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Chapter 1

It had been 3 months since her friends at the guild had talk to her. It all started with the unsuspected discovery that Lisanna, Mirajane and Elfman's younger sister was actually alive all this time in Endolas. Everyone was so happy and excited that she had come back to them. She was happy for them, they haven't seen her for 2 years because they though that she was dead.

"But the least they could do is say hi to me". Lucy whisper sadly as she went to her bathroom to get ready to go to the guild.

Lucy had been alone ever since Lisanna came back, every time she ask Natsu or the others to do a mission with her they would say,

"Come on Lucy can't your rent wait a while Lisanna just came back to us, we want to spend some more time with her. Why don't you go on your on? Take it as personal training k."

Those word that her escape her friends mouth hard hurt her deeply, but she did as they suggested. She started to go on missions more and go to the guild less and less till it came at one point were she would take a week long mission and only go back to pay her rent and take another. Not that anyone would notice except Mirajane who would always ask her were she was going and if she was alright. She seem to be the only person that would actually pay her any mind and always worry when she took does missions.

"Natsu…." She whispered as she left her home and started to make her way to the guild.

The Dragon Slayer had stop coming to her house or should she say 'breaking in' when Lisanna came back. At first she was kind of relieve that she would be able to get some peace and quite for ones, but as the days turn to weeks and the weeks to months she started to miss his obnoxious voice and his dense self, his goofy grim, does onyx eyes that held so much love for their fellow nakamas, and to her outer astonishment she miss his constant nagging about going on missions with him. With their time apart she came to realize that her feeling for Natsu were more than just what a friends would have for each other. She had fallen for the dense fire dragon, but she couldn't tell him her feelings. His expression lighten up so brightly when he found out that Lisanna didn't die like they though she did, that she came to the conclusion that maybe he had had feelings for Lisanna all along. The though broke her heart, but if Lisanna made him happy then she would not interfere.

" I bet they forgot what day it is today" She came up to the doors of the guild and gave a small sad smile and open it.

Everything was the same at the guild people throwing other across the room, drinking beer,and like a new routine a small group of people surrounding Lisanna. Luce sigh and went to the bar like she would normally do before getting a job.

" Happy birthday Lucy!"

Lucy look up to see the smiling face of Mirajane with a strawberry cheese cake in her had with a magic candle that had the number 19 on it.

" Is nice to know that at least someone remembers my birthday" She smile and thank her for the cake.

" They have cross the line Lucy, why won't you do something or at the very least let me talk to them." Mirajane protested.

She had been trying to convince Lucy that she should talk to everyone to stop ignoring her but Lucy's only respond was "Let them be Mira, they thought she was dead they only want to catch up with each other". Mira resorted that that was no excuse but let the topic drop when she saw the depress look that Lucy got every time they talk about her friends.

"Is ok Mira, am fine with it"


"You said that on purpose Mirajane" Lucy whispered furiously.

Mirajane smile " Well of course I did, why wouldn't I? It is the only way since your too stubborn to do it yourself."

Everyone in the guild went quite, eyes wide and staring at the two of them. From the group of people three step out. It was Erza, Gray, and Natsu with Happy at his shoulder, they walk up to Lucy and Mira. They all wore the expressions of guilt, surprise, and sadness.

"Lucy were so…" they started at the same time.

"Don't worry about it is not important." she shake her head.

"What do you mean is not important? Is your birthday Lucy for god's sake and we have been ignoring you for so long." Natsu grab her by the shoulders.

"And it would have probably stay that way if Mirajane had keep quite." sends a glare at Mira.

"Well, am glad she didn't." this time it was Gray who spoke up.

"Lucy, you should have told us that we were doing this. We didn't mean to ignore is just it had been so long since we have seen Lisanna we kind of got up in the past." Erza tried to explain. "But that's still no excuse for our action and for that..." she took one of her swords, "Please cut our hands as punishment."

" WHAT?" Lucy, Gray, Natsu, and Happy all scream at the same time.

" There is no need for such drastic measure Erza. A simple apology would be find by me,", " Poor Erza always so drastic" she though. She hear the other sigh in relife and she giggle, she had miss them so much even if they were just next to her.

" I know exactly what to do to make it up to you Luce" Natsu grime.


"Let's go on a mission the five of us."

"Five?" Gray ask.

"Happy is included of course." he argue.

"Am sorry guys but I go solo now."

The four of them just stared at her for a moment till it hit them'

"Solo? Why? We always go on missions together." Gray exclaim.

"We USE to go on missions together, as in 3 months ago." She force the her words to make a point.

"Oh, Lucy we didn't mean to push you aside." Erza said franticly.

" I know that, but the reason that I go solo now is so that you guys can have your old team back with Lisanna." She gave them a bright smile but they could se that it was fake and force. It only made them feel more guilty about what they did.

"We don't want any other person in the team if is not you Luce! It just won't feel right tot be without you there." Natsu hug her.

"Well your guys seem just find without me a few minutes ago." she said dryly, Why was she being so damm stubborn now for? They had apologize and were now taking to her again, but she still wanted more. Was she being selfish?...yes. Was she jelouse of Lisanna? Most likely, but she didn't want to be. Did that make her a bad person?

" We would never replace you." He hug her tighter.

"But you guys did" she spoke quietly and push gently out of the embrace. "You guy replace me even if you didn't know you did. In the end I was always a replacement for Lisanna."

Natsu growled. He didn't like it when Lucy talk about herself like that, like she was a object that could be replace so easily. "You were never a replacement for Lisanna you are you Luce, and I want you and only you." It took a moment to register his words and when they did they turn as red as Erza's hair.

"Hot sauce, that sounded so wrong." Gray laugh.

"Sh -Shut up Ice brick" Natsu blush.

"I'll like to see you try pinky."

"Come here and I'll show you, striper boy."

"Bring it on, cotton candy."

"Play nice or all make you" Erza's threatening voice shut the up.

"Let us make it up to you Lucy, somehow someway let us make it up to you for what we have done" Natsu insisted.


"I won't take no for an answer."

"Ok" She smile, the first real smile in a long time.

Everybody cheered and throw a fast birthday party for Lucy. In the back of the room cold blue eyes glare furiously at her, with a promise of pain for that person in the future.

It's not what it looks like so don't stop reading. You'l be surprise.