He said it without noticing how much it hurt me. My heart dropped to the floor and shattered up into fifty million pieces that can never be fixed.

I stared at him feeling my mind trying to find a reasonable explanation. There was none. rick broke me out of my trance "so Hazel will you do it?"

"I…um." my voice cracked. "…I…ca…cant."

He frowned. "Why not?"

I felt hot tears forming in my eyes threatening to drop so I fidgeted with my hair band and let my hair hide my face I stared at my shoes.

"Because I…uh…uh."

"Hazel why can't you?"

"Sawyer you know what let's just forget today happened." I turned away ready to walk relived that my tears didn't fall till I did I started walking.

"Hazel what's wrong?" I heard him say I felt him walking towards me.

I quickened my secret would be relived if he saw my tears until I was completely running I heard sawyer running as well trying to catch up.

"Hazel." I felt a tug on my arm I turned and collapsed into Sawyer. My head lying on his chest and his hands on my arm couldn't take it any more I let the tears fall but I didn't move or make a noise.

"Hazel why did you run?" he tilted my head up eyes widening and noticed the tears running down my face tracing them with his eyes I broke down crying.

"Hazel what's wrong? tell me ill try to fix it I promise."

This just got me mad he can't fix it he's promising something that he can't.

"You know what's wrong? I love you that's what wrong." so I did the one thing I've been wanting to do I tilted my head and kissed him softly brushing my lips against his. I felt a spark electrifying my face I notices he was stiff and unmoving I then realized he's going out with Chloe I stopped pulled apart his eyes were wide.

"I'm…sorry I didn't mean to…" I pushed free of his grasp

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