Introduction- Here's a sequal to Katkind meets Mankind. It's been a year since Dr. Lestor and his team of scientists created the portal to the kat universe. Frank and his family decide to visit Megakat City, but when young Timothy is captured by that evil psycho Dr. Viper, can the SWAT Kats save the human boy in time?

Chapter One

"There, that's the last of everything.." nodded Mrs. Lestor, as she zipped up her suitcase. "Thanks for your help Callie, I certainly appreciate it.."

"You're quite welcome, Tracy.." smiled the Deputy Mayor of Megakat City, who had been staying with the Lestors for the past week. It had been a year to the day that Frank and his team had discovered the alien kat world, and to his son's delight, they would soon be spending a whole month there to take in all the sights. Callie had spent the last week vacationing in the human city of Las Vegas, after she had assured Mayor Manx that her secretary Ms. Longtail would handle all of the city's paperwork, and of course, the Mayor's speeches. But it was time now for the Deputy Mayor to go back home, and deal with those things herself. Her suitcase was already packed and in the trunk of her green sedan, which was parked in the Lestor's driveway.

"All ready to go, son?" asked Tim's father.

"You better believe it, Megakat City, here we come!" exclaimed Timothy, as he ran outside to their SUV.

Giggling, Callie said, "You two have a wonderful son, he's so full of energy!"

"Don't I know it, especially since he found out that his two favorite cartoon heroes were actually real.." smiled Tracy.

"I still find it hard to believe that in this world, I'm a cartoon.." sighed Ms. Briggs, as they joined Tim outside."Too bad I can't watch the SWAT Kats cartoon myself, since it reveals their identities, which I don't want to know.."

"Yeah, your world's omegas would especially want to know.." said Frank, "Which is why only the SWAT Kats themselves can watch the show. Speaking of which, Razor sent us a letter saying that he and T-bone are going to show Tim around their hangar tomorrow.."

"OH YEAH, I can't wait!" shouted Tim, as he buckled himself into the back seat. "Come on Dad, let's go already!"

"Patience son, Megakat City isn't going anywhere.." smiled his father. "I think that's your cue to pull out of the drive, Callie.."

Laughing, she said, "As you wish, young Timothy.."

With Ms. Briggs' car in the lead, She and the Lestors drove out into the desert, where the portal to the kat universe was located. Razor and Professor Hackle had created a device to shrink it back to normal size, after Dark Kat had enlarged it in order to fly his Fear ship into the human world.
The omega had wanted to kill Frank and his scientists, but once the SWAT Kats shot his jet down, Dark Kat was killed himself by a human SWAT team. In order than no other omegas would enter the human world ever again, human security forces were set up on one side of the portal, while kat enforcers guarded the other side. Only two or three humans or kats were allowed each month to visit each other's dimentions. Nobody with a criminal background, kat or human, was allowed to travel through the portal, and even if you were a law abiding citizen or katizen, you had to fill out a bunch of paperwork just to be put on the list. But because Dr. Lestor and his family were the first humans to meet katkind, they could visit Megakat City anytime they wished. They reached the portal's location in ten minutes, and once the guards spotted Ms. Briggs sedan and Frank's SUV, they waved both vehicles through. On the other side of the portal, Commander Feral and his niece Felina were there to greet them.

"Welcome back, Deputy Mayor.." smiled Ulyssis, as Callie stopped her car next him. "Mayor Manx will be relieved when he sees you, he's itching to come through the portal himself tomorrow."

"I know, he's going to spend a week playing golf with the reporter John Grant, he's taking Manx to three different golf courses across the United States.." sighed Ms. Briggs.

"Lucky him.." huffed Feral, "Well, let's go then Mr. Lestor, just follow my car, I'll show you where your hotel is!"

"Thank you Commander!" yelled Frank. Thirty minutes later, the Lestors SUV pulled into the parking lot of Megakat Towers, which was located in the very center of downtown. Once the vehicle was parked, Timothy jumped out of the SUV, and grinned from ear to ear as he gazed at the incredible scenery around them.

"Oh my goodness dear, you were right, the sky here is green.." said Mrs. Lestor, as they took their suitcases out, and gave them to the awaiting kat porters.

"Now would I fib to you about that?" grinned Frank, as they walked into the hotel lobby. As expected, reporter Anne Gora was there to welcome the famous humans to Megakat City.

"Ladies and gentlekats, here they are, Dr. Lestor and his family, who will be staying with us for the next month!" smiled the she-kat reporter. "Dr. Lestor, do either you, your wife or your son have anything to say to the katizens?"

"Er.. hello?" muttered Frank, as he looked into the camera that Johnny was holding.

"HI THERE KAT FRIENDS!", exclaimed Timothy, waving his arms, "WOW, I really can't believe I'm actually here, in Megakat City! And tomorrow, the SWAT Kats are going to show me their hangar! How AWESOME is THAT?"

"Easy son,take it easy..." smiled his mother,patting him on the shoulder, "We've got plenty to do today first, Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Briggs are taking us out to dinner this afternoon, and then we're going to visit Megakat Museum, and get a personal tour by Dr. Sinian..."

"We hope you all enjoy yourselves.." nodded Ms. Gora, as Johnny turned off the camera. "I asked Callie to join you for dinner, we're going to the Kat Bay Club, they have the best seafood in town."

"Great!" said Frank. "What time is dinner?"

"Ms. Briggs and I will pick you up at 5:00 P.M..." said Anne, "About two hours from now."

" Fine, that will give us plenty of time to unpack, and relax for a bit.." said Tracy. "Come on son, Callie said she rented out the penthouse suite for us, so we'll be able to get a birdeye view of the entire city.."

"Cool!" said Timothy, as he and his parents entered the lift. Reaching the top floor, they entered the luxerious suite, which was the most expensive hotel room in the entire city.

"Oh my god!" gasped Frank, as his gazed in amazement at the interior, "I feel like I'm Donald Trump!"

The Lestors discovered that the suite had a huge living room, dining area, kitchen, and three large bedrooms. It was a literal palace in the skies above Megakat City.

"Pinch me honey, I think I'm dreaming.." sighed Tracy, as she sat down on the plushy living room couch. "We really must thank Callie for this, she didn't have to go so way overboard for us.."

"Come on, she's just trying to make us feel at home.." smiled Frank, as he sat next to his wife, and kissed her cheek. "Now let's unpack, we have a day of fun ahead of us, right son?"

"You know it!" Tim replied, as he gawked out the window at the city below. His ultimate dream had actually come true, he was in Megakat City! But unknown to the young boy and his parents, there was a certain dimented kat/snake who did not want their stay to be pleasant at all. After watching the arrival of the Lestors on TV in his swamp hideaway, Dr. Viper hissed under his breath, "Enjoy your ssssstay while you can, foolish humanssss...because very ssssoon, Megakat City will be mine at lassssst! Hahahahahahahaaa!"