Chapter 7:

Dick became worried. He didn't want baby Lizzie to be taken away from him. He didn't know what to do. Lizzie's real mom planned to take him to court. Elizabeth Rachel Grayson was his whole world. He and Bruce were standing at baby Lizzie's crib. Bruce looked down at the baby.

"She's adorable." Bruce said gently.

"Thanks." Dick responded.

Bruce's soft expression met with Dick's troubling eyes.

"Dick, I won't let Mandy take Lizzie from you. I'm rich and We can prove that you have been a better parent to Lizzie than Mandy." Bruce told him, comfortingly.

"You really think I've been a good parent?" Dick asked.

"Yes I do." Bruce replied.

"It's just with me being Robin and everything, I don't know if I could give Lizzie the life she needs and deserves." Dick told him.

"I'm sure that even though you are being Robin and fighting crime, you will still be able to be a good father to Lizzie. I was being Batman and fighting crime and I'm still able to be a good father to you. Now go get dressed as Robin! We've got crime to fight!" Bruce replied.

Bruce walked out of the nursery. Dick went and got on his Robin suit. Then he kissed baby Lizzie on the cheek. "Good bye, baby Lizzie". He told her. Baby Lizzie was fast asleep.


The next day, Bruce and Dick went to court. Mandy was already there. There was a jury. The judge came into the courtroom.

"Hayes vs Wayne and Grayson is now in session" The blaiff said.

"Now, Ms. Hayes please tell the court why you are suing Mr. Wayne and Mr. Grayson." The judge told her.

"I'm suing them because they wouldn't give me my baby back!" Mandy claimed.

"Now, Mr. Grayson please tell the court your side of the story." The Judge told him.

"Well your honor, I woke up in the morning on February 2nd. Our butler, Alfred was making breakfast. Suddenly we both had heard a horrible crying sound. I went and investigated. I walked closer and closer towards the sound. I opened the front door to find a basket with a crying baby in it. The baby only had on a diaper and was wrapped in a pink blanket. It was freezing outside. So I brought the little sweetie in. I snuggled her close to me and her crying stopped. I have been taking good care of her ever since. The baby was abdoned with a note that goes as follows:

To whomever it may concern:

I have abdoned my baby daughter on your doorstep. She is only 3 months old. Her name is Olivia. I living her in your care as I cannot care for her myself. I'm a teenager who is going though alot of things right now. So please take care of my precious little angel.


Olivia's Mom.

Dick told the court.

"Ms. Hayes, is it true that you are only a teenager and abandoned your baby daughter on the doorstep of Wayne Manor?" The Judge asked.

"Yes. I only did it so I could have someone to watch my baby while I tended to other things." Mandy replied.

"What sort of things?" The judge asked.

"Partying with my friends, school etc." Mandy replied.

"So basicly, ms. Hayes, you are using Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne as your person babysitting service?" The Judge asked.

"I guess." Mandy replied.

"Well I can see that Mr. Grayson has the child's well-being in mind and that you don't. I rule that Dick Grayson is allowed to adopt the baby! case dismissed." The judge said.

and That was the end of Mandy. Dick got to adopt baby Lizzie.

and they all lived happily ever after

the end.