Ok, heres the fourth chapter to the Kaiju Warriors story, and I have to say that this story might go a bit longer than I should really have it, so heres the fourth chapter! Enjoy!

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Jake eyes fluttered as he began to wake up from his unconsciousness, as he tried to remember what happened to him and his friends.

That's when it all came back to him. Ben had tried to use his knife to either pry off Rodan from their Pelican or cut him until the mutated Pterosaur let go. Unfortunately, Ben was not able to hold on and was swept away by the winds, literally falling out of the sky.

The back door to the Pelican then flew off as if someone had simply torn it away from the craft, and the wind and turbulence caused them to fall out.

Jake had blacked out as soon as he hit the dirt, past that, there was nothing to remember.

Jake looked around at his new surroundings, he was in a white room, on a hospital bed, with the last person he wanted to see there.

"Oh great, it's an elite." He muttered.

The said elite said nothing as stood off to the side, arms crossed, and always glaring at Jake. The creature wore black and gold Ultra armor, and seemed to be eyeing him as the alien stood there, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"So I'm guessing you're here to interrogate me."

"In a way, yes."

The elite walked closer to the bed, until he stood over the human, arms falling to his sides.

"I am Commander Luer'en Hallenee of the S'che Warrior Creche. I shall be the one to tell you what happened after your…'black out'."

Jake looked at the elite with an obvious dislike. He never thought he would have anything to do with the military, although if it was deemed necessary he would willingly sign up with the Marines. The fact that here in front of him was an elite that was apart of the UOS military didn't exactly settle well with him.

"Well before we get on with this charade, I wanna know what happened to my friends and what about Godzilla?" Demanded Jake.

Jake tried to get up out of his seat, only to find his arms and legs rendered immobile. He turned to see his arms and legs bound to the sides of the bed by metal bands.

"What the-"

"Those are there for security reasons, I will get to that later." Answered Luer'en.

"Yeah, I'm sure we will." He muttered to himself.

Luer'en scowled, or at least the elites equivalent to the human scowl. This human was going to be somewhat of a annoyance, partially, he could only guess, because of his hatred for what the Covenant did to their home world. Glassing Africa did put the whole world on edge.

"As for your friends, the one named Marcus is recovering, he is not fully healed, but your doctors say he will make a full recovery, despite breaking every bone in his body." Replied Luer'en.

"What about Joseph?"

"He turned out top be in a better condition then most. He had most of his bones broken but is not as bad as Marcus, due to some unexplainable phenomenon that his bones were not only lighter than the average human, but hollow as well."

That struck Jake as quite odd, he had never know Joseph to have such type of bone structure.

"Ooookaaay… what about Megan?"

"Unknown, her body is supposedly wrapped up in a plant like material that has fused with her body and prevented our scanners from penetrating any further than that, meaning that we won't be able to see what has transpired in her body until further notice."

"Never knew a elite to be so well inversed in medicine and hospital stuff."

Luer'en simply glared at him, then leaned in close so that he was only inches away from Jakes face, and said to him in a dangerous voice," I am no elite, I am a Sangeheli, and I am only relaying what your doctors told me. Do not make that mistake again."

Luer'en stood back up, content with making that clear.

"What about Ben?"

"We have not found him yet."


"Our search parties have not discovered his whereabouts as of now."


Luer'en rubbed his head as he contemplated on how to put this properly without emotionally hurting the boy. "She is… fully recovered. Which has the doctors… how do you humans put it? 'Scared Shitless'."

"What happened?" asked Jake.

"When you fall out of the air, your supposed to be in similar state as your friend Marcus, or if your lucky, your friend Joseph. Instead she is as healthy as you."

Jake was about to respond when he stopped himself.

"Yes, you finally notice that you are completely healed, and not through your medical science. Instead, what the Doctors have told me, is that you and your friends are something called, H.A. ."

"Excuse me?"

Luer'en eyes narrowed. "Their abbreviation for, 'Human Affected Warping Kaiju'."

"What the hell?"

"Apparently your DNA has been tampered with, for reasons unknown, and you have the ability, according to past occurances, you can transform into your Kaiju that…'infected' you."

"That's the highlight of my day," Jake said, "well don't they have a treatment for it?"


Jake remained silent for a time, then quietly asked, "A cure?"

The Sangeheli rolled his eyes, and replied, "If theres no treatment, what makes you think there is a cure?"

"Well is there?"


This all began striking multiple chords in Jakes brain, until he began to feel his anger begin to swell up. He suppressed it, feeling that there was no need for anger, but it still felt as if it was knocking on his front door.

"Well, why don't you make them get on their asses and make a fucking cure!" he said loudly.

Luer'en clicked his mandibles and replied in a low voice, "I wouldn't get angry if I were you, for as you humans say, "I've got all the cards." "

Jake started to get really pissed, he didn't care what this creature was anymore, all he cared about was getting the annoyance out of the way.

He tried to move, but the arm bands held him steady. His anger only grew.

"Ahh, now I see what the Doctors were warning me about." Said Luer'en calmly.

"What the hell are you going on about?"

The Sangeheli simply stared at him for a while which only made the H.A.W.K even angrier.

"You wanted to know what happened to the Monstrosity you call Godzilla?"

Jake stopped struggling. He had, purely out of curiosity, wondered if the military was able to take on the beast and hopefully kill him.

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Well," the Ultra began before moving to the far left wall and pressing something on his wrist.

"I thought that maybe you'd like to know," he finished while looking over his shoulder.

A large holographic screen was pulled up on to the wall, several files clouding the picture behind it, which Jake could only assume that this was another simple computer.

"Aslan," spoke the Sangeheli calmly. A Blue blur appeared in the middle of the room in front of Jake, which further materalized into the form of the African Lion.

"Yes, you would have me for something?" spoke the A.I.

"Yes, I wish to open file, I believe the humans called it, "5748 ALPHA REGLARIS,"" said the elite who clicked his mandibles.

The A.I nodded its Lion head, "It shall be done," he said in a deep and almost majestic voice.

One of the files open up from the far bottom left, and grew to the point where the letters on it read, '5748 ALPHA REGLARIS'. The file opened up to reveal a video with Godzilla screaming to the sky, unfortunately it was paused so that's all Jake saw for the time.

"Let it play," said Luer'en.

The video began to play and there was the familiar screeching roar of Godzilla as he lifted his head to the heavens, only to find a Covenant Assault Carrier charging up its Energy Projector, and finally released the massive beam that completely bathed Godzilla in a glorious purple light, his roars being overpowered by the constant hum of the Energy Projector at work.

Several tear drop shapes slammed into the side of the beam at its base, targeting Godzilla, these must be the infamous Plasma Torpedoes that did so much damage during the war. Jake could barely hear the screams of agony that emanated from the monster being.

The Energy Projector stopped, and in place of Godzilla was a mountain of smoldering rock, taller than most 21st century skyscrapers. It glowed red hot, and even as the sea water bathed the base of it with cool liquid, the constant simmering of the process of the water being evaporated away, annoyed Jake to no end.

Suddenly a crack burst from the mountain and several chunks came off as a brilliant blue light streaked up from the top of the tomb, finally striking the UOS Assault Carrier. The beam struck the inner portion of the ship where the Energy Projector was located, breaking that and melting the armor off. The beamed continued its way down until it struck one of the engines, causing the massive vessel to list to one side, eventually crashing into the sea. The beam did not stop however, it came and burned across the UOS Corvette and the UOS CCS Battlecruiser, damaging the cruiser and barely missing the Corvette.

Jake could only watch in awe and shock as he stared at the screen, his mind scrambling to comprehend what he had just witnessed.

Luer'en turned back to look at the dumbfounded H.A.W.K. "Yes, I had the very same reaction when I first saw this, there was only one difference, however."

Jake glanced up at the Sangeheli commander, waiting for what he had to say.

"I was, as you humans say, at 'The front row seat'." He said.

Jake hesitated before speaking, "You sure use a lot of human phrases."

"Yes well, I personally find them to be a bit humorous at times,"

"Didn't the UNSC have some sort of back up plan? In case you failed?"

"They did," Luer'en turned back to the screen and spoke to the A.I, "Retrieve file… I hat you dialect. Though your phrases may be humorous, that does not mean that I hate they way I must speak it."

The holographic lion shrugged, "It's the English language, we invented it, it was never designed for Sangeheli mandibles to utter, though it is possible and has been accomplished by a great many."

The Commander sighed. "Fine, retrieve file '6398-0098-Mackeral'."

A file was then pulled up and showed five UNSC ships, Frigates in design, sinking beneath the waves, scorch marks riddled the hull.

"Apparently your creature known to you humans as Rodan, has eliminated any back up before it arrived on the scene."

Luer'en then turned to the human, and slowly walked to him, while saying, "I now know why you humans never have backed out of a fight, you never retreat unless it is deemed necessary, your 'Die hard Spirits' lead you on to live and fight another day. But now I understand the origins for such a refined fire."

The Sangeheli warrior pointed to the screen, which now showed a picture of Godzilla.

"Your race had to deal with these… monstrosities. As they constantly ravaged your cities, you would not stand down and die, no. Instead your kind rose up to meet the challenge, you rose and created technologies which helped you get to where you were today, your race is who it is today because of these beasts."

The Sangeheli Commander lowered his hand, "Now I see why."

"Commander," interrupted the A.I, "You have an incoming call from the UNSC Admiral, Lord Terrance Hood."

The Sangeheli turned slightly, looking at the hologram of the lion out of the corner of his eye.

"Patch him through," he said, and turned fully and began to walk towards the screen.

Jakes heart seemed to stop for a second, and then continue pumping blood throughout his body. Lord Terrance Hood was the main director of all UNSC Forces, essentially the most powerful man in the UNSC, second only to the President of the UEG.

After the war, the UNSC gladly restored all power back to the UEG, the only reason that they got that power in the first place, was because of the need for all emergency powers given to the UNSC for the betterment of the ongoing war with the Covenant.

Since there was no need for the UNSC to hold that powqer any more, the UNSC gave it back to the UEG who already began bringing back humanity to its pre war status.

Sadly, they were a long way off even from that. The war had taken a heavy toll on the UNSC and the UEG, nearly all their Military was destroyed, most of their Colonies were glassed, and the fact that the UOS now knew of there home planets location, it put every one on edge.

As for the economy? Down, but not out. The UEG had desperately tried to gain a better economy after the war, it went from Depression, to Recession, and while the UEG was making progress, the only way they were going to be effectively protected is if they gave support to the UNSC.

On what planets were left of the UNSC, all Mining operations on all planets were stepped up, military training facilities were opened up, and more planets needed more growth in terms of food.

Unfortunately there were very few planets that were major producers of produce after the war, indicating that there was a food shortage on a galactic scale. Not that the famine was severe, but wide spread. The UEG then decide to send more exploration ships out into the far reaches of deep space to find more habitable planets to colonize.

So in a nutshell, the UEG converted all of its attention to its Galactic Security, Economy, Produce, Mining Operations, and expansion, as well as re-terraforming glassed planets. While the UEG had the right idea to get back on their feet, it would be decades before they were back to pre-war status.

Jake looked back to the screen to see the face of none other than Admiral Hood.

"Commander, I trust that the subject is secured?"

The Sangeheli bowed, "FleetMa- Admiral, yes he is secured, I followed your procedures."

The Admiral nodded, "Good, were his parents informed?"

"Yes, his mother, a Maria Amson, and Halgard James Amson. The are on their way even as we speak."

My dads coming? Thought Jake.

"Good, what is the status with the other subjects?"


Lord Terrance hood stared fiercely at the H.A.W.K., and finally Jake knew what it was like to piss off the most powerful man in the military.

"You have no idea what the hell you just got yourself into, son. You have become something that is beyond what the UNSC call…Safe."

Luer'en looked at the boy and began to notice several patches of his skin begin to harden and change color, His face began to harden as well, with several teeth beginning to sharpen themselves.

"By the Gods…" Luer'en uttered under his breath as he watched the patches of skin begin to grow in size.

"Commander, execute Containment Protocol 1629-7465!" Barked the Head of the human Military as Luer'en whirled around to look at him as he heard those words.

Containment Protocol 1629-7465 was a Order that was created specifically for Flood outbreaks on planets. Should a planet reveal itself to be holding or containing Flood on it, all Civilian transports are ordered to immediately evacuate the planet and initiate cleansing procedures of all civilian personnel until Military forces arrive, said forces will then begin to invade the planet, or bombard the planet with MAC rounds, cleansing beams, or if truly necessary, crack the planet open using a NOVA warhead.

To do all this for something that wasn't even Flood related, Luer'en thought the Admiral had gotten off the deep end.

"My Lord, Surely you jest-"

The sounds of metal twisting and snapping could be heard as Luer'en looked behind him to see a now fully transformed, eight-and-a-half foot tall, Godzilla, who was in the process of ripping off his right arm brace that was holding him to the chair.

The Sangeheli Commander whirled around again to see the hardened face of the Admiral, who was currently shouting to someone off stage to get a Spartan team down to the facility that they were currently at.

"Sir, what are your orders?"

The Admiral turned back to face the Sangeheli Commander. "Keep him in the facility by any means necessary, Commander. Make sure that he doesn't escape."

The Ultra nodded and with a bow, ended the transmission. The Sangeheli Officer turned to see the beast now finally freed from his arm bands and slowly getting up out of the now collapsed and ruined hospital bed. The monster then turned to look at Luer'en, and all that the experienced warrior could see in his eyes was pure animalistic fury, gone was the cool and collective intelligence that was with Jake Amson, replaced by an unquenchable rage.

The Sangeheli Commander quickly pulled off his thigh armor a Sangehelis most honorable weapon as the pommel sprang to life and twin prongs of energy pierced the air.

Luer'en got himself ready for battle as the beast unleashed an in human roar towards his opponent.

Luer'en grinned as he thought to himself, I should try not to maim him to badly and if I kill him, that should not be too good for relations.

Luer'en gave his own roar and charged to fight the beast before him, his Energy Sword in front of him as he planned to stab the monster through the gut.

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So I tied up a few loose ends and gave you an unexpected ending. Tell me what you think?