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Alas, it's the final chapter. I wonder if Rose figured out a solution or not?..

Chapter Nineteen.

I have to grovel and beg for an hour before Lissa calms down enough to listen to my idea at least.

She's sceptical, but agrees to at least see if it'll work, with the back-up plan of me promising to hand make and ice three hundred cupcakes, and to get a hold of some cooking chocolate to dip a thousand strawberries in if it doesn't work.

I grimace, and pull out my phone to call Abe, my wrists already aching at the mental image.

"Kizim, what can I do for you?"

"Hey old man, care to help your daughter out?"

Chapter Twenty.

Abe works wonders, and my wrists are saved.

Christian doesn't do a runner, there are no dress malfunctions and Jill walks Lissa up the aisle since their father is dead.

She looks beautiful and glows as she and Christian say their vows, 'I do', and again as they have their first dance.

I giggle as Dimitri takes me into his arms and spins me out onto the dance floor a little while later.

"Abe saved the day."

I smile and nod. "Definitely. But hey, that's what fathers who 'weren't there for the first eighteen years of your life' are for."

Chapter Twenty One.

Dimitri chuckles and leans down to brush his lips against mine gently before pulling back.

"You looked beautiful today, standing there beside Lissa in your maid of honour gown."

I kiss his cheek and lift my hands to rest on his chest. "You looked sexy in your suit too."

"No one would have guessed that yesterday we were covered in melted chocolate, huh?"

I giggle and shake my head. "Definitely not."

"Good. Open." I do as he says, and taste the sweetness as he places a chocolate covered strawberry on my tongue. "Because I know what we'll be doing tonight."

The End.

I'm sad to see this story go. It was really different to my usual style, and I hope you found it to be humorous and kinda romantic at the same time. :)

I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear your final thoughts on Rose, Dimitri and their little chocolate escapade.

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