The next day, Will met Sonny in Horton Square, and he could barely contain his joy at seeing him. Sonny grinned, and approached him, and their eyes met. Will wanted to hold him and kiss him right then and there, but he knew that wasn't appropriate - straight or gay. The world would be too envious. Besides, it was fun to have a secret between them for the moment.

"Hi," he said, locking eyes with Sonny.

"Hi," replied Sonny.

"I heard what you did," said Will. "EJ broke it off with me. It's over."

Sonny closed his eyes, looking very relieved. "I was afraid he wouldn't. I know he's on the wrong side of crazy, or has been."

Will shook his head. "I was just a plaything. He was probably bored of me already…look, I don't know what you're doing later, but I'd like to take you out. Tonight if you're free. On a date."

Sonny bit his lip, smiling softly. "Where?"

"There's the little Italian place near campus," said Will. "It seems romantic."

Sonny nodded. "That'd be fun."

"Pick you up at seven?"

"I'll be ready," said Sonny, and Will's heart sang.

On his way up the walkway of the Kiriakis mansion, Will ran into Brady Black. Brady was a sort of Uncle, being the half-brother of his Aunt Belle.

"Hey, Will Horton," he said genially. "What brings you here?"

"I'm taking Sonny out," said Will.

Brady nodded. "Yeah, I knew you two were friends. You're working on the coffee shop together right?"

Will nodded. "We are," he said, "but tonight's pleasure not business." He leaned forward. "It's a date."

Brady's mouth dropped open a little bit, then he broke into a smile. "Oh…OH! I had no idea…well, good." He amiably patted Will on the shoulder. "You treat my cousin right, okay?"

Will nodded. "I plan to," he said breezily as he practically skipped up the walkway. He hadn't expected it to be so much fun telling people. In truth, the hardest person to come out to had been himself.

After a leisurely meal, Sonny and Will walked back to his apartment. The wind whipped off the river, so they clung to each other as they moved briskly. Both of them were grateful when they arrived in Will's warm apartment.

He took Sonny's jacket and hung it in the coat closet.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked. "I've got beer, wine and vodka."

"Beer's fine," said Sonny.

Will retrieved two bottles from the fridge and opened them, handing one to Sonny.

"We should toast," he said.

Sonny looked down at his beer, and he thought for a moment. "To new beginnings," he said, almost shyly.

They clinked their glasses. Then, they drank and talked for a little while longer. About the weather. About classes. About the coffee house. Then, the beers were gone, and they stood staring at each other.

It was Sonny who stepped forward, bridging the distance between them. He didn't touch Will, though. He was so close, Will felt his breath against his skin.

"I…I want you to kiss me," whispered Sonny, "but you have to want it, not half way but all the way. No pining for EJ or…or Chad or anyone…"

Will's eyes met Sonny's. Was the amazing and confident Sonny Kiriakis insecure? Will realized that his recent entanglement with EJ wasn't exactly something to be proud of, and worse, it worried Sonny. Rightfully so. But that was over. And Chad? Well that was silly. Chad was straight. Nothing to worry about there.

"I want you. Only you," he said clearly.

Sonny inhaled a deep breath, and he appeared to relax. "Then, go on, kiss me."

Will knees felt like they might give way, but they didn't. He leaned forward and his mouth met Sonny's. He pulled Sonny into his arms as he explored Sonny's mouth with his tongue. Sonny gripped him tight and responded to eagerly to the kiss. Sonny's hands gripped Will's hips and pulled him close.

"Thank you," whispered Will, "for what you did with EJ."

"Shhhh…" whispered Sonny. "That's all in the past, so I really don't want to talk about him."

"What do you want to talk about?" asked Will playfully.

Sonny practically threw himself into Will's arms, and he whispered in his ear. "I don't want to talk. I want you to fuck me."

Will inhaled, realizing that Sonny smelled like a mixture of soap, sandalwood and coffee. "What a coincidence. I want to fuck you," he replied.

Will took one of Sonny's hands and kissed it. His heart beat in his chest. He started to tremble.

"What's wrong?" asked Sonny.

"Nothing," said Will softly. "I just realized this is the first time I'm going to have sex with someone I really and truly…love."

Sonny laughed. He kissed Will on the cheek. "What a coincidence. Me too."

Will laughed, and he smiled. Joy simply washed over him. "I love you," he whispered in Sonny's ear.

Sonny laughed too. He radiated happiness. "I love you, too."

Soon the two were trading "I love yous" between breathy kisses and joyous laughter, until finally Will led Sonny into the bedroom.

They stood awkwardly for a moment, until Will reached for the hem of Sonny's sweater and pulled it over his head. Sonny gave Will's sweater the same treatment. Then, they removed each other's t-shirts. Both bare chested, their mouths crashed together again.

Will didn't waste any time, and he pushed Sonny toward his bed. When Sonny's legs made contact with the back of the bed, Will pushed him gently on his back. He smiled at Sonny and walked to the nightstand. As he pulled out a bottle of lube and some condoms, his heart started to beat faster. He was really going to top this time, and the thought thrilled him.

Sonny was sitting up, kicking off his shoes. Even with Sonny's jeans on, Will could see an impressive bulge there, one that matched Will's own. Will unbuckled his own pants, quickly ridding himself of the rest of his clothes before he crawled on the bed, kissing Sonny gently on the lips.

Sonny reached to his belt, but Will pushed his hands away. "Let me do that," he whispered. He soon unbuckled Sonny's belt and undid his jeans, pushing them down and releasing his cock. Will stared, and he smiled as Sonny wiggled out of his pants and boxers, kicking them aside.

Will crawled up and kissed him on the lips again. Sonny's hands caressed his back, and then Sonny made a quick move and turned Will on his back.

"I'm going to do something I've been dreaming about for weeks," said Sonny, peppering kisses down Will's chest and then his belly and then lower.

"What a coincidence," laughed Will, "I've been dreaming of it, too."

Sonny grinned mischievously and grabbed Will's cock, taking the tip into his mouth. He swirled his tongue and then ran his tongue along the shaft. Will's heart sang as he was gripped with incredible pleasure. Sonny took all of Will's cock into his throat, sucking gently and carefully.

Will felt like he might go over the edge. "You've got to stop that right now," he said, "or I'm not going to be able to keep my promise from earlier."

Looking very pleased with himself, Sonny let go and crawled up next to Will, lying on his back. Will couldn't help notice that Sonny's appeared incredibly aroused. Will stared at him, realizing just how beautiful he found Sonny's body, just how much he wanted to kiss and touch every part of him.

Feeling exhilarated, Will leaned down and he licked the tip of Sonny's cock, making his boyfriend gasp. Mischievously, Will was grateful that this wasn't his first experience. EJ had been an excellent teacher, and Will was confident he had the skills to drive Sonny wild. He started applying those skills, licking and sucking and taking the cock into his throat - but he was careful not to push Sonny too far.

Still, one of Will's fingers found Sonny's opening and started massaging him there. This part was new to Will, but he was determined to get it right. Sonny deserved no less. He released Sonny's cock from his mouth, and he put some lube on his fingers. He gently inserted one into Sonny's opening, prompting Sonny to gasp.

"You tell me if I'm hurting you," whispered Will. "You tell me anything you need."

Sonny nodded, and Will inserted a second finger. He was very careful as he added a third and moved to open Sonny's body. Sonny, for his part, spread his legs and bent his knees. He threw his head back and moaned.

Will thought he was ready, so he removed his fingers. He put on a condom, briefly thinking that maybe he and Sonny could talk about not using them sometime. But right now, he wanted Sonny to feel at ease and respected.

"Are you ready?" whispered Will.

"Oh god, yes," groaned Sonny. "I need to feel you inside me."

Will smiled and moved on top of Sonny. He gently pushed inside him, just a little. He remembered the stinging sensation, so he went very slow. Sonny looked up at him and moaned gently. WIll pushed in further. Sonny's body felt tight around his cock, and Will grunted as he pushed all the way in.

He didn't move, except to lean down and kiss Sonny's cheek. "Tell me when you're ready," he said.

Sonny breathed deeply beneath Will, and he put his legs around Will's hips. After a while, he nodded at WIll. "It's okay."

Will started to move, adjusting his position here and there until Sonny cried out in pleasure. He could feel Sonny's cock between their bodies as well. Will thrusted for awhile, then he reached between their bodies to rub Sonny's cock. Sonny thrashed a little, and his eyes locked with Will's.

"Does it feel good?" asked Will.

"Yes," moaned Sonny. "So good."

"Good," whispered Will. "Good. Because I want it to feel good. I want to take care of you."

Tears formed in Sonny's eyes. "I love you," he said.

"I love you," replied Will, kissing the tears away.

After that, words weren't necessary. Sonny came into Will's hand, clenching around Will's body. That feeling pushed Will over the edge, and he came, collapsing on top of Sonny.

It took him a bit to recover from the dizzying euphoria, but he rolled off Sonny and pulled him into his arms. Sonny clung to him for a bit before getting up and getting a damp towel. They cleaned up a bit, and then they snuggled down together - naked and in each other's arms..

"You're staying the night this time," said Will, as though Sonny's leaving was not an option.

Sonny put his head on Will's shoulder. "I can't imagine where I would go."

With that, they fell asleep, and Will felt at peace.


A/N: So that's the end of this particular story, but I think there's more to tell. After all, Will's mother doesn't know yet, and EJ may yet regret giving up Will. I hope this tided everyone over for a little bit since the show seems determined to make us wait for Wilson.