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Chapter 13: Lucy!

"Natsu . . . . . . . ." Lucy whispered through the pain.

She opened her eyes slowly and could barely make out the room that she was in; cold, dark and humid were the first words that came through her painfully foggy mind. She tried to move her arms and legs only to find that they were chained to the bed that she was laying on. She pulled on the chains only for them to dig deeper into her skin, blood dripping from her wrists.

"Owww!" She hiss loudly.

"Hey! Did you hear something just now?" A deep male voice could be heard from across the room.

Lucy looked around frantically for the source of the voice, something about it was awfully familiar, but she couldn't put a name or face on it.

"Maybe the little Barbie is finally awake. Wanna tell Angela?" another voice spoke, a little more distorted than the last one but it was definitely a guys voice.

Lucy could make up a door on the far right of what could be called a cell of some sort. Water drip from the ceiling and mice could be heard from a distance running around the room. She felt like something was eating her from the inside out, burning in her veins like poison, making it harder for her to breathe. Her vision was getting blurry and she could barely hear what they were saying.

"N-no, just a little more . . . ." she whispered before seeping into unconsciousness again.

The door to the cell opened and two shadowy figures walked in. They reached the bed only to see Lucy fast asleep; her face flush from the fever cause by the poison.

" I could have sward that she was awake. . . . ." the shorter one ran a hand through his short brown hair.

"You really need to check your ears Mickey. . ."

"Shut up Key! . . . . Shouldn't you be going back to your spirit world crap before you waist Angela's magic?" Mickey sneered at the taller man.

"Humpff, I can be here by my own magic and do what I want when I feel like it! I wont let human scum like a you to order me around." the man growled.

"Whatever you say imposter. . . . . " Mickey turn his back on the man and walked out.

"Hey! I got a name you know!" the man shouted as he too left the cell and lock the door after him.

"Yeah? Then what is it? Cuz if I remember correctly you can turn people into anything they want so I don't see the point in you having a name at all" Mickey snicker.

"Well my name is_"

*Back in fairy tale*

"LUCY-CHAN HAS BEEN KIDNAP !" Levy scream at the top of her lungs.

"Y-Y-Yes and we need Wendy's help to heal Natsu so we can all search for her." Gray said while trying to hide behind Juvia from the deadly glare Levy was giving him.

"Does that mean that you guys haven't even started looking for HER!" she screech "God so help me, so I don't kill you for wasting precious time you idiots could have used in searching for her on waiting for us!"

"That's what I have been trying to tell the all along! But noooooo they just had to wait for you guys to show up!" Natsu fumed as Wendy did her best to heal his ribs.

"Shut it dragon nobody ask you!" Levy snapped

"Little one . . . . . Calm down we will find bunny girl don't worry. . . ." Gajeel pat her head in a comforting way.

Everyone stared at them weirdly, "Gajeel? comforting someone? The world must be ending!"

Gajeel looked at them and glared, "What the hell are you looking at!?"

Erza was the first to composed herself, "Could it possibly be that you to are. . . . . . Mates?" she stated bluntly.

Levy's face turned bright red while Gajeel looked uncomfortable by the question and looked away with his arms cross. "What is it to you?" Gajeel murmured the question.

"Ah, I see" Mirajane said with a big smile on her face.

"A-anyway we are talking about Lucy-chan here so, do you guys at least know who has her?" Levy ask nervously changing the subject successfully.

"Yes, Angela was the one that kidnapped her and there may be a chance that Lucy is poisoned…" Lisanna said with sad eyes.

A vein pop on Levy's head, "That's even more of a reason to start looking for her sooner!" Gajeel had to hold Levy by the scurf of her shirt neck to prevent her from strangling Gray who was closes to her at the moment.

"There! Natsu is all better now, we can start searching for Lucy now." Wendy said as she whipped some sweat of her forehead.

"Well how do we start?" Gray ask Erza.

"I suggest that we use Natsu's and Gajeel's sense of smell to track down Angela and were she may be hiding Lucy"

"Great idea! Let's go to Lucy's house then to track the sent!" Lisanna said excitedly.

"Can't we just use the letter instead?" Gray asked confused.

"We can't cuz Natsu here burned it after we read it behind our back" Mirajane glance at a guilty Dragon slayer.

"You idiot! What if that was the only clue to find her?!" Gray yelled at him.

"Shut it ice brick! I memorized Angela's sent and Lucy's already so there is no problem" he mumbled.

"I know bunny girl's scent so I think that will be enough." Gajeel shrugged.

"Well what are we waiting for then? Lets start looking for Lucy-chan!"

*A few hours later*

"How the hell did we get into this fucking mess anyway!?" Gajeel growled while glaring daggers at Mickey his opponent. Levy was standing behind him trying to figure out what the runes on the lock door meant to open it, this was more Fiel's thing but he wasn't there with then at the moment so the job kind of fell on her.

"Just hang on a while longer! I almost got it!" She told him as she tried to opened the door to what they hoped would be Lucy's room.


Natsu and Gajeel had managed to follow Lucy's scent up to an abandon mansion at the outskirts of Magnolia. To say that they were furious that Lucy had been so close to them all this time was an understatement, they were livid; specially Natsu who as soon as they found the building he had ran off inside.

When the rest of them may it inside the were surprise to see a one set of stairs leading underground. When they reach the bottom were frustrated with how big the building actually was and they all separated in search of Lucy and any of her captors. Levy and Gajeel went west, Erza north and Gray and Juvia went east. Wendy had stayed to rest so when they brought Lucy she would be ready to heal her.

As Levy and Gajeel went into a room they were confronted with Mickey who was leading on a door full of mysterious runes. He challenged Gajeel to a fight but when he didn't budged Mickey threaten to hurt Levy and to prove his point send a flying sword towards her. Gajeel, pissed off block the sword and attacked Mickey.

*End of flashback*

"To answer you question. . . . you did attack him Gajeel…" Levy said as she figured out part of the runes.

"Only because he attacked you first!" Gajeel yelled and used his Iron rod. Mickey easily dogged it and send a boulder at him from nowhere.

"Where the hell does he get all this stuff from! I thought he was suppose to be and archived" he said frustrated.

" Fool, if I was only and archive user then Angela would have never ask me to help her in this." Mickey laughed and sent a lightning bolt at him.

"Maybe is a type on summoning magic…." Levy said as she finally managed to solve the runes and opened the doors. "Yes its open!"

Levy opened the doors quickly but what she saw inside made here wish she didn't.


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