Things had gone very, very wrong. They had left the lair two hours ago, all but Leo energetic and ready for the night ahead. Every nuance in the drone of the city (car alarms, yowling cats, shouts) had made him twitch and search for the problem. His brothers had teased them as they had started out, but soon his paranoia rubbed off on them.

About fifteen minutes ago, they had happened upon mugging. It had been a trap. Don had gone down from the rooftop to break the crime up quickly when a swarm of armed men emerged from a van on the street. By the way they moved as an efficient unit Leo could tell they were government. Mikey, Raph and Leo had swooped down to help their overwhelmed brother when three more vehicles deployed armed men. The brothers had fought against these types of numbers before, but rarely did their enemy pack a gun and know how to use it.

(Scene Change)

Roxy considered herself in the bathroom mirror. With all of her mutations, she really couldn't be considered pretty. Not anymore. Though Leo had once told her different while he blushed a very attractive darker green color. Her eyes kept her attention, though. The split pupil had gone very wide. The nightmare she had just woken from had scared her. It had depicted her new turtle family cornered and fighting for their lives against the guards from the lab. They had gone on patrol tonight…

Snap out of it! You're being paranoid! She told herself harshly. But what if… She shook herself. No. They were fully trained ninjas; they would be fine. She splashed some water on her pale face. She gripped the edge of the sink when she noticed her hands shaking. Energy thrummed in her veins. Something was very, very wrong. She had to find the turtles; she had to find Leo. But where were they? How would she get there? She hadn't wandered outside the lair since moving in with the Hamatos. She wandered out of the bathroom wearily.

A beep sounded from the kitchen, Master Splinter having put something in the microwave. A beep. Phones beeped. The brothers always carried their phones. Donatello could track phones. Did he have a device for that in his lab? Filled with new energy, she rushed into Donnie's lab. Sure enough, one of his many computer monitors showed a map of the surrounding area and four color-coded dot moving about within an alleyway. With a gasp she realized they were in the same alleyway Mikey and Leo had found her in. They were moving very energetically around the alley, but did not leave the alley and they were not close enough to be sparring. They were fighting. They moved smoothly from the alley to the warehouse. She knew there was no door on that side of the warehouse, so they were on the roof.

She nodded to herself briskly, agreeing with the uneasiness growing within her. She had better go help.

On her way out the door, she made eye contact with Master Splinter. He was sitting in the big recliner watching the door. He, too, looked worried. "Bring them back safe, young one," he murmured just loud enough for her to hear. She nodded solemnly before taking off at a dead run for the nearest sewer exit.

On a good day she could barely keep up with Mikey on two legs. But on all fours, she was the fastest thing in the lair – especially when going vertically up walls like a lizard instead of horizontally. She was up the ladder, and then up the side of the nearest building in a matter of seconds. Once atop the building she spread her wings to test the breeze. She was nervous. She had glided around the lair hundreds of times, but flying was different and new. Gathering her courage, she wrinkled her nose, squinted her eyes, and leapt. She rocketed into the sky; flying on pure instinct.

She flattened out her trajectory and flew as fast as she could to the warehouse on Sixth. What if she got there too late? Would she ever tease and fuss over Raph and Donnie again? Cuddle Mikey? Would she ever get the chance to, maybe, just maybe, kiss Leo? What if she was too late and she missed her chance? What if they were killed or captured? She made a promise to herself, that if they made it out of this alive, she was going to mentally say 'screw it!' and kiss Leo.

As she approached the warehouse from the air, she saw that the fighting had indeed moved to the roof. She heard a gunshot and saw her beloved go down, clutching his shoulder. The attacker laughed and leveled his gun at Leo's head. Roxy let out an echoing growl as she bared her teeth, extended her claws, and went into a steep dive.

(POV change)

Things were going badly. They had all been able to dodge the bullets up until now, though they seemed to get closer and closer. They had tried retreating, but their enemies had caught up to them on the roof. "Leo!" Raph growled out a warning one second too late. There was a bang and sudden, fiery impact ripping through Leo's shoulder and knocking him to the ground. Leo's attacker crowed victoriously as he leveled his gun at the fallen turtles head. Suddenly there was a growl and the man was gone. Roxy had swooped low out of nowhere and picked him up like an owl snatches a mouse. He screamed only once. She dropped his bloody, dead carcass back to the roof with a solid thump.

She snarled, showing bloodied fangs for her future victims to see. Her eyes glowed a deadly green as she hovered for a millisecond before she dove to her next victim. She had the previously collected armed unit screaming and scrambling away for cover, but one decided to finish his fallen comrade's business. Leo looked down the barrel of yet another gun, shell dangerously close to the edge. "Freak!" the gunman hissed.

None of the brothers would ever forget the sound of what happened next. Roxanne roared. It was rough and guttural and absolutely terrifying. She slammed into the gunman before he could get his shot off, and literally gutted him with her bare hands.

All was quiet except for the turtles' and the dragoness' labored breathing. "Leo?" a hoarse, almost too deep to be feminine voice asked.

"Rox? Did you just speak?" Mikey asked incredulously. Donnie elbowed him.

Roxy crept slowly toward the shocked turtle in blue. He spluttered back into the real world when she started invading his space. "I, what? Yeah, I'll be fine. What, Rox?" He suddenly found himself with a lap full of dragoness who had her lips very firmly on his. He was shocked into stillness before his brain finally screamed ROXY IS KISSING YOU. KISS BACK, IDIOT. So he did. Enthusiastically.

"GROSS!" Mikey hollered.

(Three Years Later)

Roxy watched with interest as Raph led a fair, pale woman with a small African American daughter into the lair's kitchen. She sat on her balcony and let them have their peace before she went and alerted Leo to the interesting development.

Her heart warmed at the thought of her "husband". They had not been able to actually get married, but the ring on her finger was all she needed. She didn't need the government to hand her a slip of paper for that.

Her attention wandered back to Raph's guest. He had obviously been smitten with her. Rox smiled. He had better be prepared for a surly and over-protective Leo. Strangers in the lair always got him uptight. Especially these days, she thought fondly, rubbing her emerging baby-bump. She smiled brightly as she felt her and Leo's baby give its first feel-able movement inside her womb. Today was a good day.