Chapter Six

The next day Grimmjow was released from the hospital. It happened in the morning right after their little visit time; which consisted of more sex, and then they were left lying there awkwardly; wondering if they should say good-bye. However there wasn't an opportunity as they heard someone walk down the hall. They dressed quickly, rearranged the sheets and their hair, and then sat down opposite each other with blank faces.

Rukia walked in, "Mr. Jeagerjaques?"


The nurse raised her eyebrows, "I'm here to tell you that it's time for you to leave. A cab's been called and is waiting for you." She noticed Ichigo and smiled, "Do you two want a minute or…?"

"No." Ichigo said, standing. He nodded to Grimmjow and then left, each step more painful than the last.

That had been four hours ago and now Ichigo was sitting at his desk, hunched over, and staring at the same form he'd pulled towards him four hours ago. He stared blankly at it and felt his eyes burn. He fought back again, telling himself he was being stupid, that he had work to do, that it had just been a fling. But those words echoed hollowly and the hole in his chest opened wider. Finally, when he felt like he was about to crack, Ichigo reached for the phone and frantically dialed a familiar number.



"Ichigo? The hell are ya callin' me for?" The albino sighed, exasperated, "I do have a job, ya know."

"Yeah sorry…c-can I talk to you?" Ichigo swallowed thickly and then reached down and pinched himself hard; he was not going to break down. He wasn't that pathetic.

"…sure." Hichigo's voice was muted for a second as he shouted at somebody before he came back, "What's up?"

Ichigo told him everything, what had happened over the last two visits, how he wanted the pain as well as the pleasure, how he was now gone and he'd never see him again. Somewhere in the middle of this Ichigo realized he was crying. Thick, hot, wet tears slid down his cheeks and he gave a strangled gasp, "I—I don't know what to do anymore…it's only been four hours and I'm falling apart!"

The silence on the other end lasted for a while until Hichigo spoke, sounding serious, "First things first, calm down. Ok? Breathe, slowly, and chill."

"Kay." Ichigo couldn't help laugh a bit, "It's funny…during the day I'd be away from him for much longer between visits but now…"

Hichigo interrupted, "Focus for a second." He sighed, "Do you know that you are completely oblivious?"


"You can tell in a heartbeat if something physical is wrong with somebody; like that time I sprained my ankle and I insisted it was fine. But when it comes to emotional and mental shit, you fail horribly."

"…is this supposed to make me feel better?"

"It's the truth; so shut up and listen. You never know how other people feel; and that includes yourself. Why do you think you went to see him every day? Why do you think you stayed so late at work? Why didn't you let that nurse take over for you?"

"Because I like hanging around with Grimmjow!"

"Like?" Hichigo snorted, "If it was just like then you wouldn't have let him fuck you. Twice."

Ichigo's mouth gaped like a fish as he sputtered to find words.

"Close yer mouth. I can picture yer stupid ass face." Hichigo ordered.

Ichigo snapped his mouth shut.

"Good. Now, ask yerself the most OBVIOUS question; why did ya do it all? And don't say 'cuz you like him' or I'm going to have to come over there and smack you."

Ichigo blinked and then scowled, "But I do like him! If I didn't like him I wouldn't have this problem!"

"Ichigo! If you just 'liked' him you wouldn't have fucked him, and you wouldn't be crying, and you wouldn't have called me!" Hichigo snapped, losing his patients. "You feel strongly for him! Now put a fucking name on it!"

"…I love him." Ichigo murmured, and confessing to Hichigo suddenly threw everything into a sharp light, "Oh fuck, I love him…"

"Good job; we've gotten past denial." Hichigo muttered, heavy in sarcasm, "Now, what are you going to do?"


"You have his medical records." Hichigo spelled out, like he was talking to a retarded four year old instead of a highly intelligent doctor, "You have his address. You can take that address, get in a cab, and find him."

"Yeah…yeah I can!"

"And then tell him how you feel."

"Yeah! Tell him how I—no." Ichigo shook his head, "No, Hichi, what if he doesn't feel the same way?"

"Listen, you got to put yerself out there sometimes, and yeah, if he breaks yer heart that sucks, but that's how ya know you have one!" Hichigo chided him, "Now go get yer man!"

"This is exactly why you're a therapist and I'm a doctor." Ichigo said weakly, "Thank you so much."

"Yeah yeah yeah." Hichigo grumbled, "Now fuck off! I have somebody waiting for me."

The line went dead and Ichigo tossed the phone back into the cradle. He jumped to his feet and ran down the hall. He took a quick left and immediately spotted the person he was looking for, "ISHIDA! ISHIDA WAIT!"

Ishida looked up in annoyance, "Kurosaki-san! Please keep your voice down."

"I need his records!" Ichigo panted, skidding to a halt in front of him, "Jeagerjaques medical records!"


Ichigo's mind reeled as he thought of an excuse, "Extended family just called, wants to know the injuries, cost, and how long he was here."

"Damn them!" Ishida snapped, his glasses flashing, "I have better things to be doing than this! Thank god I have it with me or I'd be very unhappy." He held out his clipboard, "Just put it in my office when you're done."

"Thanks!" Ichigo raced off to his own office. He threw the board down and grabbed a piece of paper and pencil. He hurriedly scrawled the address down and then ran to Ishida's office. He tossed the board into the large black swivel chair and then ran for the exit of the building. He burst through the double doors and looked around frantically. He spotted a couple climbing out of a yellow cab and ran over to them, "Taxi!" He gasped, jumping in as the couple walked away, "6097 Hueco Mundo Road!"

"Yes doctor." The cabbie sped off.

Thirty minutes later the cab pulled up to an apartment complex a lot like Ichigo's. There was a stair case leading to the different levels. Ichigo got out and then realized with a sick jolt he had no idea which door or level was Grimmjow's.

"Eh, Doc, you looking for someone?" a voice called.

Ichigo turned around and saw a young blond teenage lounging against a gate. He had a creepy Cheshire cat smile and blue eyes, "You're Shinji!" Ichigo exclaimed.

Shinji's eyes narrowed and then he grinned, "You were the doc who patched me up after my accident!"

Ichigo had never been so glad to see somebody in his life, "Do you live here?"

"Yeah, second floor." Shinji said, jerking his thumb upwards.

"Do you know where Grimmjow lives? He's a big guy, bright blue hair—?"

"With a crazy ass attitude and the look of a killer? Yeah he's on the sixth floor, door six." Shinji said, pointing, "Be careful Doc, he's in a bad mood, and his cat's evil."

As Ichigo climbed the stairs he wondered briefly about all the six's. He shrugged and arrived at the right floor and then walked to door six. He took a breath and knocked loudly, his heat hammering in his chest.

The door was wrenched open and Grimmjow stood there in a wife beater and sweatpants, "The fuck do you want?" He froze when he saw Ichigo.

"That's not very nice." Ichigo immediately replied out of habit and then blushed, "Um, well I got your address from the hospital…"


Ichigo felt his face heat up even more, "Sorry. This was a stupid idea." He turned and started to hurry away. He got maybe two steps before he felt himself being grabbed and yanked backwards. He turned around to glare at Grimmjow when he was pulled into a soul searing kiss. He made a small noise of shock before going limp in his arms and pressing against him as their mouths worked together.

Grimmjow broke away first, slightly breathless, and grinned, "Hey."

"Hi…" Ichigo glanced around and fidgeted, suddenly very aware of how Shinji was winking at him and giving him a thumbs up sign.

Grimmjow must've noticed because he flicked the blond kid off and drew back, "Wanna come in?"

"Yeah, sure." Ichigo walked in and toed off his shoes. The apartment had a very lived in feel to it. On the immediate right was a small kitchen with white cabinets and a tiled floor. To the left was a large bathroom. Further inside was a spacious living room with a sofa and a television. A doorway leading off to the left was most likely the master bedroom and there was a wooden floor to the right which was its own dining room. In the living room there were floor to ceiling shelves covered in CD's. A large stereo was nestled in-between some of the shelves. A cat tree house thing was in the corner and a blue bowl was in the kitchen.

"Pantera! Come greet the guest." Grimmjow called, shutting the door with his foot.

Nothing happened for a second and then a shape appeared from the cat tree house. It leaped gracefully down and padded over, her feet light on the carpet. She was a breathtaking beauty of a cat; and she defiantly knew it from the way she held herself. Her fur was a dark midnight blue and her eyes were the color of the sky outside. She weaved her way up to Ichigo, sniffed him delicately, and then rubbed against him before climbing up Grimmjow and sitting on his shoulder.

"Huh, that's weird. She normally scratches the hell out of guests."

Ichigo did a double take, "If you knew that then why tell her I was here!"

"She already knew. I guess you smell like me or something." Grimmjow scratched Pantera behind her ears, "She's a good girl. The only time she was really bad was a few days ago. Apparently that stupid blond skater almost ran over her tail so she attacked him." Grimmjow didn't seem too bothered by that.

"So it's just you two, huh?"

"Yeah, but it's not bad." Grimmjow brushed the cat from his shoulders and walked into the kitchen, "You want a beer?"

"Nah I'm good."

Grimmjow shrugged and got himself a glass of water. They moved to the living room and sat on the couch, "So why are ya here?"

Ichigo fidgeted, "Um, well…" He felt a hundred excuses come to mind; I just wanted to check on you, there's a form you didn't fill out, my psycho roommate told me to grow a pair and come here—but none of those sounded good. Ichigo cleared his throat and looked around nervously.

"Yer not gonna tell me?" Grimmjow teased, setting his water down on the floor.

An idea sprang to mind, "Yeah I'll tell you, but you have to get it out of me first." Ichigo teased back, feeling a little better about prolonging the confession.

"I can do that easily." Grimmjow purred, looking mischievous, "I know what makes you lose yer cool."

Ichigo shivered, "Prove it."

Grimmjow's lips spread into a devious smile, "I'll make you scream whatever it is." He promised, sliding towards Ichigo with a predatory gleam in his eyes.

"I bet you won't." Ichigo knew he was playing with fire, but at the moment he didn't care. He liked the way adrenalin was pumping through his veins, how Grimmjow looked like he was about to eat him, and how his soft poisonous words did things to his nether regions.

"I bet I will. I bet I'll make you scream it so loud the neighbors will hear."

"And then call the police on you." Ichigo edged away, a tiny grin playing tauntingly across his lips.

"Not before I get it out of you. I'll make your mind overload so you won't be able to remember your name." Grimmjow's voice deepened as he cornered Ichigo into the couch, spreading his arms to cage him in.

"Something tells me I might remember yours though." Ichigo murmured.

"Yeah, because afterwards that's the only thing you'll be screaming." And then he was on him. Grimmjow's mouth crushed itself against Ichigo's as he pulled the man into him. He didn't bother wasting time as he pulled Ichigo clothes off impatiently, raking his nails down his bare back.

Ichigo groaned and tugged the blue haired man's shirt off, but didn't get the chance to finish before Grimmjow was on him again. The doctor arched into his touch, not bothering to keep his voice down as he was fondled. "S-shit, you're really going to tease me…?" Ichigo panted, moaning as he felt warm fingers wrap around his erection.

"Only until you tell me why you came here." Grimmjow replied simply, and then bit Ichigo on a half healed bruise from yesterday. He relished the whimpering sounds that emitted out of the orange haired man's mouth before moving his own mouth lower, running his tongue roughly over the pert pink buds.

"N-ngh…" Ichigo panted, as his nipples were abused. He bit off a cry as one of them was bitten and then licked softly. He felt Grimmjow's fingers continue to ghost over his shaft and he mentally slapped himself for being so stubborn.

Grimmjow smirked and kissed him roughly, nipping his bottom lip as he sought entrance into Ichigo's mouth. Once in, he tasted and teased every inch of it, battling the doctor's tongue into submission rather quickly. "You taste great." He purred, "I wonder if that's the same for down here." He gave his dick a tug, which sent Ichigo bucking into his hand.

"G-Grimmjow…" Ichigo moaned, those little touches were setting him on fire once more, and it swept through his veins like a delicious toxin. God he wanted him inside, wanted to be stretched and filled to his max, to be fucked ruthlessly into this couch. But still he held out on him, part of Ichigo was afraid of rejection, the other part just wanted to see how much his body could take before giving in.

The blue haired man smirked and moved between Ichigo's legs, cupping his balls and rubbing them softly, causing the doctor to moan loudly and arch upwards, presenting a nice view of his entrance. Grimmjow smirked and gave the quivering hole a quick lick, which sent Ichigo into a whole new realm of lust.

"F-Fuck, Grimm…ah…" Ichigo gasped, his eyes wide and his mouth open, "W-what—?"

Grimmjow did it again, but this time slid his tongue inside a little bit. As Ichigo cried out and let his hips drop, Grimmjow's tongue swept up and ran over the inside of his throbbing member. He sucked the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue around before pulling it out with a pop.

Ichigo's head was in the stars, he gasped for breath, feeling his entrance ache for contact, and groaned heatedly. If he was in such a state without Grimmjow even inside him, the doctor knew he wouldn't be lasting very long.

Apparently Grimmjow knew this too, for a smirked and pushed a finger lightly against the puckered opening, "Well?" He murmured, his eyes darker than sin. He nudged the finger inside up to the first knuckle and thrust gently into the doctor.

"N-no, no Grimm…" Ichigo moaned loudly, spreading his legs as he felt his entrance being played with, "No…"

"No?" Grimmjow smirked and then shoved his finger all the way inside before yanking it out and continuing with the tip of his finger again. "You sure?"

"No…" Ichigo whispered, wondering how much longer he could keep it hidden.

"Then tell me." Grimmjow urged, thrusting inside with two fingers, roughly striking his prostate and then pulling out. He continued fingering him with the tip of both fingers, watching the doctor wither and moan heatedly from contact.

"I can't…" Ichigo choked out, and then screamed as he felt his spot being struck, "G-Grimmjow! AH!" He bucked into the tips of the fingers, begging soundlessly.

"Tell me." Grimmjow purred, his voice soft and hypnotizing. He slid three fingers in and pushed against Ichigo's prostate.

"AHH!" Ichigo clawed at the couch as his mind washed over in white hot pleasure, "I…I…ah-fuck!"

"You what?" Grimmjow asked, stretching him and then sliding his finger's out slowly. While Ichigo was distracted he quickly stripped himself of his sweatpants and boxers, glad to relieve the presser from his dick.

Ichigo whimpered at the loss of friction until he felt something bigger press against him, "Grimm…"

"Tell me or I'll leave you like this."

"You wouldn't!" Ichigo gasped, needing him so bad it hurt.

Grimmjow smirked, his eyes gleaming, "Yeah I would." He pressed the head of his cock into Ichigo, "Tell me."

"Need you…" Ichigo panted, trying to somehow form the words to tell him.

"Need my dick you mean?" Grimmjow teased, pressing a little deeper.

"No…well yes….but not why…I came…" Ichigo gasped out, thrusting his hips towards Grimmjow in desperation.

"Then, why did you come?" Grimmjow asked smoothly, and then groaned as he slammed all the way inside Ichigo.

Ichigo screamed as he felt his vision go temporarily blank. He reached up and grabbed Grimmjow's shoulders to anchor himself as waves of white hot pleasure coursed through his body. He tugged the blue haired man down and kissed him violently, craving his taste as he felt Grimmjow rock his hips into him.

Grimmjow broke away with a soft gasp and thrust slowly into Ichigo, "Well?" He grit out, trying to control himself long enough to get an answer.

"You." Ichigo panted, "I came…here for you…" He cried out again as he was thrust into.

"I think there's more." Grimmjow in sighted, holding Ichigo's hips to the couch as he slowly moved in and out.

Ichigo tried to buck but felt himself restrained, pinned to the couch as his mind screamed at him to say it, "I…I…" He groaned as he felt Grimmjow thrust into him again, a little rougher this time, "I…couldn't…I need…ah…" He then felt himself crumble. He just wanted to be fucked; and damn the way he got there. "I love you!" He cried, as Grimmjow struck his prostate again, sending him closer to oblivion, "That's why I came here!"

Grimmjow paused for a fraction of a second before slamming deeply into Ichigo, "Really?" He managed to ask. Seeing the doctor completely submit to him was a major turn on, and it was impossible enough already to keep himself under control.

"Y-yes!" Ichigo shouted, "Yes, I do!" He groaned heatedly as he felt Grimmjow begin to finally fuck him senseless. He moaned and cried out with every thrust, already so sensitive he could feel himself coming to the end, "I…I can't hold on…" He managed to gasp.

"Then come." Grimmjow growled, biting his shoulder again as he slammed brutally into Ichigo. He heard the orange haired man cry out and felt the entrance clamp down around him, forcing him to come deep inside the doctor. He groaned loudly along with Ichigo's incoherent cries. He slowly drew out and then lay on top of the doctor, watching him pant for air and admiring his sex flushed face. "You really are noisy when I fuck you."

Ichigo just moaned quietly and said nothing, basking in his sex high before something happened to take it away.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and kissed him passionately, conveying all his unsaid words into a simple gesture.

Ichigo clung to Grimmjow happily as he felt the emotion behind the kiss. As they parted for air he smiled drowsily; "I love you." He repeated softly.

"I love ya too….quack."

"I'm not a quack!" Ichigo protested weakly, already falling asleep.

"Yeah, you are." Grimmjow hummed, drifting off with Ichigo in his arms.

The End