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Hazel's p.o.v

I was carrying out the food for the dolphins when I bumped into someone I felt this sudden shock and let go of the bin all the fish fell and roofus started trying to eat them so me and the person started shoving the fish in the bin and shooing the roofus after we picked up all the fish I looked down at the ice and then I heard him and my heart skipped a beat because it was no other than sawyer nelson the love of my life even if he doesn't know it. It's been five years were sixteen and he's no longer scrawny and awkward but tall with a nice build from swimming his hair is like It was before but he did something to it that made it sexy.

"You left the back door open agai…."

He didn't even have to finish before I shoved the bin in his arms and ran to the door to close it

"Sorry I forgot" I said embarrassed my cheek got a pink little tint to them

"….."He was staring weirdly at me

"What" I said

"Oh ….um ….I was just thinking about when we first officially met it happened exactly like this"

"It did, didn't it" I said smiling

Ya .he looked at me again. Well I just came to tell you I have big news but first I wanted to ask if u wanted to go to the mall with me tomorrow" he blushed

My stomach fluttered and did a flip did he ask me on a date "...sure I...I'd love to go." I mentally slapped myself I never stutter

"Good" he said smiling a lop side grin I've grown to love

Should I continue?