Chapter Eight

Timothy Lansing had just given up all hope of being rescued, so just to pass the time more quickly, he looked across the room at Dr. Viper, who was in the process of mixing the chemicals, and said, "I must say, I really got to hand it to you, seems like this evil plan of yours will really work, doc. Dark Kat, and all the rest of the Omegas are second fiddle compared to you, Viper.."

"If you're trying to compliment me, so I'll release you, you can forget it.." hissed the villain.

"Oh, by all means no, like you said, I'm your prisoner forever.." muttered Tim, shaking his head, "I just think your the baddest kat ever, those SWAT Kats are really in for it, this time. Eh, but what do I care, as soon as you destroy them, I'm plantanimal chow anyways.."

"Hmmmmm.." Viper said, turning his head, "If I let you go from that table, boy, will you assist me in mixing these chemicals? The process will go faster with you helping me.."

"Sure, why not, I really don't have a choice, do I?", Tim shrugged, "But I'm no scientific genious like you are, doc.."

"That's alright, I will show you what to do.." said Viper, who stood up, and using a sharp knife, cut off the rope from the child's wrists and ankles. "But don't get any funny ideas about turning on me!"

Pointing at the ameoboid plantanimal standing nearby, the Omega growled, "One move against me, and my pet will devour you, underssstand, boy?"

Sitting up, and staring wide-eyed at the monster, Tim gulped, "P-Point taken, doc.."

Meanwhile, at the edge of the swamp, Commander Feral and his Enforcers were ready to invade Dr. Viper's territory. Felina was quite upset that she had to give the two Earth cats a ride in her jeep, but Chance was Tim's pet, and having some sort of magical connection with the human, he could sense exactly what sort of danger the boy was in at the moment.

"He's really scared, Lieutenant.." sighed Chance, "But he's still alive, for the moment.."

"Thank goodness.." said Felina, "Uncle, the boy is still alive, ready to start the SWAT Kats plan when you are!"

"Very good, then let's do this!" exclaimed Ulyssis over the radio, "Enforcers, move out, and attack!"

At once, the Commander's troops rolled into the swampland in all-terrain vehicles, with three cannons taking up the rear. They shot at any plantanimal that attacked them, which Razor hoped would cause quite a distraction, and it sure enough did. Hearing the maylay, Viper quickly ran out of his labs, and saw the approaching Enforcer vehicles.

"How dare they invade my territory!" snarled Viper, who went back inside, and grabbed Tim by the arm. " So, the Enforcers think they can rescue you, hmm? Looks like the SWAT Kats have become scared, and are too frightened to face me! So be it, they will all face their doom in a matter of moments! Since we've finished mixing the chemicals, I don't need you anymore, boy! You will be my creations' first victim!"
Throwing Tim against the wall, Dr. Vipers injected the chemicals and the boy's blood into the Ameoboid creature. In a few seconds, it doubled in size, and then the thing grew larger, and larger and larger, until it was over thirty feet tall! By this time, it had broken through the roof of Viper labs, and proceeded to tear the structure to bits. Viper laughed maniacally, because he didn't care if his labs were destroyed, because very soon, in his mind, all of Megakat City would be his. Tim had managed to escape outside, but then he tripped on a vine, and falling flat on his back, the frightened boy gulped, as the giant ameoboid monster hovered over him.

"Time for your dinner, my pet.." sneered Viper, pointing at Timothy.

Tim closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to see the huge jowels of the creature, but then his ears heard something... a very loud roaring sound!

"SWAT KATS!" , snarled Viper, as the Turbokat made it's dive at the monster creature. "Come to your doom, nothing can stop my monster, anti-mutigen has no effect on it!"

The evil snake had no idea that Razor and T-bone had something far more powerful than anti-mutigen, so he simply smiled and watched, as a single missile was fired at the creature. The missile itself had no effect, simply bouncing off the creature's hide like a rubber band.

"Hehahahahahaha!" laughed Viper, "Isssss that the besst you can doo, SSSwat katss?"

Tim looked up, and noticing something right away, he grinned, "No doc, my pals have outsmarted you again, take a look at your prize creation now!"

"WHAT?" gasped Viper, as the ameoboid began to shrink in size, "Noooo, it's not possible!"

Landing their jet, Razor and T-bone hurried over to Tim, who was grateful to say the least. Quickly, the three jumped into the Turbokat, and blasted off, before the ineviteable happened. Calling Feral, T-bone said, "It's done Commander, get your troops out of the swamp, and I mean now!"

"Roger that, everybody move!" Feral said.

Tim looked down, and saw that the ameoboid monster was back to it's normal size, but the thing was also glowing a bright red. Moments later, it exploded in a huge ball of flames, causing a chain reaction with the other chemicals that Viper was using. In a matter of seconds, the entire swamp was on fire.

"Crud, what did you guys use on that thing?" gasped Tim, staring down at the carnage.

"A chemical called X-1000, professor Hackle gave it to us.." said Razor, " I inserted the vile of chemicals into the nose cone of the missile. The stuff eats through anything, including giant ameoba monsters! Plus, as you can see, it's also highly unstable.."

"Yeah, but we'd better do something about that fire before it spreads.." nodded T-bone. Quickly, Razor used some foam bomb missiles to douse the flames. When the fire was completely out, the SWAT Kats landed to see if they could find any trace of Dr. Viper. Tim looked around as well, and in a few momenets, he spotted something... Viper's charred lab coat.

"But no Viper.." growled T-bone, "Crud, how could that snake have gotten away?"

"He didn't, T-bone.." sighed Razor, who had found a grizzly corpse 30 feet from the article of clothing. Viper had been burned so badly, that he was completely unrecognizeable. Only his scorched snaky tail proved that the Omega had been fried to a crisp.

"Oh, now that's just gross!" gasped Tim, looking away. Moments later, Commander Feral and his Enforcers arrived on the scene, and jumping out of Felina's jeep, Chance ran up to Tim, and jumped into his master's arms.

"CHANCE?" exclaimed the boy, "Holy cow, what are you doing here?"

"I came to save you, of course.." purred the cat, as he licked the boy's face.

"Yeah, if it wasn't for him, we would have never found out that Viper kidnapped you.." smiled Felina.

"Hey, what about ME, gorgeous?" grinned Red, who stood alongside the Lieutenant, "I helped too, you know.."

"Yes, I suppose you did..." she smiled, picking up the Earth cat, and scratching his ears.
"But you're still not my type, no matter how cute you are.."

"Oh yeah, did you hear that, she thinks I'm cute!" growled Red, "But your right, I don't think it would work out between us love, I prefer the smaller earth cats anyways..."

This comment caused everyone to laugh, after which the group breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Viper was finally dead. Later on that afternoon at the hotel, Tim was reunited with his parents, who thanked both SWAT Kats for saving their child's life.

"He was very brave, Mr. and Mrs. Lestor.." smiled T-bone, "Despite all that Viper did to him, Tim never gave up hope that he would be rescued, right?"

"Um, actually, I did have my doubts for a brief moment.." sighed the boy, "Especially after that creep strapped me down to that table.."

"Oh, you poor dear!" gasped Tracy, hugging her son, "Look, why don't we all go home now, I think we've had just about enough excitement in this city.."

"But mom, our vacation isn't over yet.." sighed Tim, "Weren't we supposed to go to Katalina Island tomorrow?"

"Yes dear, did you forget already?" smiled Frank.

"OH YES, how could I, the beach!" exclaimed Mrs. Lestor, who quickly ran into her bedroom to get everything ready for the trip.

"Let me guess.." grinned Razor, "She wants to get a suntan.."

"You know it.." nodded Frank. "Thanks again SWAT Kats, for everything.."

"It was our pleasure..." said T-bone, "Take care Tim, enjoy your day in the sun tomorrow.."

"Thanks a lot guys, you two are the greatest!" he exclaimed.

The End... for now. More adventures to come in the future, but for now, I'm taking a short break from writing to read other people's stories. Chow!