Author's Note: Hello people! This is a story that I started writing with my friends. I just put it here to see what other people think, because honestly, I think the characters are kinda 'Mary-Sue' ish. It's not really like a fanfiction. There are beast fiends so, I decided to put it under Lumious Arc. However, I was told by one of my Tsubaba-obsessed friends that there's some stuff that resembles Tsubasa too. So, yeah. Enjoy...? I guess.

Chapter 1-Yuki

I wander through the streets of the unknown city I had just arrived in with no idea where I was or where to go. As I round the corner, I crashed straight into two girls, and fell onto the hard concrete. Suddenly, I kept getting flashbacks of the world I'm pretty sure I used to live in- I couldn't remember. All I saw was the acid rain burning my clothes, the screams of the innocent... I couldn't think straight. I was so tired. In fact, I welcomed the darkness that already started to appear...

When I woke up, I heard girls talking outside my room. Where am I? I paused to think. Oh yeah! I passed out in front of those girls! Does this mean I'm in their house? The room was relatively nice. It had light blue walls and green curtains covered the windows. Well, those two girls sure went out of their way to clean up the room. There was a broom in the corner, which provided the evidence of my theory.

I didn't want them to know I had woken up, so I couldn't get out of bed, but I didn't need to. I could hear the conversation perfectly through the wall between us. I've had this secret power before I could ever remember- seeing, hearing, and walking through walls, which comes in handy when I want to spy on others.

"Let's bring her to Natsumi. She'll know what to do! You can't just... kill don't know if she is part of the Shadow Kingdom." KILL ME?! I was so alarmed and overcome with shock that the darkness started to appear again, and I slipped in once again...

"Welcome to Crystal Falls!" This was the first thing I heard when I woke up. The excited looking girl peered down at me. It was a strange sight to see. When you wake up to find some girl that was talking to her friend about killing you earlier looms over you... well, it sorta creeps you out.

"What country are you from? Do you have powers? What's your-"

"Shut up, Shuri! You talk too much!" said the somewhat gloomy, but mysterious looking girl that suddenly appeared behind her. She was very pretty, with long, glossy black hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a gray sweatshirt, so I assumed she usually went for comfortable rather than fashionable. I had a feeling that she'd be pretty no matter what she wore though. She gave me an "I-could-kill-you-if-I-wanted-to-but-you-could-be-useful" look, and I shivered despite the warmness of the sun streaming through the window. Did she really want to kill me?!

"Awww... but she just got here, Shiina!" Shuri complained.

"Sorry to interrupt, but who are you guys? You seem a little... I don't know... suspicious?" I asked.

"I'm Shuri and this is Shiina. This country is Crystal Falls. C'mon! Let's go!" Go where?! I don't even know you two!

Before I could introduce myself, Shuri grabbed my arm and led me outside. We made our way through the busy streets and I lost count of how many blocks we'd passed. The town was totally different than my old world. This world, Crystal Falls, seemed to be all show, with beautifully painted houses, shiny ribbons around streetlamps, and glittering fountain. My old world was all about work. The houses were made quickly, only using grass and sticks. There were no wandering people; everyone was busy helping their communities.

Shuri pulled me into a professional-looking building; Shiina trailed behind.

Inside the building, there were little booths. Shuri brought me to a blank screen. A girl then appeared on the screen. She had black hair and brown eyes. She looked around thirteen, but must've been older to be working here. She looked cheerful. She must like her job. Shuri then left me with Shiina and the girl on the screen.

"Hi! My name is Natsumi! What's your name?"

"Hi...I'm Yuki Sang."

"Welcome to Town Hall, I mean you've probably been here before, but- umm... scratch that! Are you a visitor? Do you have special powers?" Natsumi seemed to lack self-confidence and couldn't make a decision.

"Yeah, I just came here. And I do have powers, actually." I glanced at Shiina, but she had a blank expression on. I didn't know powers were normal here. "I can walk, hear, and see through material. I don't destroy humans or animals though... 'cause that's way too cruel. Also, I can read my enemies' minds. My enemies only, though. It's strange."

"Well, maybe since you're young you can join Shiina and her group. How old are you?"

"I'm fourteen."

Natsumi nodded. "Okay, if you want to join her group..." She glanced at Shiina for permission. Shiina nodded.

"All right then, you can only have three powers. So you have your wall-power. hat counts as one. Reading the minds of enemies are another power. Do you have another?"

"No...Two is enough."

"It's settled, then! Yuki, you will be on Shiina's team. Shiina also happens to have two powers: ice and summoning weapons, but that's not important. Oh! By the way, I'm part of Shiina's team. I am in charge of transportation, so I am good at portals and can pop out of nowhere, so you better watch out sometimes! I can fly planes, helicopters, drive trains, subways, ships, cars, buses, and just about every other form of transportation, including some we invented ourselves! Also, because I work at the registry, I often hear a lot of news. I also have 100 secret talents that no one knows. Even I only know 20 of them! But they're not powers. Anyways, you need a job."

"Ummmm... okay... Is there anything I can be to help the team?"

"Well, we do need a hideout..."

"How about I run a hotel, and you guys can stay there?" I suggested.

"Sure," Natsumi nodded. "Shiina, maybe you should take Yuki on a tour of Crystal Falls." Suggested Natsumi.

"Why me? Get Shuri to do that."

Natusmi sighed. "Fine, be that way, Shiina. I know that you're not the nicest person, but why are you so cold to people...?" Natsumi trailed off.

"Hn, like you would know, Natsumi. Besides, with the job I have, how can I be expected to be 'nice'? If I was nice to everyone, I'd lose the reputation I worked hard to build. Without that, I would have no job."

"I know that, but still..." replied Natsumi, looking sad.

"Fine, I'll try to be more 'nice', but I want to ask you this: Who wants to hire a nice assassin?" asked Shiina, glaring at the wall. I flinched. She continued, "I get hired for those extra missions because I finish them quickly and efficiently."

"Never mind, Shiina. You're actually pretty busy anyways, but at least bring Yuki to Doodle's Noodles and fill her in on what we do."

"…that place?"

"Yes, that place."

Shiina glanced at the clock. "Fine. I've got time before my next mission." She glared at me. "Don't expect me to go easy on you or anything…"

"Here's a portal to go there," said Natusmi, as a hole appeared in the wall. Shiina nodded and stepped into the portal.

"Well, go on then!" Natsumi said brightly.

Hesitantly, I stepped into the swirling black vortex. Suddenly, I was at an oriental-styled restaurant. I immediately spotted Shiina in the corner. The waiter hovered by, which was suspicious, but I decided not to question it. Shiina didn't notice (or care), so I sat down across from her.

"Alright, let's make this quick, shall we? So, we, Crystal Falls, are sort of at war with the Shadow Kingdom, a country far away. The citizens don't know this, so you are not to share this information with ANYONE. My group is called Organization X. I am the leader and Shuri is my second in command. We basically spy, assassinate, and infiltrate the Shadow Kingdom, or fight the workers. Sadly, they have powers, just like us, but I think our powers are better. Anyways, have you noticed that none of the buildings in Crystal Falls are dark colored? This is because the Shadow Kingdom's building are all gray, dark purples and blues, and of course, black. Our radars keep picking up a few the Shadow Kingdom's workers, but we can't seem to find their main base. They send these creatures called beast fiends after the sun sets every day. Like us, there is an elite team of the Shadow Kingdom's fighters. Their head is Maschera. That's really all you need to know," she concluded.

Shiina stood up, clearly not taking questions. All this information was hard for me to digest, but I followed her outside anyway.

We were wandering on the streets when I felt a strange prickling sensation on my back. When I turned around, a huge black building loomed above us.

"Shiina... I thought you said there were no black buildings in Crystal Falls."

"There aren't," she replied, staring at the mansion. "It's completely white."

I wasn't sure whether she was right or I was. What's going on?

"C'mon, we're investigating this." I pulled her onto the lawn, which was covered

with dead grass and brown leaves. As soon as she stepped onto the lawn, she gasped.

"That's strange," she remarked. Her face showed the slightest bit of confusion. "Shuri and I walk by here every day. There must be a force field around it."

It was my turn to be surprised as she dragged me into the dark, black mansion. The doors swung inward on its own, but Shiina trudged on. Once we were inside, the doors slammed shut. The inside of this mansion was utterly stunning. A glass chandelier provided some light and a huge staircase dominated the room. Statues were gathered around the staircase, as if telling us to go up the stairs.

"Here's a sword, just in case. I hope you know how to use it. You can't find an easier weapon to use," Shiina said. Then she began to ascend the huge, spiraling staircase and I had no choice but to follow. It was a long walk to the top, but Shiina didn't seem to even be tired. She tried the first door to the right and found it unlocked.

"Wait! Shiina! You shouldn't-" I exclaimed, but Shiina flung open the door and stepped inside. Uh oh! We stepped in way too far inside to make a quick escape. The door shut and the lock clicked behind us. So much for quiet and stealthy... I thought she expected the mansion to be empty, because she seemed surprised to see a boy sitting on the bed. Luckily, he was as surprised as she was.