Title: May I Have A Drumroll Please, 1/5
Author: erisgregory
Characters: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: T
Genre: Au, future!fic, Romance
Word Count: 573
Summary: Blaine attends a friend's wedding where he meets Kurt, the gorgeous guy that doesn't "hookup" at weddings. They agree to keep their budding relationship to one magical night without last names, kisses, or sex. Blaine tells the whole romantic story to his roommates, Nick and Jeff the next day and comes to realize that one night just isn't enough.
A/N: Based on the How I Met Your Mother, Drumroll, Please episode. Of course I want to say, read my story pretty please, but if you're a fan of the HIMYM and you've just started watching season one (like me) this fic is probably too spoilery for you. Maybe save it for later.


I was supposed to have a date. People took dates to weddings, especially black tie events like the one I was attending Friday night. Now, with less than a week to go, I had to accept the fact that I was going stag. Then Sebastian broke up with Trevor and suddenly the solution seemed clear.

"You should go with me to Wes and Cassidy's wedding. You can be my plus one." I tell him with a grin.

"I don't know. Wes and I aren't that close, and weddings…" I need my plus one though and Sebastian would be perfect, we're great friends, we'd have fun and pretend to mock all the romance and traditions, even though I'm a sucker for all of that and everyone knows it. It would be great.

"Come on, it'll be the best! There will be free booze and I'll even buy you a pretty flower for your lapel." I look at him expectantly and maybe with just a hint of puppy eyes. It works. It always does.

"Fine." He agrees. "But you owe me." Fine. I owe him, but I don't even care because suddenly this wedding sounds fun.

It turns out that even though my invitation was for me plus one guest that really it's just me because I forgot to RSVP my date. Arguing with Wes does no good. There's simply no way to make a change like that this late in the game. So of course I'm complaining to Nick and Jeff when they get in and its Nick suggestion that I call Cassidy and ask her. Sure, it's maybe a little underhanded but I can't stand the thought of going to that wedding alone. Being alone in general is depression but at a wedding? No.

Of course Cassidy is a sweetheart and tells me it's no trouble. So it's back on and Sebastian even buys a tux. He looks pretty fantastic in it too.

Now I could draw this out and tell you all about how it was back off and back on and how the wedding almost didn't happen all because I went behind Wes' back to try and get Sebastian's invitation secured, but I think that's a story for another time. Suffice it to say that the wedding was on, Sebastian was my unofficial date officially and all seemed right in the world. Until it wasn't, again.

"Hey, what's up?" Sebastian's calling me about an hour before I'm due to pick him up.

"I can't go. I'm sorry." He sounds sorry so I'm careful with my response.

"Why, what's happened?" I ask.

"I've just been called into work. They need someone to cover tonight and there's no one else." Sebastian doesn't explain any further and really he doesn't need to. I know what this job means to him and how hard he's worked to even be noticed there. That doesn't mean it doesn't suck.

"I'm sorry Blaine." He says.

"It's alright." I say at last, and it is.

That's how I wound up at Wes and Cassidy's wedding, alone, chatting up Santana who s happy to be there dateless and I think, this night is going to be long.

That's when I see him. He's only a couple of tables away and has the brightest blue or greenish, gray eyes I have ever seen. Whatever color they are they're gorgeous and he's looking right at me.

Maybe there is still hope after all.