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Hidden Underneath

Chapter 4 – The Mission

~88 (Two Months Later)

Sasori stormed back into the Akatsuki base glad that his mission with the loud mouth Hidan was finished. It would have been somewhat tolerable if Hidan wasn't constantly cussing and being rude and unbearable.

The mission which was to wipe out an enemy strong hold and their leader posing as two females, would have ended much sooner not to mention much simpler if Hidan hadn't come.

Sasori was beyond pissed at Pein for sending him on such a ridiculous mission (posing as a female) lucky for Sasori he was able to henge into one instead of dressing up. Being a puppet he doubted he'd have been able to pull it off. Deidara would have pulled the look of a female much better, he was quite feminine looking and his long hair helped add to his looks.

Then having to deal with Hidan's constant arguing over everything he said, and going so far as to ignore his words… If it wouldn't have risked their mission he would have sliced the Zealot into pieces and left him there.

Though he supposed if he wanted to be technical it wasn't exactly Pein's fault, it was Deidara's. If the stupid brat hadn't of gotten him caught, this entire mission wouldn't have happened. (Unless he got sent with Deidara, but then things would have gone differently)

Damn that brat! Sasori hissed inwardly as he turned a corner, his Akatsuki cloak billowing ever so slightly at his fast pace. He was out of Hiruko, traveling in his puppet with Hidan had proved too much for his patience and thus the mission was done without him.

He came to a stop at the end of the hallway at the only door down this corridor. Not bothering to knock, as usual Sasori entered Pein's office.


Deidara hummed as he sculpted a deep look of concentration on his face his eye sharply focused. His long blond hair was up in his usual half pony tail with on thick strand of hair covering one side of his face. He wore his navy blue fish net shirt and navy pants.

Things at the base had been much better without Sasori and Hidan. The only thing the feminine blond had to deal with was Tobi; everyone else was rather neutral towards him. Which was a little odd, seeing as they constantly poked fun at him and tried (often times succeeding) in pissing him off.

In the first week of things Deidara had the thought that maybe Pein informed everyone about what happened between Sasori and him. He debated about asking Kisame, as he really didn't want to bring it up with Pein; but then realized that if Kisame hadn't been told then he'd be spilling the beans.

He'd given up on finding out why everyone was being almost nice to him and decided to enjoy it while it lasted.

Tobi was the lone exception (not counting Pein as he acted his usual aloof self), the masked male was bugging him almost every second he had a chance. But despite that Deidara was glad for something normal.

Deidara didn't bother looking up as the door opened certain that it was Tobi again. The door shut quietly, soft footsteps traveled across the floor. Deidara paid it no mind as he finished up his creation.


Deidara instantly froze a chill going down his spine. He swallowed thickly and slowly glanced up. His azure eyes settling on the face of Sasori; who was at the edge of his bed. "Yes Danna?" Deidara murmured feeling fear build up at Sasori's closeness.

A hand shot out, almost too fast for Deidara to see as it latched onto his throat, and in a quick movement he was slammed onto his back.

Deidara gasped, chocking as he struggled to get air into his lungs, Sasori was gripping hard enough that it was cutting off his air.

Snapping a mouthed hand up he clasped Sasori's wrist and tugged in an effort to pry the others hand off.

"D-da…" Deidara chocked out, gritting his teeth.

Sasori leaned over the blond from besides the bed, eyes narrowed with hate. "I may not be able to poison you anymore but don't think I can't physically harm you." Sasori tightened his grip on the blonds' neck to emphasize his point watching detachedly as the teen cringed with pain. He sincerely doubted Pein would kill him for physical abuse.

Deidara was starting to feel light headed. He frantically pulled on Sasori's arm with no luck. Gasping, he tried to speak but no words formed. Out of options Deidara struggled, jerking his body in hopes of dislodging Sasori's grip.

"You're pathetic." Sasori scoffed, feeling nothing but sick satisfaction at watching the blond suffer. Finally Sasori released the brat's neck when the other looked about ready to pass out. "You say a word to anyone brat…" Sasori left the threat hanging. He doubted that the blond would tell the promise of a painful repercussion would prevent him.

Deidara gasped, huffing as he struggled to get air back into his deprived lungs. For a few seconds there Deidara thought he would pass out.

Chest heaving Deidara closed his eyes, listening as Sasori headed over to his work bench and took a seat. To think, Deidara thought with a grimace as he lightly rubbed his throat, that today started off so well…


For the next two weeks Deidara avoided Sasori as much as possible, he spent less time in their shared room where Sasori spent most of his time and leaving as soon as he woke up.

Currently he was situated on the only piece of furniture in good condition in the living room, with Kisame beside him.

Kisame was idly flipping though channels as he waited for his Soup Opera show to start. Deidara still found it weird that the shark nin loved the drama show. For him they were easy to figure out what would happen and was constantly repetitive.

"So you want to talk about it?" Kisame said.

Deidara blinked from his thoughts with a hum, turning to glance at the blue skinned male.

In turn Kisame looked away from the television and settled his gaze on the younger teen, "Why you've been jittery." A serious look was plastered on his features; his tone clearly hinting that he was in no mood to deal with denial.

Deidara blinked slowly at the other, mouth slightly open before he closed it, in thought. Sighing, while brushing his bang behind his ear only for it to fall right back over the side of his face causing him to lightly scowl.

Annoyed Deidara crossed his arms, "Un, I'm just anxious to get a mission." He uttered, glancing to the television briefly before returning his gaze back to Kisame. "I've been cooped up in here over two months un."

Kisame silently observed the other for a few moments longer before removing his gaze with a nod. Deidara couldn't tell if the blue haired nin believed him. "I'm sure It'll be any day now. Everyone's bound to be heading out." Kisame stated with a shark like grin before shifting around on the couch to a better position as his show started.

Great… Deidara thought depressingly. That would mean he'd be alone with Sasori. Isolated from the other members, and while they hadn't ever interrupted before, they certainly couldn't do so while he was away from the hideout. A shiver worked its way down his spine and he prayed that nothing horrible would come from Sasori. Threats he could handle… he hoped that's all it would be.

"See a later kid." Kisame's goodbye startled Deidara from his thoughts. Apparently the drama show was over…

Reaching across the couch the blond snagged the remote, perhaps there was something about sculpting on.

Finding nothing Deidara let his head fall back against the couch, eyes closing with a sigh.


"There's nothing to do!" A masked male whined loudly as he headed down the lightly lit corridor.

Zetsu was out scouting, Hidan and Kakuzu were doing something besides arguing in their room, that Tobi didn't even what to think about. Itachi was holed up in his and Kisame's shared room and Kisame was… Tobi wasn't sure where the shark nin had gotten off to. Sasori was working on his puppets as he was always doing and Tobi had no desire what so ever to see the other let alone be anywhere near the red head if he could help it.

Pein was busy doing paper work, Konan… helping probably. If she was the paper work was probably not being down now. And Deidara-Senpai…

Tobi clasped his hands behind his head with a hum. He hadn't seen the blond since breakfast, who had offered to cook. Which was a relief as no one was looking forward to more pancakes.

Just as he went to pass the entrance into the living room the orange masked nin paused. There on the couch was Deidara, his head leaning back against the couch with his eyes closed.

Removing his hands to his sides, Tobi quietly stealthily made his way over to the couch. Once behind the other Tobi took in the blonds features. His long blond hair cascaded over his shoulders, his bang falling to the side from the teens face a tad. Revealing that the blond was without his eye scope, he was dressed in navy blue.

The blond was gorgeous… Tobi quickly shook his head as he rid himself of such thoughts eye refocusing on the others neck. The last thing he needed was to get turned on, he'd then have to take care of it and he'd much rather the blond do it. Which wouldn't happen… not anytime soon anyway.

He blinked slowly.


Tobi leaned over the blond more to get a look at the teen's neck. His eye narrowed.

"What the hell are you doing dumbass!?" Tobi jolted at the snapping voice. He'd been quite focused on the lightly tanned neck that he hadn't noticed the blonds' eyes open.

Bolting up right Tobi rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Tobi wasn't doing anything Senpai!"

Deidara's eyes narrowed his glare deepening. "Then why were you leaning over me hmm?" The blond growled.

Waving his arms rapidly the masked male stepped back, "Tobi's sorry! Really Senpai! Don't hurt Tobi!" He whined frantically as he saw the blonds' hand move, no doubt going for some clay. "I-if you blow up the living room leader-sama will be displeased!"

Deidara sighed agitatedly letting his arm settle at his side, the dumbass was right. He decided it wasn't worth trying to figure out what the idiot had been doing. The other was clearly not going to just tell him.

Tobi sighed with relief before he swung his legs over the couch and took the vacant seat next to the artist.

"Something wrong Senpai?" Tobi asked softly.

Deidara glanced to the ceiling, with a shake of his head, "Nothing hmm."

The masked male shifted forward slightly, eye focused on the blonds' face, "Then why are you just sitting here?"

Scoffing the blue eyed teen grumbled, "I'm just bored." Deidara bit out, silently willing Tobi to leave him alone.

Tobi brightened behind his mask shouting cheerfully, "Tobi will cheer Senpai up!"

Huffing with annoyance Deidara growled out lowly, "I don't need 'cheering' up un!" Deidara glared while crossing his arms tightly across his slim chest.

"B-but-!" Tobi stuttered, "Tobi just wants to-" He was cut off by a low hiss from the feminine blond.

Deidara's eye twitched, "If you want to 'cheer' me up, then leave!"

Tobi fell silent inwardly depressed. Why does Senpai always push me away? When he had first created the mask of Tobi it was so that he could keep an eye on his organization from the inside but also so that he could be close to the blond, get to know him.

Unfortunately Deidara hated the character of Tobi. Tobi was childish, loud, and obnoxious all of the things Tobi felt might draw Deidara, might make the teen interested. But it backfired; apparently Tobi exuded all of the things that Deidara hated.

The little blue eyed blond was far more interested in his partner, Sasori. He had even given the redhead a nickname, Danna.

Even though Deidara was still far from interested in interacting with Tobi, the masked male didn't stop from trying.

Perhaps if he revealed his true self the blond might see him differently. But even if that did happen, it wouldn't change or help much. Tobi was as much a part of himself now that if Deidara couldn't accept Tobi then he couldn't accept all of him. And he really wanted Deidara to accept all of him.

Tobi's musings derailed as he was brought back to the mark on the teen's neck.

Deidara ran a mouthed hand over his face, why did Tobi try so hard? He just didn't understand what did Tobi see in him?

A black gloved hand lightly brushed the bruised neck of the blond causing Deidara to start with surprise and shock. Startled blue eyes turned to the orange swirled mask that was a few inches away from his face. A light flush slowly spread across the embarrassed teen's face at Tobi's closeness.

"What happened Senpai?" Tobi asked gently.

Deidara jolted slightly, recalling the bruises left by Sasori, panic flared as the puppeteers threat passed through his mind. Flinching, Deidara swallowed audibly trying to think up a decent excuse.

Gloved fingers tenderly went over the marks, "Senpai?" Tobi questioned softly, not missing the younger males flinch. His eye narrowing; confirming that it was most likely Sasori who was responsible.

Jerking away from the other, Tobi's hand falling from the teen's neck, Deidara snapped, "It's none of your fucking business!" Quickly standing the blond hurried from the room.

Tobi sighed, eye staring at the entrance to the living room where Deidara had disappeared with anger coursing through his veins, anger not at the blond but at Sasori. Perhaps killing Sasori would be required after all…

~88 (A day later)

True to Kisame's words, everyone was receiving missions and heading out.

Sasori and Deidara found themselves before Pein's brown wooden desk having just gotten done with breakfast. Well Deidara had just had breakfast; Sasori had been working on his puppets.

Pein leaned forward in his chair steeping his fingers together as he eyed the artist duo before him. Closing his eyes briefly before speaking, "You're mission is to go to Suna." Deidara blinked while Sasori's eyes narrowed.

"As you both know, everyone in the Akatsuki is charged with gathering a tailed beast." At both nods from the artists Pein continued. "The one-tail is our next target. Deidara?"

"Hmm?" The blond hummed in response.

"Capturing the one-tail is your quote."

Deidara blinked a few times, his mouth slightly open is surprise, before a grin etched across his features "Really!?" His tone ecstatic. Sasori besides him rolled his eyes at the blonds' antics.

"Are you sure the brat can handle it?" Sasori scoffed, down grading his childish annoying partner. Frankly he could care less that this assignment was given to the blond, he was hoping that the brat would get killed and he'd not have to deal with the kid anymore. Even if he would get Tobi as his new partner, Sasori was sure he could get him killed off easily enough.

Deidara sent a sharp irritated glare at his partner a frown momentarily replacing his smile. He didn't care if Sasori would 'punish' him later. He is certainly capable of capturing the one-tail and by doing so would prove his abilities, (mostly his art) and that he wasn't worthless.

"As I said everyone is responsible for capturing a tailed beast. Sasori yours is the three-tails."

"What!?" Sasori hissed. While Deidara giggled.

"I'd rather take the one-tails! At least we know where it is! The three tails has been missing since-" Sasori silenced at Pein's glare, crossing his arms in anger.

"I'm well aware Sasori. There will be no trades. Deidara is best suited in dealing with the one-tails so that is why he is the one assigned to him."

"Fine." Sasori ground out. "If we're all doing this individually then why do I have to accompany the brat to Suna?"

Sighing deeply, Pein rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration, "Because getting into Suna with the least amount of hassle will be done by using your spy."

"Tch." Sasori hissed angrily, while Deidara looked eager to leave.

"So, hmm do we leave today?" Deidara asked, rocking on his heels, arms crossed and anxious to get started. He'd get to use his art for the first time in over two months in a real fight. Deidara's slightly maniac grin stretched.

Pein turned his attention onto his youngest member, "Yes, you both leave immediately." After answering the eager blond Pein ruffled through his desk drawer producing a scroll. "Here is gathered information on the jinchuuriki of Suna, as well as other helpful information on the village." Pein stated as he offered the scroll to Sasori, who took it with irritation.

"Is that all?" Sasori asked with his usual boredom.

Pein nodded, "You're both dismissed."

As the door shut behind them Deidara gave a side glance to his fuming partner, stating with a grin still present "Wow un, Pein must be in a good mood! He didn't get mad at you for questioning him."

Sasori's head snapped to the side with a fierce glare causing Deidara to jerk back, swallowing hard.

"Prepare for your mission. Make sure you bring extra clay."

"Yeah, yeah." Deidara said with a wave of his right hand, dismissing Sasori's words.

Exactly twenty minutes later both artists were exiting the base in their Akatsuki cloak the jingle hat perched on their heads and Sasori in his traveling puppet, Hiruko as they headed to Suna to capture the one-tail.

~88 (I didn't feel like doing the fight with Gaara – so I skipped doing it. The ending in the fight between Kakashi, Naruto and Deidara is different than the anime which I changed)

Deidara glared hatefully as he avoided that strange jutsu from the copy nin.

After capturing the one-tail in Suna and spending three days sealing it, two groups of Leaf nin attacked the cave. After their trap split up one group, Sasori and Deidara were left with only one team.

Deidara lured the nine-tails jinchuuriki out of the cave so that he could fight it one on one only to have the copy nin follow, irritatingly enough. As the two chased him down, as the blond jinchuuriki was adamant at getting the former one-tail host back, Deidara tried to off Kakashi. He was hardly successful.

Finally the spiky haired blue eyed blond jinchuuriki used a blue ball of chakra to sever the head of his bird, having been focused on dodging the coping nins attacks.

Quickly making another bird and not a moment too soon as the blond jinchuuriki came at him with a punch. Flying back up into the air he activated the body of the bird that had collapsed on the forest floor.

It shot up, tangling around the surprised blond who let out a yell as the clay immobilized him. As the nine-tails jinchuuriki frantically tried to break free Kakashi took his chance, using his eye technique one final time – the Mangekyo sharingan. Successfully hitting its mark or almost.

Deidara gave a small shout as his arm was ripped off him and sucked who knows were. Blood dripping from the severed limb, Deidara quickly sent some chakra to the wound to staunch the bleeding.

Now he stood huffing and heaving, glaring with furious hate at the sharingan in Kakashi's eye. He despised the sharingan, loathed it. It was infuriating that the object of his hate had just torn his arm off. Sweat dripped down his face as he devised his next move. Without his arms he couldn't perform any jutsu, therefore he couldn't fight.

"Best to get out of here then un." Deidara grunted, getting his breathing relatively even. "A shame too…" The blue eyed teen trailed off. He'd detained the nine-tails but had no way of grabbing him now. What a bummer…

Deidara soared higher into the air with one last glance, seeing Kakashi heading over to his clay containing the loud mouth kid. Obviously chasing after him isn't as much as a priority as getting the kid free.

"Kakashi-Sensei!" Naruto yelped, trying to get free only to get farther stuck in the sticky substance. Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration as he shouted, "What is this stuff!?"

"Calm down Naruto." Kakashi murmured as he arrived at his student's side, analyzing the white clay stuck to the blond.

Naruto leveled a furious glare at his teacher, "Calm down!?" The blond screeched, causing Kakashi to give a small wince, "I can't move and that bastard is getting away! And… and…" Naruto froze as his mind supplied him with why they'd been chasing the feminine blond.

Naruto turned frantic eyes to Kakashi, "Sensei! Gaara! Where's Gaara!? Is he alright?"

Kakashi sighed quietly with a shake of his head, turning in the direction of where several of Naruto's shadow clones were emerging. "Well?"

All three clones closed their eyes, expressions remorseful, depressed.

Kakashi closed his silver eye briefly before returning his gaze to the real Naruto, "I'm sorry Naruto. He's gone."

Naruto gapped in disbelief, denial firmly etched on his features. When it became apparent that Kakashi wasn't going to shout out 'Just kidding' Naruto felt despair well up.

He had promised…

Anger struck. Anger at himself for not being fast enough, not strong enough and anger at the Akatsuki. His eyes turned to redden slits and with a burst of orange chakra the white clay encompassing him flew out setting him free. Kakashi held up his arms to shield himself from the powerful burst of chakra.

A thin bubble like coat wrapped around the teens figure and several tails popped up.


Deidara was knocked forward, spiraling through the air from the massive shock wave. Startled he swung his attention behind him once he'd evened out. He blinked rapidly at the sight that greeted him, the spiky blond kid was slowly looking like a miniature nine tails.

"How interesting…" Deidara murmured with a tilt of his head.

He raised a brow as the transformed teen bolted forward with a punch aimed at the copy nin who avoided the devastating blow leaving dust in its wake.

Deidara turned from the spectacle, as much as he'd like to see how the fight ended, it was a good distraction to make his escape.

"Humph." Now to find his arm… Deidara blinked, and the ring.

Every member in the Akatsuki had a ring all worn on a different finger and each with a different meaning. Deidara's meant blue colored in teal and he wore it on his right index finger.

Once far enough away from the Leaf nin Deidara landed and let his bird disappear. He needed to conserve his chakra. Now on foot Deidara headed deeper into the trees in search of his arm.


"Well, what do you know? Looks like Deidara-Senpai is a goner to! There must be body parts scattered all over the place." Despite his bad attempt at a joke, Tobi felt a deep aching pain deep inside his heart as he bent down and picked up Deidara's hand.

He can't be dead! He thought frantically. But the hand in his proved that he more than likely was. He ignored the plant man as he came to a stop paces away from him.

He should have trailed the blond but had put faith in the blonds unique abilities. Of course if he had taken off to make sure nothing happened to the teen it would have raised suspicions. And now… now his blond was –

"Get your hands off hmm!"

Tobi blinked at the familiar voice his heart skipping a beat with a single thought flowing through his mind, he's alive!

Tobi let loose a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding at the younger males words. Standing, the masked nin turned to face the heavily panting blond. His Akatsuki cloak was torn at the arms. Blood dripped from the right arm of the teen who wore an annoyed expression. Despite the bombers battered state, Tobi felt immense relief.

Deidara is alive! Tobi thought in pure happiness.

"Where's the Jinchuuriki?" Zetsu's black side growled out.

Deidara's eye slowly shifted to the plant male half lidded, "Don't look at me hmm, I did my job." Which was true, his quote was the one-tails; and he'd done that. So what if the Leaf nin got his body?

"Dear, dear Deidara-Senpai you must have had a close shave huh but you're in one piece? …Opps sorry." Tobi stated rather mockingly with his hands resting on his hips. Despite his good mood he felt like getting back at the blond for scaring him like that.

"Tobi even the Buddha loses patience when insulted a third time. One more word and there will be no doubt about the cause of your death!" Deidara ground out.

Tobi gave a small quick chuckle, "You're just going to bomb me to death right?"

Zetsu turned partially in Tobi's direction as his black side spoke "That was the third one."

Tobi let out a shout as he was knocked down by an infuriated blond by a kick, and then the artists legs wrapped around his neck, squeezing as he snapped, "Death by suffocation!"

Tobi gave repeated little whines as his hand gripped the teen's ankle and waved his other arm wildly. Behind his mask Tobi couldn't help but grin.

"Alright. Knock it off you two." Zetsu's white voice chimed. "Deidara's arms need to be seen to."

Deidara growled at the plant man but slowly, grudgingly released Tobi who quickly bounded up right, while rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

Deidara struggled to his feet with sever difficulty but he managed. Being armless wouldn't hamper his abilities…

Caching his breath, Deidara realized something.

"Where's Sasori?" It was odd that he ran into Zetsu and the idiot before Sasori. The puppet master was always quick in dealing with his fights.

Tobi remained silent while Zetsu paused momentarily from his trek towards Deidara's detached arm. "He chewed off more than he could chew." The darker side of Zetsu said with a slight chuckle.

Opening his mouth then closing it Deidara scowled "What the hell does that mean un!"

"It must be hard," The white side was cut off, "Hard? Hah-"

Deidara snapped, "Answer my question!" The blond shouted, losing his temper. He arms hurt. He was low on chakra; he was in no mood to deal with Zetsu arguing with himself.

Zetsu's yellow eye narrowed on the black side as he growled "Don't yell at me-" Once againhe wascut off by his other side. "He's dead."

Deidara blinked, not sure he had heard right, "What?"

"He was killed." "Good riddance." The white side quietly rebuked his darker side as he turned to the shocked blond "It's such a shame to lose ones partner, it must be hard losing a fellow artist." He murmured softly.

Tobi inwardly scoffed, he agreed with Zetsu's dark side. He was glad the ex-sand ninja was dead and he was sure most if not all the Akatsuki members would agree. Sasori hadn't been well liked, and if everyone knew what Sasori had been doing to Deidara behind closed doors they'd be furious.

Deidara gapped at the plant male with disbelief.

Sasori was really


Denial hit first, Sasori was strong, how could he lose to two females? Surely Zetsu was messing with him, but why would he? His dark side he could understand but Zetsu's white side was the one who declared Sasori to be dead.

Wasn't Sasori going to live forever? Be eternal? Sasori had constantly scoffed at his art which he believed was transient, fleeting. But Sasori had become his art. Deidara had won their art argument.

But now he would have no one to argue with about art…

Should he be sad? Angry? Or happy? Sasori had in the very beginning become his Danna, as time passed; the red head had lost the meaning of that title. He'd respected the others art, though Sasori hadn't returned the favor.

All he wanted was recognition… Even now despite the abuse and harsh words Deidara still wished Sasori had acknowledged his art.

And now… that would never happen.

He wouldn't miss the pain Sasori inflicted on him or the harsh words, a part of him Deidara realized was happy but strangely melancholy.

Sasori had been his fellow artist, his Danna. How could he be dead?

"Senpai you okay?" Tobi voiced softly at the blonds prolonged silence, his tone full of worry. Surely the blond wasn't upset… Sasori had been mistreating him.

The blue eyed teen ignored Tobi, focusing his attention on Zetsu. "He deserved it un. Sasori was arrogant; he was bound to get killed for it sooner or later."

Tobi tilted his head in silent wonder studying the blond's flat look.

Zetsu, deciding it would be best to get going; finished his walk over to Deidara's severed hand and picked it up, inwardly telling himself that he couldn't eat it. Unfortunately.

"We'll meet you both back at the hideout. Tobi be a good boy and help Deidara." The white side said softly ignoring his darker side who was quietly grumbling at not being able to eat Deidara's arm.

Tobi bobbed his head energetically, while pressing a fist to his chest shouting, "Tobi will look after Senpai! Tobi's a good boy!"

Deidara glared angrily, "I don't need any one looking after me un! Especially not Tobi!"

"Says the guy with no arms." The black side rudely hissed only to be chastised by his other side as they slowly melted into the ground. Deidara's eyebrow twitched angrily.

"Come on Senpai we should find an Inn and bandage you up." Tobi murmured softly as he approached the mad blond. "Then we can head to the base."

Deidara glared frustrated at the ground for a few moments before closing his eyes and sighing heavily. He did need to get his arms taken care of; one of them had started bleeding. "Fine, un." He huffed out.

"Yay!" Tobi squealed, only to be silenced from a furious glare from the injured teen before vaulting forward and wrapping his arms around the smaller male in a warm embrace from behind. Deidara stilled, shocked before anger swept over his features. He immediately tried to knock the other loose, but without arms however it proved to be fruitless to dislodge the other. "Tobi! Get the fuck off!" Deidara shouted with a murderous look. (Not that Tobi could see it…)

"B-but Senpai! You looked like you needed a hug." The masked male sang cheerily.

Twitching Deidara hissed lowly, "If you don't get off now then I'm going to bomb you to death the minute I'm able!"

Tobi mildly tightened his hold on the blond feeling how tense and rigid the other was before slowly, sadly releasing the teen.

Deidara jerked forward and not wasting any more time continued walking, ignoring the other.

Tobi let the blond take the lead as he followed closely behind watching the other attentively.

The blond was alive. Nothing could hamper his good mood now. He felt even more happiness at the fact that he is going to be the blonds' new partner with Sasori dead. He was beyond filled with joy. To think it'd only taken six years for this day to come…

With his eye trained fixatedly on the injured blond Tobi interlocked his fingers together behind his head and smiled.

~ End Chapter

The conversation between Zetsu, Tobi and Dei – some of it (the conversation) was taken from the English dub. (The Anime)

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