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Background Info:

- I got inspiration for this story after reading the novel Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, on page 224 "What caught my eye immediately was one of the bigger boys on a chair in the corner, cradling one of the younger boys - fourteen of fifteen years old - cuddling him in his arms."

- I also got inspiration after 4x06 (like, who didn't squeal when Arthur hugged Merlin?)

- IMPORTANT: in order for this story to work, it takes place in season 4, Uther is still alive, Arthur is pretty much King (except in title) so he can make decisions, and Lancelot is still alive

- any events between Arthur/Guinevere do not exist in this plot; Lancelot/Guinevere exists

- the events take place after 4x07, and will disregard 4x09 and 4x11

- this story will be bromance, because I don't think I can write slash. But if it heads in that direction, I will forewarn :)


Save Me

Chapter One

"Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting."

Napoleon Hill

The thundering of rapid horse hooves broke through the silence of the forest. It was accompanied with the sound of men screaming to each other.

"Retreat!" Prince Arthur commanded over the battle cries. "Regroup on the ridge!"

The small group of Camelot knights obeyed immediately and tore through the forest.

The day had started out with a regular patrol. There had been rumors of a small band of men who were raiding farms. Arthur had been angered at this news (he always hated hearing about his innocent people being hurt) and gathered a small group of knights to take care of the threat. However, the 'small' threat had turned out to be something much bigger.

The small band seemed to have expanded overnight, and far outweighed the group of knights. They were fighting against Arthur and his knights, and seemed to be gaining the upper hand. Arthur had ordered a retreat because he knew they needed an actual strategy instead of blindly fighting back.

"Merlin, let's go," Arthur yelled over his shoulder, about to take off in a gallop. He froze.

Merlin was trying to regain control of his horse while three men were pulling on him to get him down.

"Merlin!" Arthur screamed, and spun his horse quickly and fought through the surge of bandits. "Get away from him!"

His heart stopped when a sword came down in an arc and then Merlin fell from the horse and disappeared into the crowd.

"Merlin!" Arthur screamed again.

"Sire!" Arthur glanced back and saw Leon and Lancelot grasping the reins of their panicked horses tightly. He met their eyes across the battle field and he knew his knights would not survive; he needed to get them out of here.

"Go back to Camelot! That's an order!" Arthur yelled back.

The knights looked unsure, but Arthur yelled again that it was an order, so they took off. Arthur then raced through the crowd, fighting viciously and killing many, until he reached Merlin.

He screamed in rage and stabbed the man who was tugging on Merlin's trousers. He grabbed Merlin and glanced around as the crowd converged.

"Stop!" An authoritative voice rang out, and then the noise died.

Arthur held Merlin tightly as the clumsy manservant clutched his chest, blood from his wound trailing down. He watched as the crowd parted to let a short stocky man through with a taller muscular man behind him.

"Prince Arthur," the stocky man stared at him openly, and Arthur glared back. "I am Nigel. Let me say it is truly a pleasure. We don't often meet royalty."

The crowd roared, and some shifted closer.

"What do you want?" Arthur asked through gritted teeth.

"Nothing for now," Nigel smiled charmingly. "But you are a fine fighter. I think you would be very valuable."

"Valuable for what?" Arthur snarled.

"That's not important," Nigel waved his hand. He then flicked his head to Arthur, and the man behind him came forward.

"What are you doing?" Arthur asked suspiciously.

The man grabbed his sword and re sheathed it into Arthur's armor and then pulled him away from Merlin.

"Stop!" Arthur struggled. "Get off me!"

"Calm down," the tall man said softly. "He's coming too."

He then tied Arthur's hands tightly in front of him, and attached it to a rope.

"Tie the Prince to the horse. Leave the other one," Nigel said.

Arthur started struggling again, but the tall man spoke up.

"Nigel, the Prince obviously will not go quietly without Merlin?" He threw a questioning glance at Arthur, who gave a stiff nod. "Nigel, I say let Merlin come back with us, and then you will be guaranteed that the Prince will fight give you a good fight."

Nigel contemplated this, glanced at Merlin, who was fighting to remain upright and breathing in pain, to Arthur, who would glare at Nigel, then give Merlin a concerned look when he saw he was in pain.

"Fine Dominic, you've convinced me," Nigel sighed. "But if you're wrong about this, I'll feed little Merlin to my dogs, and you'll be sorry."

Dominic nodded. He saw the determined look in the Prince's eyes, and knew that if they had left Merlin behind, the Prince would have tried to kill the entire group himself to get the manservant back.

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