Ichigo Kurosaki had been a doctor for seven years, but nothing like this had ever happened to him. It had started out a normal day; slow stream of patients, nothing serious, until HE came.

It was a code blue; some young man had gotten into a horrible crash on his motorcycle and needed immediate treatment. Ichigo snapped on his gloves and buttoned his lab coat; going into full professional mode. Nothing could stop him, nothing could faze him, and he was the best. He marched down the hall towards the ER and Ishida Uryuu, a fellow doctor, came up beside him, "Kurosaki, the man has a fractured skull, broken left arm and leg, severe burns, and his spine is damaged. There are also several other minor breaks and multiple lacerations."

"Thanks, Ishida." Ichigo said, pushing open the doors to the ER.

The man was a bloodied mess. His clothes had been removed except a pair of blood covered boxers, and he looked dead. The only thing that gave away his life was the rise and fall of his heavily injured chest, and the obvious relaxation in his body. Must be the painkillers. Ichigo marched over and took in the damage with a trained eye; but the first thing that caught his eye was the man's hair. It was the most shocking shade of blue he'd ever seen. The second thing he thought was how much shit this man must've gotten when he was growing up. Ichigo cleared his head and scowled, he needed to concentrate and save this man's life.

(Many hours later)

"Kurosaki-san. Marvelous work in there, you might have even saved him from full body paralysis." Ishida quipped, handing Ichigo a clipboard, "He is being signed over to you for the week since we are running short on nurses."

"What?" Ichigo snapped, snatching the clipboard "I'm a doctor, not a nurse."

Ishida pushed up his glasses, "Yes well, the boss seems to think it's for the best." With that the stiff man walked off.

Ichigo growled and scanned the clipboard, "Let's see…age 28…name…Grimmjow Jeagerjaques? Huh…room number 6." The doctor shrugged and adjusted his stethoscope. "Well, better pay the guy a visit." He walked into room six and frowned.

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques had been out of surgery for two hours…surely some relative or friend must've stopped by…but the table was bare and the man was snoozing.

Ichigo approached the man and sighed, sitting down on the visitor's chair next to him, "All alone, huh?"

"Well I was until your ass showed up." The person growled.

Ichigo yelped and leaped up, then scowled heavily, "Well…pardon me for not knocking…"

"Psh, whatever." The man grumbled, his eyes still shut, "Who are you anyway?"

The doctor felt his patience crack in the slightest; this was why he wasn't a nurse, "The man who saved your life."

The man in the bed cracked open an eye and surveyed Ichigo, "Why?"

Ichigo stared at him, "What do you mean why!"

The blue haired patient grinned and closed his eyes, "Why did you save me. S'not like I know you."

Now Ichigo understood why there was a shortage of nurses, "Because you were dying, you insolent bastard!" It slipped out before he could help it and immediately froze. Shit. There went his job.

But the stranger didn't seem to notice, "Yer paid to save me. Why should I be thankful?"

Ichigo blinked, he hadn't thought of it like that, "Uh…well…why can't you just thank me and get it over with!"


"Excuse me?" Ichigo sputtered.

The blue haired man stared at him square in the eye, "When you start taking care of somebody you're not related to or paid for—then I'll thank you." He stared at the doctor, "And although I'm pretty damn sure that piece of cardboard already says it; my names Grimmjow Jeagerjaques."

Ichigo felt the tinniest smiles twitch on his face, "Mines, Ichigo Kurosaki. And yeah, the damn piece of cardboard already told me."

That was the end of normality in Karakura Hospital for Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Kurosaki-san." Ishida called, "I need a report on the patient in room six!"

Ichigo nodded, "I'm heading there now."

Ishida watched him go and sighed; stupid Kurosaki…he just doesn't know what's coming…

The vibrant haired doctor speed walked to door number six and knocked as sarcastically as he could.

"Yeah what the fuck do you want!" a voice called.

Ichigo snorted and opened the door, "That's not very nice."

"Screw that shit." Grimmjow snapped, grinning like a maniac as the door opened, "Hey there berry."

"It's Doctor Kurosaki to you!" Ichigo snapped, grinning unintentionally. "How are you today?"

"Same. Can't move, can't do shit, bored outta my fucking mind." Grimmjow replied, his eyes trained on Ichigo the entire time, "When does this shit wear off?"

Ichigo felt his chest lurch, "Well…um…your body is recovering from the crash so…don't give up hope or anything." He finished weakly.

"Well it better heal fucking faster!" Grimmjow demanded, rolling his head. "I'm getting bored as fuck!"

Ichigo laughed and went about his usual routine. That was how they're day normally went. Neither one of them noticed Ichigo staying slightly longer than usual. At first it was small things like he'd forgotten to brush Grimmjow hair (he needed full care since he was unable to move) or straightening out the sheets or change his bandages on his casts. But then they're conversation started getting longer and more personal. Always about Ichigo; how old was he? Who did he live with? Did he have family? Did he have a girlfriend?

"Girlfriend?" Ichigo scoffed, "Nah not interested."

"Don't like bitches?" Grimmjow suddenly smirked, "Oh I get it, you like ass."

A whole new round of questions.

But whenever Ichigo asked one, the response was always the same; 'nosy bastard.' But bit by bit, he got information about the strange blue haired man.

Ichigo aired out the sheets and grinned at Grimmjow, "So do you have family?"

The blue haired man scowled, "Yeah…course I do."

"Really? Who?"


Ichigo felt a strange surge of dislike towards this 'Pantera' "Who's she?"

Grimmjow's grin was massive, "My cat."

"Oh!" Ichigo laughed and folded up the sheets, "Any others? Like people?"

"No." Grimmjow looked uncomfortable suddenly, "So do you like cats?"

"Me? Yeah I do." Ichigo smiled, opening the window, "But I don't own any because my roommates allergic."

Grimmjow's blue eyes swiveled towards the doctor, "Who's yer roommate?"

Ichigo snorted, "The weirdest bastard you've ever met."

"Try me."

Ichigo snorted again and tidied up the room mechanically, "His names Hichigo Shirosaki."

Days passed quickly and soon Grimmjow had been there for about two weeks. His arm cast was off early and his leg cast was scheduled to be removed in another few weeks. The bastard healed fast. Ichigo found himself sneaking down to his room during breaks and lunch hour just to talk with the man. This made Grimmjow extremely happy and they passed the time easily, laughing at the blue haired man's crude humor and rude jokes.