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This is a Tobi/Dei yaoi so if you do not like then do not read. Tobi/Dei - Slow building.

Note –(Possible Spoiler?) I read somewhere that Tobi isn't Madara, I don't know if that is true but I like the idea. I've only seen up to Episode 206… So in this story Tobi is Madara and is still the real leader.

It bums me out that there is so few of Tobi/Dei so I'm finally doing my own. This is my first time writing the Akatsuki…

Other pairings: Kisame/Itachi, Kakuzu/Hidan and Pein/Konan. Though might be just hinted or just slight

Hidden Underneath

Chapter One – Meet Akatsuki

"Kisame, could you seriously stop singing?" Kakuzu grated out.

It was early morning in the Akatsuki hideout and Kisame had decided to cook breakfast for everyone seeing as how the only ones that were capable were Kisame himself and Deidara. Surprisingly.

Unfortunately the only thing Kisame could cook were pancakes so having him cook often was not very desirable. But getting Deidara to cook for everyone wasn't easy; more often than not he had to be bribed. Good thing it never was anything outrageous since the blonds cooking was fantastic.

"What's wrong with my singing?" Kisame hummed out breaking Kakuzu's musings.

Not even glancing at the blue haired shark nin, eyes focused on the paper in his hands, he grumbled "You're tone deaf."

A shark like grin etched across the blue nin's face, sharp teeth lightly glinting in the dim light of the kitchen. "Like you could do better." Kakuzu didn't even bother to comment to that.

Kisame turned his attention back to the stove while Kakuzu grumbled under his breath as Kisame started humming instead.

"Morning fuckers!"

With a deep sigh and his frustration increasing Kakuzu lowly growled, "Shut up Hidan."

"Screw you." The violet eyed male scoffed, giving the other the finger as he took a seat at the table beside his green eyed partner with a grin. He as usual was shirt-less with his Jashin necklace around his neck.

A plate of pancakes was placed before the Jashin worshiper and without so much as a 'thank you' grabbed a fork and dug in once syrup was added.

Kakuzu glanced at the silver haired male with distaste, "At least close your mouth while you eat." Sometimes he wasn't sure why he bothered… Hidan tended to ignore or argue about his advice or the things he said.

Before Hidan could make a crude or sarcastic remark Itachi entered the kitchen with his usual grace, despite the fact that he is slowly going blind.

With a glance of his onyx eyes (he was keeping his sharingan off more to help slow the progress of blindness) and strode to the cupboards. Retrieving a cup he then poured himself some coffee.

He then seated himself at the end of the table from where Kakuzu and Hidan were sitting. Not a moment later a plate of pancakes was place in front of him. Nodding slightly in thanks to his partner while doctoring his food he began eating.

By the time Konan, the only female member strolled into the kitchen the noise level had sky rocketed. She had a piercing on her lover lip and an origami flower in her blue hair. Hidan and Kakuzu were in argument about Hidan's rituals and bleeding all over the place… again. This was an ongoing argument. Much like the constant arguing from Sasori and Deidara about whose art was better.

Itachi was conversing quietly to Kisame who had taken a seat besides the raven momentarily while waiting for the other members to show up to make their portions of the pancakes. If he made them all at once they would get cold or eaten by those already present.

Blinking her strange orange colored eyes Konan glared at the bickering pair. "Must you two be this loud so early in the morning? If you wake Pein up, he'll be furious."

The blue haired female was completely ignored much to her ire. With her eye twitching Konan sat across from Itachi while Kisame returned with her plate of food, having gotten up while she was focused on the zombie pair.

With a mild smile she uttered a low "Thank you Kisame." Konan picked up her fork just as a shout louder than the two idiots echoed in the kitchen and possibly down the hallway.


All heads snapped to the orange masked male with black spiky hair who had his arms up as he shouted. He was completely covered in black, he even sported black gloves. The only visible skin was his toes, which was painted a light purple as was the code, despite only being a subordinate.

"Shut up Tobi!" Hidan yelled, glaring irritatingly at the only non member of the Akatsuki.

"As if you and Kakuzu weren't being noisy." Itachi quietly stated.

Hidan's head snapped to the Uchiha anger visible on his features mouth opening with a no doubt crude retort, when he was hit upside the head by Kakuzu. This led to another bout of arguing between the pair.

Tobi skipped over to the table taking a seat next to Konan where a plate of pancakes rested.

"Yum! These are great Kisame!" Tobi energetically voiced once he finished his first bite who received a toothy grin while Konan rolled her eyes. Kisame's pancakes tasted just like every other time he cooked them.

The blue haired female turned her eyes back to her plate to find more pancakes. "Kisame I can't eat all this." Kisame chuckled lightly with a somewhat sheepish grin but made no comment. Mild irritation sparked at Kisame, Konan took five golden brown pancakes from her plate and set them on an empty one.

Finally Pein shuffled in with an irritated look, instantly all noise stopped.

"Is there any reason you're all being so loud?" Pein's voice was quiet but with a hint of ill-intent.

Everyone shifted slightly knowing that answering would be stupid as well as pointless. This was a common occurrence. If Pein was truly furious there wouldn't have been any talking, he probably would have grabbed the first person within reach and slammed their head against the table. Before telling them to keep the noise down and ending it with a threat.

Kisame broke the silent spell by standing and heading over to the stove to retrieve a batch of pancakes for their leader. The five extra on the table from Konan's batch was snagged by Hidan.

Just as breakfast was wrapping up Sasori who had bright red hair entered, settling at the table and riveting his chocolate orbs onto Pein. No plate of pancakes was placed before him, seeing as how Sasori didn't require food being a puppet and all.

Once all the dishes were cleared off the table save for drinks Pein spoke "Where is Deidara?" His rippled eyes focused on Sasori who was Deidara's partner.

Before Sasori could speak Tobi jumped up and with a shrill ecstatic quality to his voice shouting, "Tobi will go get Senpai!" And in a flash was gone from the room.

Pein's eyes closed briefly as he crossed his arms. Quiet talking broke out as everyone waited for their youngest member to show up with Tobi.


"Senpai!" Tobi squealed as he reached the artists shared room. Not bothering to knock Tobi zoomed inside. His lone eye surveyed the room before falling onto the lump on one of the two beds in the room.

Strands of golden hair peaked out from under the covers the bundle shifting ever so slightly as Tobi made his way over.

As a last minute decision the masked male launched himself forward and unto the body of the blond haired male with a shout.


Deidara grunted at the impact unable to hold in a strong wince, luckily for him his face was hidden so his reaction went un-noticed.

"What Tobi?" Deidara growled out.

Tobi shifted on top of the blue eyed teen so that he ended up straddling the other. Reaching with a gloved hand he pulled the blanket from the others face, revealing tangled blond hair and one baby blue eye glaring at the orange swirled mask. Tobi pouted.

"Everyone's in the kitchen Senpai… except Zetsu. Leader-sama is waiting."

Deidara only grunted in reply. Closing his eyes briefly with a sigh Deidara slowly pushed his arms up mildly glaring as his arms shook at the effort.

Grunting again the blond paused for a moment his eyes narrowing in anger at the male sitting on him.

"Tobi… get off un."

The raven tilted his head to the side as if the blonds' words confused him, but his eye narrowed and a frown stole his expression.

"Senpai - "

Irritated Deidara scowled "Get off!" Interrupting the other; in no mood to put up with Tobi. If he didn't lack the energy Deidara would have shoved the other off.

For a few seconds nothing happened then silently, very unlike Tobi who was always loud and energetic got off the blue eyed teen.

Once Tobi was off, Deidara as fast as he could so as not to attract any suspicions sat up. With a mild amount of effort he succeeded. His body ached and burned but nowhere near as much as it did the night before.

Throwing the covers off him, he shifted to the edge of the bed and froze. Blinking, his brow furred before Deidara glanced up at the far too silent Tobi.

"What?" He growled out to the masked nin.

The raven crossed his arms shifting slightly, "Nothing Senpai!" He cheerily chirped. "Just waiting for you."

A scowl stole over the blonds face his expression plainly annoyed, "No need…"

"But Senpai!" Tobi sang cutting off the blond much to his vexation. "Leader-sama is waiting. And you're being rather slow."

Deidara felt his eyebrows twitch, but before he could retort Tobi's hand shot forward and gripped his arm and pulled. "No time Senpai!" And without letting Deidara so much as brush his hair pulled the irritated blond out the door.

"Tobi!" He shouted in anger and annoyance. His legs jolting at the sudden action and for a moment Deidara thought his legs were going to give out. Luckily they didn't, that would have been embarrassing and would no doubt cause questions that he really didn't want to answer.

Deidara gave a quick tug on his arm but to his surprise couldn't pull free. He didn't recall Tobi being this particularly strong but then again he didn't have a whole lot of energy so no doubt it was due to his weakness…. No matter how painful it was to admit it not that he'd ever say it out loud.

With a sigh Deidara ran a mouthed hand through his rather tangled hair and gave a small attempt at untangling a few strands.

As he grudgingly allowed Tobi to drag him he hoped that there wouldn't be a mission for him and Sasori today.

After a few turns in the lightly lit corridors Deidara scowled.

"Oi, Dumbass!" Deidara growled. He was irritated to be moving so forcefully. He hadn't recovered yet and Tobi dragging him wasn't helping. Though if he had been left to walk on his own he would more than likely been moving rather slowly. Still…

"Yes Senpai?" Tobi sang back. The blonds' eye twitched, Deidara felt a migraine start to form. It was far too early to be dealing with Tobi.

With a scowl firmly fixed on his features he gripped "This is the wrong way un!"

The masked male giggled… giggled and Deidara was seriously contemplating throwing one of his clay bombs at the annoying male. Too bad his clay was back in his room.

"We're meeting in the kitchen today."

"Tch." It wasn't often that the Akatsuki met in the kitchen. Usually it was in Pein's office or the living room. But sometimes when everyone was present in the hideout and made it to breakfast they would wait for Pein (Or he joined them for breakfast) and start their daily meeting. It didn't make sense to locate to one of the usual places, which would just waste time.

The rest of the walk was made in a one-sided conversation. Tobi chattering away about mundane things while Deidara tried to ignore him to the best of his ability.

Finally Deidara gave another jerk of his arm at a painful throb to his forehead. His patience spent, not that it was really there to begin with. Tobi's grip had gone rather slack when the blond had made no more attempts the first time causing Deidara to gain back his arm.

The pair stopped momentarily, Tobi cocked his head to the side but uttered no words as he watched the blond message the side of his head with one painted hand.

Glaring Deidara growled out to the taller male, "I can walk on my own un." Not waiting for a reply the blond shoved past the older male and made the last few paces to the kitchen.


All talking stopped as a disheveled blond entered the kitchen with Tobi right behind him. Deidara glared at the members gathered around the table, silently daring them to comment on his appearance.

"Wow Dei-chan, nice hair." Hidan taunted a sadistic grin on his face.

Deidara's glare deepened, snapping "Shut up Panda-chan."

Hidan scowled immediately, rising from his seat while pointing at the blond threateningly. If he had his three bladed scythe with him he would have been pointing it at the teen menacingly, "Fuck you blondie! I'll sacrifice you to Lord Jashin-"

Kakuzu slammed his fist into his partners head, "Shut up and sit down."

"Fuck you Kakuzu! I'll-"

"Silence!" Pein snapped.

Hidan 'tsked' but resumed his seat while glaring at everyone. Pein turned his attention to Deidara and without saying anything the blond quickly took a seat next to Sasori and across from Hidan. While Tobi skipped over to his seat besides Konan with Sasori on his other side.

"Hidan, Kakuzu you have a mission to the land of Cloud. Everything concerning the mission will be in your scroll so see me before you both leave."

Hidan grumbled but reframed from complaining with a sharp glare from his green eyed partner.

Pein's rippled eyes shifted to the pair beside Hidan, "Itachi, Kisame you both have the day off."

"What!" Hidan shouted only to be quickly silenced by Kakuzu. Kisame grinned toothily at the upset Jashinist ignoring the murderous glare.

Itachi nodded silently at their leader as Pein shifted attention to the artists.

Deidara prayed silently for no mission while keeping his expression annoyed. Pointedly not looking at Sasori and keeping his eyes fixated on the orange haired male.

"Your mission is to travel to Iron and retrieve a scroll. See me before you leave to get your mission scroll, everything you need to know is inside."

Deidara sighed inwardly in depression. So much for praying… maybe he should convert to Jashinism…

"That's everything for now-"

"What about Tobi!" Tobi shouted, waving an arm. "Huh? Leader-sama!"

Pein glared briefly at the annoying male before sighing. "You will join Zetsu on a scouting mission when he returns."

"Alright! Tobi gets to help!" Anything else the masked male was going to say was cut off as a fork sailed through the air and hit his mask with a 'cling' before falling to the table with a 'thump'.

"Shut up pumpkin head!" Hidan growled, standing from his seat and aiming to grab another eating utensil when Kakuzu grabbed his arm. Swiveling to the other with a shout he was pulled away from the table and out the room, leaving behind profanities.

Deidara lightly grinned at the scene feeling a tad better at the familiar routine. Not that fork throwing was a common thing but having someone through something at Tobi was which was usually done by Hidan or himself.

His mild good mood slipped when his blue eyes caught Sasori's glare and he was unable to stop the flinch that passed over his features. Inwardly grimacing Deidara lowered his head hoping no one had noticed anything.

"Brat." Sasori's voice snapped.

"Un." Deidara replied as Sasori stood but just as he went to do the same Pein's voice stopped him.


Slowly Deidara raised his head and settled his gaze on the pierced male of their leader. As usual it was hard to make out what Pein was thinking. Konan shifted lightly besides Pein, her orange eyes boring into Deidara's face. Deidara ignored the female, keeping his sole attention on Pein.

Deidara was sure he was in trouble for something… what he wasn't sure but then Pein's eyes softened slightly much to Deidara's shock and surprise.

"Are you alright?" The tone was neutral but the small softness in his eyes showed that Pein was genuinely curious if not worried.

The remaining members had stilled and were now focused on the clay artist. Deidara tried to keep his expression even but felt his mouth fall slightly open as he gapped at Pein.

"Senpai." Tobi voiced softly at Deidara's prolonged silence. Blinking Deidara swallowed silently but nodded, "Un."

Pein stared at the blond for a few moments before his eyes returned to normal with a curt nod.

Deidara squared his shoulders and quickly stood. He had a strange feeling that Pein didn't believe him. He quickly dismissed his thoughts as he followed his partner to their shared room. But just as he stepped out of the kitchen a voice chimed, "Ne Dei-chan? You hungry? I can cook up some more pancakes."

Deidara quickly shook his head; he didn't trust his voice at the moment. "You sure? You didn't eat dinner last night." Kisame insisted.

"Un." Deidara uttered and without giving Kisame or anyone else a chance to speak, sped forward after Sasori.

~ End chapter 1