out the door. "Don't forget Britt, Puck." She adds brokenly before jogging out of the room.

You move to follow the crowd until a firm hand grasps you're arm.

"Quinn, we really must go before your fathers guards find that they no longer have any prisoners left to guard." You say tiredly. Your heart nearly stops in your chest when Quinn pulls you into a tight hug and whispers in your ear.

"I know you hate me right now, and truthfully I hate me too. But I am going to do whatever it takes to get my baby back, and you too. I messed us up royally. And the only person I was thinking about while I was stuck here wasn't Beth, it was you, and I don't feel guilty about it."

"I'm scared of what will happen next. Because I don't know if I'll see Beth again, and I'm scared of you. All these feelings you make me feel, I haven't felt before."

Quinn pulls herself away from you, but doesn't let go of your hands. She places both of them gently over her heart and breaths deeply. Your hands tingle as they feel for Quinn's rapid pulse.

"Every time I thought about you, it made me feel better, like I had the tiny shred of hope that there was someone in the world like you, someone to make it better. Whenever I remember that kiss we shared, those few seconds, it lit my heart on fire, and I never wanted it to go out, but I ruined it." Quinn whispers quietly, and you shut your eyes tightly at just the thought of her lips against yours.

"I know this is a bad time. I wish I could help Brittany. I wish Beth was with me now so that my one priority was to keep you safe and happy." Your breath hitches when you see tears appear in Quinn's eyes. The blonde laces your fingers together and squeezes them gently. "I can't go back in time, but I can make sure that I fix things as best as I can while I also try to bring the fire back into my heart."

You feel your eyes gently flutter closed as Quinn leans down so that their lips were barely an inch apart.

"I lov-"


Your eyes snap open at the new voice in the room. You turn away from Quinn to see a flabbergasted Finn standing behind her.

"You're kind of interrupting here." Quinn says, annoyance lacing her tone as she glares at the tall boy.

"I-I came back because the angry girl wanted to know what was taking you so long..." Finn face contorts to one of pain as he looks between you and Quinn. "I really can't believe what I just heard to be honest."

"Finn..." You trail off confused. You don't know what he wants you to say.

"Rachel, I don't understand what just happened here..." Finn's voice echoed off the stone walls as he wiped the blood from his bleeding lip. He gestured around the room as if you didn't know what 'here' was. "I'm your friend, and you mean the world to me. It's why I came to save you. Puck told me everything about your school and what happened. I wish I was there to help." Finn smiles sadly and runs a hand through his hair. "He told me all about this Quinn chick, and how you wanted to find her even though she basically betrayed all of you-"

"Can you seriously leave?" Quinn growls. "I was telling her something important before you barged in."

"Oh, you mean the whole deceleration of love?" He snorts and rolls his eyes as he turns back to you. "Rachel. You can't seriously believe this. You're going to believe her, after all that- that she'sdone?" He asked incredulously.

"Rachel are you sure about this?" He continued, advancing on the two of them slowly to get closer. "I care about you, a lot, that's why I'm trying to talk you out of this..."

"Finn, I know this is hard for you to understand..." You find yourself grabbing his hands and squeezing them reassuringly. "But I'm still not sure about all of this. It's very confusing." You finish, looking to Quinn who was looking at you pleadingly.

Understatement of the century.

"Please... Trust me on this, Rach." Quinn's beaten down expression makes your heart bleed emotionally. Even if you don't care about her like that, she's still one of your best friends. "I love-" She starts to say again, only to be interrupted by Finn... again.

"Rachel! After all she's done to you? After how bad she hurt you?" He asks angrily. "I'm always the one to pick you up when you're down, and I can't stand to see you broken again! I just don't understand why you can trust her more than me?" Finn's voice cracks as he looked into your eyes. You have to make him understand.

"Why don't you stay out of this, Frankenteen! This is her choice not yours!" Quinn turns to you and interlocks our fingers. "Rachel I know that things haven't been perfect lately, and that's a huge understatement, but I promise if you trust me on this, I'll only get better."

"Bullshit! Rachel, you can't really believe this crap right now!"

"Language Finn!" You scold.

"Rachel, this was her plan all along. To steal you away from me!"

You're starting to feel a strong sense of deja vu at this point.

"Finn... I was never yours to begin with..." You say slowly.

"Rachel what makes that-that thing, more trustworthy than your best friend?"

"Because I-" You stop and look to Quinn who is still holding onto your hand as if it were her life long. "Because I need her right now." I finish lamely.

"You know what? Fine." He says quietly. "I'm still going with you guys on your quest or whatever, don't doubt that."

"Oh, Quinn? If you hurt her..."

"I'll kill you."

"I'm shaking in my boots."


Quinn has tried to engage you in conversation countless times while you weren't driving, but every time she tried you were just too tired or Finn made it his personal mission to join the conversation.

You sigh deeply as you watch Santana thrash in her sleep again.

You look to the frozen girl who was secured to the floor of the van sloppily with Quinn laying next to it, her mere presence making the temperature suitable for an ice statue.

You crawl over to the sleeping blonde and lie down next to her on the floor, wrapping your arms around her waist and pulling her body into your front. You shiver violently at the drop of your temperature, but snuggle deeper into Quinn, resting your nose in her hair. You feel the blonde sigh quietly and turn over to encircle your waist and pull you flush against her.

"I love you." She whispers against you shoulder. It doesn't take Quinn long to fall back into her dreamless sleep.

You don't know how you feel about Quinn. Love relies on trust, and that's something you don't have with Quinn at the moment.

But you certainly feel something.

"Good night, Quinn."

And you're not going to rule love out.

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