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Harry sat quietly as the mediwitch continued her monthly routine, a frown on her face the entire time. While she did so, Harry's eyes roved the Hospital Wing. It had been somewhat changed since his last monthly checkup, a few more beds put into place and he could see expansion charms had been started on some areas. From what he knew from Madam Pomfrey, the Hospital Wing was going to be used as a secondary bedding area for St. Mungo's this summer.

"It hasn't changed one whit. You're still aging three times as fast as you should be." Madam Pomfrey complained, pulling Harry's attention back to her. "Given a few more weeks and you'll physically be fourteen, instead of two months to thirteen."

"I'm not going to complain." Harry shrugged. "I don't think it's really hurting me. All it means is I can quit being bugged about not being an adult sooner, right?"

"And when you're an old man and can't move when you should only be forty or fifty? What then, Mr. Potter?" The matron asked.

Harry smiled. "I think the phrase is 'I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.'"

"Merlin help us all next year when you'll be able to pass as an adult then. It's hard enough for you kids to get your feet on the ground when you've had all your years of living to learn. Cutting out half of them?" She shook her head.

Shrugging, Harry stayed quiet as the woman fussed a bit more, before settling in to her job once more. Waving her wand over him once more, a much more irritated look came over her. "Mr. Potter, I haven't been spending these past few months trying to untangle the mess you'd made out of an Animagus transfiguration only for you to tie it into worse knots. What have you been doing?"

"Nothing on purpose. I kinda shifted a bit during a Defense class a week ago, I think?" Harry offered her.

Pomfrey's irritated face gained an actual scowl. "And you didn't think you might want to come see if you'd done anything to yourself? I know I had Professor McGonagall explain exactly what issues could come up from you trying to force a change. If you'd come to me when you first shifted, I could have fixed it immediately."

"So, what, I'm closer to pulling off the Animagus transformation than I was? That doesn't sound like a bad thing." Harry shrugged, and then actually growled at the mediwitch as she popped him upside the head lightly.

The woman almost stepped back as the growl tried to strike a primal nerve, but the mediwitch was able to keep her ground. "No, Mr. Potter. Since you obviously can't remember what you were told, I will remind you. If you get stuck in a partial transformation with your magic twisted like this, it can take hours or days to fix. What if your form is a water breather? You'll suffocate to death because your human body can't get the air from gills to non-existent lungs. Not even throwing you in the lake would fix that. Or a bird. Your bones go hollow and they all shatter under your human weight."

"And since it's most likely a dragon?" Harry asked. He knew this answer too, as Professor McGonagall had already ranted about this once.

"You cannot become a magical creature, Mr. Potter. Now since you've ruined several months of work, give me a few minutes to at least stabilize you again before you backslide any further."

Harry rolled his eyes but kept his opinions to himself over that. He glanced at Shiva who sat in a windowsill, alternately watching him and looking out the window. Catching her eye she shrugged, a gesture she'd picked up recently.

"All the exercises and self tests that Professor McGonagall gave me haven't done anything, you know." Harry said while Poppy's wand was cavorting over him, the mediwitch casting in low tones. "Until last week, I didn't believe I actually had any Animagus ability."

"Just," Pomfrey sighed out her aggravation, snapping her wand over Harry one last time, "be careful. If you make any changes again, come see me immediately, do you understand?"

"Sure, if I'm here when it happens."

"Alright, get going then. You're as healthy as you've been, now that I've at least stabilized the Animagus transformation. Again." The matron shooed him off. "I've got other things to do as well."

Harry nodded and stood from the chair. "Thanks, I guess. At least I'm not confined here for weeks at a time, huh?"

"Merlin forbid."

Harry laughed and left, with Shiva nodding to the mediwitch as she followed him out.

Pomfrey frowned and sighed afterwards, before turning to the barely lit fireplace. Throwing a bit of powder on it, she called out for the Headmaster's office before stepping through.

She entered the Headmaster's office to find more than just Albus, but both Flamel's and even Lucius Malfoy sitting around a desk. The old headmaster looked at her for a moment before smiling. "And how is Mr. Potter doing then, Poppy?"

She looked at Malfoy, before shaking her head. "You know I don't discuss matters outside those who need to know, Headmaster. I'll return at a later time." She paused. "Do make sure you stop by though, please."

With that, the mediwitch left the office once more.

"At least she has that sense." Lucius stated, before looking back to the others and dismissing her. "Now, short of having Cornelius thrown out of his office, I've done about as much as I can in getting the Ministry prepared for the Dark Lord, as agreed. Amelia has had unprecedented levels of support and funding to fix the Auror Corps. What are your plans? Please do not tell me you mean to be completely reactionary."

"Only as I must. Likely though, Voldemort will have the lead on his attacks until the school year ends. Dementors require devouring a magical soul to breed, and after his initial attack I have been unable to discover where Voldemort has found so many souls to bring the number of young Dementors that the last attack had. Until the children are back in their parent's custody, it is Hogwart's duty to defend them."

Malfoy's eyes went dark with loss at that.

"Be that as it may, Albus, it's not going to do any good to allow Voldemort to choose all the battles." Nicholas added. "If you do not take the offense quickly, you may never get it. If a Patronus can destroy the young Dementors, perhaps Fawkes and a few other phoenix can keep those in Azkaban from having free reign at least, until Amelia can get the Aurors to a more military state than the police officers they are now."

"You realize, Dumbledore, that unless you are seen leading this fight, the Dark Lord will become even more bold. You are the only one he ever had to call his full magic upon to fight." Lucius got a few looks for that. "I can assure you, the Dark Lord is more powerful than you think. One reason so many flocked to him is because of this."

Lucius bared his arm, showing his Dark Mark to those at the table. "You know that when you fought him, his Death Eaters were weakened."

"Yes. Though Severus never allowed me to probe the magics behind his own mark, I assume there was a siphon on it, to allow him greater magic when he needed it." Dumbledore looked at the mark carefully.

"No. Each Mark was crafted as a recipient of magical power. It drove the Dark Lord to a fury that for all that he outclassed you in magical potential and power, he was still forced to reclaim the additional power he gave to each of his followers just to stand on an even footing with you."

It was almost a week after everyone else had left to go home, and Hogwarts seemed to almost lock itself down. Harry had been moved from the Ravenclaw dorms to a small room just down the hall from the Flamel's quarters. Apparently it was once a servant's quarters when the castle had played host to more than just students and teachers.

Although right near the Flamel's rooms, Harry did not see much of them for that week, either because he continued to delve into his research to make certain his plans were detailed enough or because the Flamel's just were not there, out without telling anyone why.

While Harry had a fair idea as to why, there had been three more mass attacks by Dementors on muggle villages near Azkaban, it still was annoying once he'd finished and couldn't find Nicholas to get it looked over.

He'd finally had to just sit outside the door to their room for almost six hours before catching him coming back in, looking tired but not hurt. Which was good, in Harry's opinion.

Harry yawned himself. It was fairly late by this point. "I'm finished with it. Can you look now?"

The alchemist nodded and opened the door to the room, ushering Harry and the ever present Shiva in and taking the booklet Harry offered him.

The room was nicely laid out with a bunch of chairs and a roaring fire and Nicholas motioned the other two to take a seat as he sat down as well. Nicholas then looked at the small booklet that Harry had given to him. Flipping it open, he read through a random page for a moment. "The Italian, I could understand you muddling through with dictionaries to translate. I assume you received help with the Hindi translation?"

Harry nodded. "Padma. I had to promise to let her know what I find 'if I survive'. She doesn't think I'll actually go through with it, I think."

"Whereas you are bound and determined." Nicholas noted, still flipping through the pages. "Multiple days in Lecce, estimated funds to buy both a portkey and pay for someone to translate for you, good. The general statements to find both someone to translate and get room and board. Good."

"What about the cold? Beyond the fact that everyone freezes to death trying to get into the Frozen Palace, what are you going to do in the meantime in the mountains?" Nicholas asked.

"Warming charms and I was going to double up on my winter clothes for here. The Throne, we can deal with that when it comes up." Harry answered back quickly.

Nicholas nodded, flipping forward another page before smiling. "This is an in-depth piece. Where did you find that Qudangxiang actually has a strong wizarding population?"

"Owl order on that one. Travelling Unseen Asia, it lists a whole bunch of places and the closest place that you can stay at, and the Frozen Palace at Cho Oyu is one of them. I was waiting for the past few days for that one, for better information."

Nicholas closed the booklet and offered it back to Harry. "I'm honestly impressed. I had expected you to come to me the day before school ended with whatever you had so you could leave as soon as possible. Instead you persevered to put this together right."

"So it's good enough then?" Harry asked as he took it back.

"Yes. You're likely overestimating on the amount of money you'll need, but better over than under." Nicholas yawned, covering his mouth. "In the morning, I will apparate to Carré Magique with you. I would prefer not to go to Diagon with Voldemort active as he is. From there after we withdraw your money, I will create your portkey and send the two of you and Iris off."

Harry gave a big grin to the alchemist.

"Lady Shiva, you've been awfully quiet over this. Did you have anything you wanted to add?" Nicholas asked the Aspect.

Soft kimono like robes rustling as she stood, Shiva shook her head. "I still know little of the current world beyond this school and your own home. My current form is sustained between the magic that Harry offered and the Throne of Ice so there is little I will need in the way of travelling material."

"Then I will see you both in the morning."

Carré Magique was as busy as it had been the previous year, and the troubles that were spreading out from Azkaban to Britain didn't seem to have crossed the Channel yet, for no one seemed to be wary of other people or strange things like stories in the Prophet had hinted at.

Granted, Shiva was amused at all the stares she was getting but with a phoenix with them in the form of Iris they weren't really bothered.

After taking a fairly large number of Galleons and a mokeskin bag to hold them all, Flamel took them to an open park and pulled a small piece of rope from inside his robes and offering it to Harry and Shiva. "Both of you hold onto this."

Harry took the rope, offering one side of it to Shiva who took hold as well.

"Portus." Nicholas intoned, tapping the rope. "Alright, in just a minute you'll both be off. Iris will follow as well. When you finish with your business, return here and send word. I'd prefer you not return to Britain without someone knowing you are coming. Understood?"

Harry nodded. "Sure, that's good with me."

"Alright. Three, two, on-"

Nicholas faded away to Harry's vision as a mighty yank seemed to hook behind his stomach and spun him about, the world spinning into a vast black nothingness. Looking across the piece of rope, he could see a faint frown on Shiva's face as she rode out the magics as well, but Harry was happy to have something to focus on.

Faster and faster Harry spun, yet he stood still as well, his hand frozen around the rope. How he did not get thrown away he wasn't sure.

Finally after minutes of increasing spinning speeds, Harry felt himself jerk to a halt, the endpoint of the Portkey. As the world slowed and returned to visibility, Harry stumbled and fell forward, forcing Shiva to let go of the rope and catch him, one of her arms wrapping around him to keep him balanced.

Harry's face burned when he realized where and what he'd fallen against, and he quickly pulled himself back up. "Uh-"

"Do not worry, Harry." Shiva let him go with a smile, her hand resting on his shoulder for a moment longer to make sure he was standing stable after the trip. "There must be something about your magics that makes gravity based teleportation common to wizards."

She looked around, as people stared back at her, before a flash of blue flame appeared above the crowd, Iris' own magic bringing her along. The blue phoenix landed on Shiva's shoulder, her colors mixing well with Shiva's own blue skin and clothing.

"If you try to transport me, I swear I will freeze you. And are you not supposed to be guarding Harry?" Shiva said under her breath, before throwing a glare at the crowd that now was at least forty wizards and witches.

Harry sighed as he realized he couldn't understand one word the people whispering and pointing were saying. "Before you all go back to gawking, does anyone speak English?"

That brought most of the crowd up, and most of the looked at Harry in confusion. One man spoke up though, speaking in accented English. "I speak it, child. Who might you all be?"

"I'm Harry, that's Shiva, and the phoenix is Iris. Can you point me to a Portkey maker, preferably one that speaks English too?"

"You travel with a phoenix." The man pointed out, quite unnecessarily in Harry's opinion. "And a very interesting lady as well. Would you be so kind as to answer at least some of my curiosity?"

"If you will lead us to someone that will sell a Portkey, then perhaps." Shiva answered.

The man bowed with a flourish, his white cloak rippling. "Ah, my lady, for your attention and answers that is but a trifling." He looked at the other people and said something in a language Harry did not understand, likely Italian. A few people in the crowd chattered back at him, before he shooed them away. "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ezio Auditore, a wizard of some not so small note here."

Harry growled, a deep rumbling. The wizard, Ezio, gave him a startled look but Shiva put her hand on Harry's shoulder once more. "I am not interested in giving you attention of that kind." She directed to the Italian.

"Ah, you wound me so. But that is alright, my wife would wound me more if I had a dalliance." Ezio smiled. "Come, come. You have not been to Lecce before, have you? I will show you the sights on the way to Tonio."

Ezio led the two through the tight streets of the city then, pointing out different locations, before they ended up in a messy throng of people that forced them to slow down. "Ah, the market. Here is where worlds mingle, for those who are without magic are never sure what they hear in the marketplace."

Harry looked around and couldn't help but agree. Just in visible sight, there had to be several hundred people. Though most were too busy with their own life to notice anything around them, he saw that Shiva was still getting plenty of odd looks for both her coloring and the phoenix that still rode her shoulder.

"Ah, but sight is another. True, true. Well, come, we must get to Tonio's shop while not all attention is on you, my lady. And perhaps a bit of someone else's problem…" Ezio pulled a very short wand and make a few movements with it. "There, those who have not seen you yet will find it difficult to pay attention to any of us."

Tonio's shop was a little hole in the wall place that from the single pane of glass looked like a curio and knick-knack shop. "Tonio, I bring you customers." Ezio called to the short man at the counter, who smiled. "And now I must be off, for my wife will think I have been dallying too long. Enjoy your vacation, yes?"

After Ezio left, Tonio spoke up, his English barely accented. "Customers? Are you looking for souvenirs or travel arrangements?" His eyes rested on the phoenix on Shiva's shoulder, but he didn't comment.

"We need a Portkey." Harry answered, pulling the man's attention back to him. "Can you make one to Qudangxiang, in Tibet?"

"Qudangxiang?" The man tried the word slowly. "That is a wizard community I presume?" Tonio received a nod from Harry, before he pulled a very large ledger from underneath the counter. "Let me see, the name does not ring a bell directly, but perhaps one of my boys has been on a Bounce there, as I don't have a Portkey immediately available."


"Ah. A trip to many places in the span of a week or so, to re-familiarize yourself with locations. Bouncing around, so to say." Tonio answered as he flipped through the ledger. "Hmm... Carlo was there last year, but he's on another Bounce currently." The little man looked up. "Three hundred galleons and I will have a Portkey for you in two days."

"Three hundred?" Harry asked, eyes wide. "I did look up normal prices for Portkey makers, at least in Britain. I hadn't expected more than sixty or seventy, especially if you're making me wait."

"Then you should have bought all your travel Portkeys there, sir. However, you may not have found my shop had Ezio not brought you here, so in the interest of not having you leave I will lower the price to two hundred galleons. You will still have to wait for Carlo to return."

Harry sighed. "Fine, whatever. Can you tell me where to find somewhere to stay for a couple of days while I wait on this Carlo?"

The next day found Harry and Shiva wandering the magical portion of Lecce, looking for something to do to pass the time until the Portkey was ready.

The major streets were interesting, as buildings several stories tall lined the wide roads, creating almost a tunnel, with only a few small areas breaking up the effect with trees that allowed the skyline to be seen.

Turning down one street the two found themselves walking towards a more residential area, with smaller buildings surrounded by stone wall fences.


Though the voice was different but vaguely familiar, weeks of Nicholas Flamel's own calling of that had ingrained in Harry the need to put something physical between himself and anyone calling that. Harry threw himself into an archway that was someone's yard entrance.


"Shiva!" Harry yelled, for the Aspect had been turning to see who was casting. The green light of death flew at her, but missed only to hit Iris instead. The phoenix gave a startled screech before bursting into fire, an early rebirth as a little chick fell to the ground.

Two more spells slammed into a hasty barrier of ice that Shiva brought up before her, before she moved out of the line of sight of whoever was casting, a very startled look on her face.

People screamed and ran, while a few drew wands only to fall to some blackness that enveloped them.

"And now that your escape has been taken care of Potter, would you like to come out and die?" The voice called. "You won't catch me off guard and drive me away again."

Shit. Was Harry's only thought, as he finally recognized the voice. Voldemort in Draco's body.

"Imagine my surprise when word was brought to me of a boy and a strange blue woman. Here I assumed I would be able to gain new followers and then kill you, and you come straight to me."

Harry reached deep into himself, drawing on the Throne even as his body protested at channeling the magics as the other part of him began roaring in his mind. There was going to be no buildup of spells, throwing the magic in stages of getting stronger.

And then the world seemed to explode, as the wall Harry was hiding behind blew up from a spell and he was thrown out.

And Voldemort was there, but older? Harry paid it no mind, just as he paid no mind to the slivers and chunks of stone that were in his back. Harry, both parts of him, roared. Rubble shifted and fell.

The temperature dropped, and Harry's roar was visible as mist as Shiva's voice called over the new battlefield, cold as winter itself. "Absolute Zero."

Ice formed in thin air from where Shiva walked out of her own place, and jagged crystals flew from her towards Voldemort.

The body stealing mage lifted his hand, and Harry saw in it was a blackish-red gem with a gouge in it. The gem pulsed and the crystals melted.


The Command bypassed whatever defense the gem provided, as the air around Voldemort quickly sublimated directly into plasma, before imploding.

The mixture of absolute cold and the momentary intensity of a star caused an explosion of mist that just as quickly faded, leaving Voldemort still standing, but with large portions of his flesh destroyed and missing his left arm. But the gem did not drop even though it now floated in the air, it was not destroyed.

"Powerful magic, Potter." Voldemort's voice rasped and Harry was shocked that the wizard was still alive. "Something I cannot replicate yet, but perhaps... What was it you used once before on my basilisk?"

Harry opened himself to the Tri-Throne of Bahamut once more. If it required blowing Voldemort apart one piece at a time, so be it.


His own flesh immolated, and Harry screamed as the fires that Voldemort somehow now Commanded ate into him, only the magic of the Tri-Throne pushing back out, ending the flames before the damage became completely debilitating.

When the flames died, Harry could still see, and saw a pulse of something was causing Voldemort's hand to regrow around the gem, rebuilding his body.

"[Flare!]" Harry called again, this time aiming the gem directly. But with a crack, Voldemort apparated backwards, the Command magic not following, and swallowing nothing.

"Now, now, Potter. I haven't even begun to have fun yet. Do you know what this is?" Voldemort's new but still disembodied arm waved the gem around. "Something akin to the gem you wear that allows you access to the powerful magics you use, you assume. No, more than that. It is the source of power for the Dementors. The source OF dementors. Here, let me show you."

The cold did not bother him. The crying and screaming in his head, a voice pleading to spare him, Voldemort's high pitched voice casting. That perturbed him.

The bodies that had fallen earlier, still shrouded in black magic, rose. The magic become a cloak around them. Additional enemies. That worried Harry.

"When a Dementor devours a soul of magic, this may convert them to a new Dementor. A shattered soul such as mine can never be fully converted, Potter, but I still draw its power. I am the Lord of all Dementors, Potter." Voldemort cackled as his body finished regrowing itself. "And now, it is time for you to serve me. Die and rise my slave."

Harry didn't know how to Apparate, couldn't move fast enough. Blackness surrounded him and Harry felt himself falling, before all went dark.

Shiva's eyes went wide, and then narrowed as she faced Voldemort and the other Dementors alone, Harry's body still as death and shrouded, not rising.

"Perhaps if you were to completely destroy me, you might save him before his magic is completely converted." Voldemort smiled thinly. "But then, you use his magic as your own, don't you? Can you take the magic from him, hurrying his death along and defeat me before you use it all up?"

The air, already freezing, fell even further as ice crystals formed and held the new Dementors into place.

"Oh wonderful, you're going to try. Do recall you've been beaten before. Before I had this power. Struggle futilely, and when Potter becomes one of mine, you will serve me as well."

"Harry's power is just a gate." Shiva's voice was barely audible above the icy blasts that began to blow.

"[Throne of Ice, hear me and bow to my demands. Surrender the magic you withhold.]" Shiva called, demanding against the strictures put against her until she returned to her own Throne. The Empress of Ice and Snow would not be denied. Not now, not when Harry's life depended on her actions.

Over four thousand miles away, buried under uncountable eons of winter, something bowed its head.

And in southern Italy during the summer months, Winter took hold.

"Diamond Dust." Shiva blew out her crystal breath. Where the crystals touched, all heat ceased. The first Dementor was touched and frosted over, before the near hurricane force arctic winds shattered the creature.

The wind howled through the city as snow fell, inches at a time.

-o0o- -o0o-

Something warm was touching him, shaking him. He struggled to open his eyes.

"Wake up, Harry."

Opening his eyes, Harry found himself looking at a woman of living flame, surrounded by a void of darkness. "Fawkes? Phoenix?"

A somber laugh, but the flames took a harder shape, reds outlining into hair and a body wreathed in cloth of white flame formed. A warm green flame burned in her eyes. "No Harry. I'm your mother."

Harry shot to his feet in the darkness. "Did I die then?"

"No, not yet." Lilly answered. "The protection of my blood in you is holding back whatever this is. But blood unclaimed by me, and actively denied by you will not protect you much longer. The fire that I am now fades against this attack."

Harry saw that she was right, the flames that were the woman, his mother, were slowly fading, as if they had no fuel. "Can I fix it?"

Lilly shook her head. "When your father and I went into hiding, we enacted a ritual to transfer any protections in our families to you. Claimed or not, dormant or active. We wanted you to survive. And apparently a demon of fire is part of my lineage. The flames protected you against my killer twice. But you gave up that lineage when you claimed a dragon's soul. So my soul is the only thing feeding the fire protecting you now, nothing regenerates. And when I am gone, it will devour you as well."

"No." Harry shook his head. "I can't believe that. Not now that I know something of you still exists, I won't believe it. You say this demon of fire can't protect me anymore because of Bahamut? Then as Bahamut, I will protect myself and you."

"Harry-" His mother started, a hand touching his cheek.

He'd claimed a dragon's soul. However unknowingly, he'd given up fire for fang. He had suspicions that he'd abdicated one Throne for another.

He had a dragon's soul in a mortal body, which had to be why it pained his body to draw the magic of the Tri-Thone. It didn't matter now. He didn't open himself to the Tri-Throne, he realized what he'd been doing.

He quit pushing it away from him. The separation he'd unknowingly created to keep from being overwhelmed, he ended.

Eyes that he'd unknowingly closed reopened and burned with a white light, shifting into the slitted appearance of a dragons.

Harry roared, feeling his body shifting as the darkness was blasted back, his mother's soul regaining energy as it wasn't forced it push back the darkness that Voldemort had created.

From inside his own soul, Harry rose.

-o0o- -o0o-

Voldemort was laughing as he Apparated around, dodging the crystals of Shiva's ultimate attack. The snow had gotten to be two or three feet deep already, but where Voldemort reappeared at, the snow was pushed back or compacted into a solid footing for him.

"Magnificent, all this power even as my own grows. Regardless of whether Potter is only a gate, allowing that much power means he will be an exceptional Dementor, my personal attack dog. And this is your true power as well, it will serve me!"

Shiva had directed some of her magics to try to freeze off the blackness that had surrounded Harry, but to no avail before the snowfall had covered his body completely. She could only pray that he held long enough for her to destroy the mage in front of her. Soon, there would be enough cold that she could just use it all for her Diamond Dust. There would be no escape from that.

Another four Dementors floated in, forcing Shiva to shift some of her attack to stopping them, giving Voldemort a long enough moment to Command fire at her once more. Defending against that put her on the defensive once more.

And then a roar shattered the ice around her, along with one of the Dementors who had only been frozen.

The snow that covered Harry's body exploded away. "Ah, and my new servant rises. Your time has ended."

Soft movement of air could be heard before the snow fell away, leaving Harry hovering in mid air, above the new snow.

Black wings, ragged but visibly healing, extended out from behind him, moving too slowly to actually be allowing him to hover, proving magic was what truly held him aloft. Green eyes slit and burned with magic, filled with hate as he stared at Voldemort.

"Is this the combination of the death I gave you and the power you held? Most impressive. Destroy your old companion, and resummon her under my command."

Harry held his hands up, reshaped into deadly dragon's claws, scales running up his arm before slowing giving way to flesh once more. Then they moved outwards, seemingly planting themselves in mid air before his wings shook. Harry breathed in.

Though unspoken, words reverberating in the magic in the air. Mega Flare.

Harry breathed out, and a weapon of pure power flowed. Though a beam of power that started out small, it expanded to larger than he was tall.

It was a beam of death, but not under the command of the mage that claimed to hold Death's leash. The area between Harry and Voldemort vanished under the onslaught, hitting Voldemort a fraction of a second later.

Voldemort was the one not quick enough to move, nor did he have the mindset to Apparate. He and the gem, what Harry knew was a Materia though apparently cracked, took the attack in full. When the attack ended, nothing existed where the beam had touched.

At the end edge of the beam, the gem floated in the air, no more harm done to it that it had at the beginning of the battle. No sign of Voldemort to be seen, but then his voice issued forth. "Though you drive me away once more, I will leave you a parting gift."

The Materia, and apparently Voldemort, vanished as a black wave swept outwards. It swept past Harry who clawed it apart for touching him, and could not effect Shiva.

There was a pop as someone apparated nearby, likely someone from the authorities coming to try to stop what had already been finished. They did not stand a chance as the black wave rolled over them, and Harry turned just in time to see a woman's face vanish into the inky darkness and a Dementor take her place.

It died a moment later as Shiva killed it.

"It's going to convert every magical person it touches to a Dementor, and I don't have anything to stop it, only kill the new Dementors." Shiva whispered.

A portion of the power of the Tri-Throne slept within him, and Harry could feel the connection between liege and subject that was his draw through Firewing to the Tri-Throne. That power within him though, the dragon he was, answered. "No it won't." In an unnecessary gesture, but one used all the same, Harry's clawed hand came up once more. For a moment, the sight of skin giving way to scale caught his attention before he refocused on the attack Voldemort had left behind.

From the central point where Voldemort had stood, something ignited, glowing blue and grew. It grew quicker than the black wave was and began overtaking it and destroying it. Along with everything else it touched. Harry and Shiva quickly escaped the glowing attack as it grew near them.


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