Author's Note: For those of you who have read this before, you'll notice that this chapter didn't originally exist. I created this character in the middle of writing this story so... Anyways, I write for this character's POV too.

Chapter 4- Karasu

A girl runs down a dimly-lighted street. Her long black hair tied into a ponytail is trailing behind her as she pants. There's sweat beading on her pale face, it slides from her forehead to her chin. Then it falls off and splats onto the shadowy figure behind her is catching up very quickly, but she doesn't give up. Then, there's a wall. It's a dead end; she chose incorrectly. Panicked, she gasps and looks for a way out, but it's too late. The shadowy figure has her cornered. As the figure comes closer, she screams.

"Kyahh!" I woke up to the sound of my screaming. Sitting up, I breathe in and out deeply to regain my composure. Just a dream, it was only a dream, it's not real. Feeling better, I get out of bed and check the agenda for today. It says that I'm supposed to help Doodle out at his "noodle shop" in Crystal Falls. I sigh, putting on an indigo shirt and skirt. After I zip up my black hoodie and pull on my knee-high black boots, I went off. Why do I have no weapons? Simple, I'll "make them" when I need to fight.

"Karasu Tanaka reporting," I say.

"Oh, okay. Go put on the waitress uniform and start helping. Keep an eye on Shiina, okay?"

"On it."

Shiina comes out of a portal with another girl. The other girl seems to be new; I can tell because she looks very weak. I shift my appearance slightly with my power and walk by their table to listen in. Shiina is giving the new one, Yuki, I assume, a bunch of basic information like: "We are part of Organization X we…" blah, blah, blah. You get the point. The newbie seems suspicious of me, but stops after she realizes that Shiina doesn't care. I grin as they get up and leave. Then I walk over to the next group of customers. "Hello, my name is Alice and I'll be your waitress this afternoon. Do you have your order ready yet?"

On Doodle's orders, I trail Shiina and the newbie. I disguise myself as a blonde woman wearing light blue clothing, though I didn't understand their objective. They seem to just be walking around aimlessly. Then, the newbie sees right through Maschera's faux illusion. I had helped Maschera create a huge shield over the Shadow Kingdom's secret headquarters (with shadows) in the middle of Crystal Falls so no one could see the mansion for what it really was. Most people saw the mansion as a pretty, white mansion, and I liked it that way.

I realize the newbie could be useful after all. Shoot, I should tell Doodle. Wait! There's not enough time! I chose to go into the mansion instead. I changed my illusion so that it looked like I wasn't there.

I walk into a few rooms before I find the person I am looking for, mainly because I've never been here before. I step into the room and make my illusion go away. "Ahem," I say to catch his attention.

"Gah! Wait, who are you?"

"Karasu Tanaka. I'm the illusionist, sir."

"Oh, you. Wait, why are you here?"

"I was following Doodle's orders, sir. That would be, to trail Organization X's leader. There was a newbie and with her an-" I explain.

"They're on the lawn?" he finishes.

"Yes, sir."

"I already know," he replies.

"It's too late, they're almost here. Just hide yourself. Also, there's no need to be so formal, we're the same age."

"If you insist." With that, I walk over to the corner and make myself disappear. I would have to keep my guard up just in case, but then again, who would go after a person they didn't know was there?

Actually, I've known Maschera for a long time. We were friends when we were younger. Of course, back then, he didn't have his power yet. When he got his power, he lost his memory for some reason. That was why he doesn't know who I am. I joined to make sure my only friend would be okay. I don't really mind anymore that he doesn't remember me or recognize me; that is the way I live. I know information on all my targets. Their name, appearance, and lots of other information on them; call me a stalker if it pleases you, but really, it's a job. However, they didn't know or recognize me. Even if you were to revive the ones I was told to kill, they wouldn't remember me. They would probably only remember that their killer was a girl. The same went for the ones I collected information on. This was how I live; forgotten, unrecognized, and unknown.