From the corner of my eyes, I witnessed it. I whirled around to yell my warning to the preoccupied demigod, but it came much too late. The Minotaur's lowered head instantly plowed into the sea demigod.

Percy was sent flying through the thick trees to collide with a sickly looking oak. The loud crack I heard could have been Percy's entire body or it could have been the tree's trunk splitting under his violent landing. I hoped it was the latter.

"Grover!" I yelled to the satyr that was trying to awake the unconscious Annabeth. "Get her out of here!" I was mad. I was mad at Annabeth for putting all of us in danger just because she couldn't let Luke go. I was mad at her for putting me in such danger when I was already wounded. I was furious for her hurting Percy both physically and mentally.

I didn't look to see if Grover did as I asked as I charged forward to distract the Minotaur that was advancing on the boy who was on his knees and violently throwing up. I grabbed Riptide from where it had been discarded, and with one quick slash nearly cut through the Minotaur's leg.

Blood erupted everywhere, covering me, but I had accomplished what I had wanted to. The wounded Minotaur whirled around, somehow managing to maintain its balance, and raced towards me.

I leapt behind the nearest tree. The tree I had been directly in front of was made into a cloud of sharp splinters. Percy was hit by that? I realized something right then when I glanced over to see if he was okay.

He was surrounded by blood, but he hadn't been hit by the Minotaur's explosion of blood. I watched as he threw up. Blood splattered onto the ground.

The Minotaur emerged from the cloud of broken tree. It's eyes locked onto me instantly. We'd been unlucky enough to stumble onto a monster with a grudge against Percy. We'd been unlucky enough to have Annabeth be persuaded to join Luke had I not struck her in the back of the head with my sword. We'd been unlucky, but the Minotaur was more unlucky because he was now facing Thalia, the daughter of Zeus, and she was pissed.

Riptide's smooth surface was suddenly covered in crackling lightening that wrapped itself around the blade much like a serpent. The lightening visibly traveled up my arm to wrap itself around my neck.

The Minotaur seemed slightly taken back by the bright blue lightening. However, the stupid creature lowered its head and lunged towards me. The good thing about lightning is that it aims to kill.

I swung Riptide with such force that a few coils of lightening were thrown off and were sent flying at the Minotaur. The two coils completely went throw the creature's body and raced into the forest behind it.

The Minotaur put a furry hand to its chest and pulled it away to reveal the blood. It looked as if it didn't know what hit him. He continued to stare at his hoofed hand until he disappeared into a storm of golden dust.

I didn't stay long enough to enjoy the beautiful sight of a defeated foe, for I was running towards, the now still, Percy Jackson.

I slid beside him, not caring about his blood getting on my jeans, and pushed him off of his stomach onto his back. He made a low moan which told me he was alive.

I pulled his shirt off. I didn't even have time to marvel at the taunt muscle lurking under his orange shirt, for I was instantly drawn to the massive bruising and swelling that covered his chest and upper stomach.

"Gods Jackson," I breathed at the sight of the wound, "Are you okay?" Stupid question, I know, but it was the only words that my mouth would form.

Percy slowly cracked open one of his sea colored eyes, "I feel like I've been hit by a truck." My shoulders sagged in relief as I heard him speak. I tried to smile reassuringly at him, but I could feel my lips trembling.

Percy narrowed his eyes at me, "Why are you crying?" I blinked in surprise and wiped away the tears that I hadn't even known where falling.

"You just so ugly it made my eyes water." I grumbled deeply. Percy made an attempt to roll his eyes but he had to squeeze them together in pain.

"Hey," he whispered weakly, "We aren't any chance by water are we?" In my distress I had completely forgotten that Percy was healed by water. I looked around quickly. The forest was so alive that there had to be a water source somewhere.

However, I knew that finding it would be tricky and I didn't have time to search. Percy may have been softly smiling, but I could see a few drops of blood trickling from the corners of his mouth.

I looked up, between the branches of two huge trees, and prayed. Dad I know you don't like Percy, but I do. He needs water. Please dad. Help him. At first nothing happened.

Then suddenly a cloud moved silently away from the sun just perfect enough to where a single trail of sunlight was able to make it to the forest floor. The sunlight made a little path, and I knew at the end of that path was water.

Thanks dad. You're the best. I honestly didn't think that, but hey a little ego stroking couldn't hurt here and there. I slipped my hand under Percy's arm, and slowly hoisted him to his feet.

"I know where water is." I told the slightly dazed boy who just nodded and leaned heavily against me. "Geez Jackson," I sighed, "You're bleeding on me."

Percy gave a weak smile, "It looks like even my blood wants to be able to touch you." I shot him an incredulous glare that was just daring him to joke with me. However, the glare was gone unnoticed by the boy whose eyes had closed.

Geez Jackson, I mentally growled, this is why I get confused about your feelings for me and your feelings for Annabeth. I just glanced over at him. Even blood soaked and covered in bruises, I had to admit that Jackson was very attractive.

I followed the path father laid out, and sure enough it led me to a very small stream. The biggest part of it was only about a person wide but it appeared to be quite deep.

As if sensing Percy's lineage, the water began to beat against the rocks at my feet as if it was trying to overflow itself to be able to touch Percy. I slowly pulled Percy off of me and was alarmed to see that he didn't react.

His lips had taken a blue hue, and I was pretty sure he wasn't breathing. I shoved him into the small stream. The water instantly engulfed him and to my alarm, the water drug him under.

I yelped in surprise, and dove my hand into the water to grab the front of his shirt. I pulled him back up while thanking the gods that the stream wasn't too fast. The water, if it had a conscious, seemed to realize that it had nearly drowned Percy and released its aggressive hold on him. Instead it held him in a more gentle way.

I laid on my stomach and held onto his shoulder while he floated in the stream.

The water was cold on my hands as it occasionally lapped against it.

"Come on Jackson!" I snarled as the boy showed no sign of moving after a few moments semi-submerged in the water. "You cannot die on me!" I shook the limp body. Percy's head just rolled forward.

"Jackson!" I roared and shook him so hard that I pulled myself forward into the freezing stream. I instantly released my hold on his shirt. I became instantly disoriented as I purposely tried to get myself out and reach around myself in case Percy was sinking.

I took in a full breath of water.

Suddenly, two hands grabbed my arms and jerked me out of the water.

"Gods, Thalia!" Percy growled while pulling me to the shore, "Sure make the wounded sea demigod save you!" I looked around in confusion and realized what had happened.

I ripped myself out of his arms to throw my own arms around his neck. He made a startled grunt and nearly fell backwards into the water. Still standing in the freezing water, I just hugged the newly given life out of Percy.

He gave a deep chuckle, "Are you crying?"

"No!" I growled while trying to wipe my eyes on his camp shirt, "I just got all the muddy water in my eyes!"

He gave me a quick squeeze, "Let's get out of the water," he slowly pulled me away, "You're shaking." I was shaking, but not because of the cold, but because I was so happy he was alive.

"Don't ever scare me like that again Jackson," I growled softly, "Or I'll make Hades bring you back just so I can kill you again." Percy sat me down on the shore and sat down next to me.

He beckoned the water off of us and within moments the water was gone, but the chill remained. He put a warm arm around my shoulder so we could share body heat until our bodies could regulate our body temperature.

"Is this your way of saying you were worried?" he asked with a teasing smile. I turned to look at him, and just decided that the winds were unpredictable, storms were unpredictable, and so was I.

So, I did the most unpredictable thing imaginable. I leaned forward and kissed him. It wasn't an intense kiss, just a press of the lips. I had originally kissed him just to get that stupid smile off of his face, but when I pulled away, there it was, bigger than ever.

"You're so stupid." I growled, turning away to hide my blush.

He just hummed and intertwined his fingers in mine and beamed at me with all the radiance of a sun. I tried to glare at him, but found I was unable too, so I just allowed myself to give into the world's smallest smile.