A/N - Hello everyone! Long time, no story. But, as you can tell, I plan on remedying that. I admit to being lax in marking "For the Cause" complete, as I had hoped to come back to it, and end it with an epilogue chapter. However, that process was waylaid for several reasons, none of which I will bore you all with, except to say that life gets in the way. A few weeks ago, I revisited the effort, and my one chapter epilogue blossomed into a story in and of its own right. For this reason (and several others), I have posted it as a separate story, entitled "For the Truth."

I did, however, want to let anyone who may have followed/favorited "For the Cause" to know about its continuation, and so, I will end by saying, that if you are interested, "For the Truth" can be found here on this website, under my pen name.

Thank you!