Disclaimer: I do not own Primeval. Some of the dialogue has been borrowed from the show, episode 1.1

The second Connor saw him, he knew he was in trouble.

He turned around to face Connor with Professor Cutter when Connor ran up to them, his bright blue eyes looking at Connor with a mixture of amusement and irritation. Connor instantly took in his dark hair, the lean body, the clothing that hid the muscles underneath, and he gritted his teeth in annoyance. No one should be able to look that good- and by the way he had been laughing with the Professor, Connor knew the man had more than just looks going for him. Once again, unfair.

Connor had to force himself to look at the Professor as he spoke, had to move his eyes away from the beautiful man in front of him. "Well why don't I recognize you?" Professor Cutter asked, frowning.

Connor flushed a little, "Well, you've never actually turned up for the seminars." The Professor smirked slightly and turned away from him, Stephen following with an amused smirk. Connor flinched, running after him. If Professor Cutter would just listen to him, it would be worth his time! He really wasn't an idiot, not that most people took the time to learn that.

"This is my laboratory technician, Stephen Hart." Professor Cutter said, introducing the other man.

Connor tuned out as the man sent him a quick look, clearly not really seeing him. "Hi." Stephen said, looking at something on the table. Connor mentally sighed, knowing he should be used to being ignored by people like Stephen Hart.

Professor Cutter grabbed a stack of papers from his desk, tossing them into the garbage bin beside him. Connor once again winced. "Oh... actually, that's my dissertation. Yeah." Professor Cutter shot him a look that Connor was pretty sure he didn't want to try and figure out, then bent down to retrieve the papers from the bin. "I argued that all life on Earth derived from organisms carried here by alien spacecraft. It's pretty sexy stuff."

The Professor sent him that look one more time, before giving the same look to Stephen behind him. Connor didn't turn to the other man, not wanting to see his features twisted because of Connor. Not wanting to see him look at him the same way everyone else did. Professor Cutter met his eyes once again, then tossed Connor's dissertation right back in the bin.

"It's a work in progress really." Connor muttered, deciding to just tell the Professor why he was here and worry about his dissertation later. He showed him the picture, praying that the man would actually give him a chance before kicking him out of the room.

"Can you tell me what this is?" Professor Cutter started, picking up a fossil. Connor listened to his explanation, jumping in when he saw an opening,

"That's why I was wondering if you have seen this?" Connor said, holding up the paper he carried in his hand. "Some sort of giant undiscovered predator."

Professor Cutter just rolled his eyes and grabbed the paper before walking over to Stephen. Connor was forced to look at the man as he lifted his head to see what it was Professor Cutter was showing him. Stephen took the paper from the professor, looking at it with disinterested eyes for a moment, before Connor snatched it back from his hand, making sure not to touch the other man.

Connor listened as the Professor tried to tell him to forget about it, to get a girlfriend. A girlfriend! "I've got a girlfriend…sort of." Connor muttered, knowing that admitting to being gay was not something he should bring up at the moment. Not that he had a girlfriend- or a boyfriend. But he did have a girl friend.

That counted, right?

Connor argued his case, not really paying attention to what he was saying. He knew he had gone too far when mentioned Professor Cutters wife. A wife that had disappeared years ago. He knew this conversation was going nowhere anyway- obviously neither of the men saw what he did. He was just about to give up altogether when he mentioned the Forrest of Dean,

Both men froze, turning to fix their eyes on him intently. He flushed slightly, wondering what about the Forrest had both men so interested, before Professor Cutter turned to Stephen with wide eyes.

Stephen sighed. "If we leave now we can be their by lunch."

Professor Cutter instantly nodded, moving toward the door at a quick pace. Stephen let out another sigh, the shot Connor a clear "are you coming or not?" look as he followed the other man out the door. Connor didn't hesitate to run behind them, feeling something close to elation in his chest.

Okay, so they didn't believe him, but they were going to look- and he was going with them! That had to be something!

He climbed into the back of the truck as Stephen slid into the passenger seat and Professor Cutter started to drive. "I'm glad you guys decided to come with me, even if you don't believe what I tell you. You know, my dissertation really isn't horrible, if you would just take a look at it I think you would see why I-"

"Mr. Temple." Professor Cutter said, glancing at the young man in the mirror. "I'm sure you believe your dissertation is good, but why don't you concentrate on something a little more...real? Something you could prove."

"But I think I can prove-"

"Connor, what else did you think about doing?" Stephen cut in, his voice low and smooth. Connor felt something warm slide down his spine at the sound, and his mouth went dry.

"Uh, I hadn't really thought about it." Connor finally admitted, wincing as he saw Stephen's eyebrows shoot up. "There's always the Loch Ness Monster." Connor said, smiling at the earlier conversation he had in the Professor's office- the one he had barely been paying attention to.

The Professor groaned loudly, but Stephen sent Connor a wicked grin, knowing the young man was teasing. "Alright, I'll read your Dissertation." Professor Cutter muttered, seeing the look of amusement on his assistants face. "But don't expect much."

"That's all I ask." Connor said, smiling secretly to himself.

They were all silent the rest of the trip- something that was really hard for Connor, as he could never stay silent for long periods of time. Finally, they stopped, Nick and Stephen both climbing out of the truck. Connor slid out slowly behind them, standing off to the side as they talked in low voices. "Right, I'll get someone to show us around then." Stephen said finally, walking away from Professor Cutter.

Connor moved beside the Professor, a bright grin on his face. Professor Cutter returned it slowly, as though he was afraid of upsetting Connor.

Stephen returned a few minutes later with another man in a yellow vest, security. The man walked them over to a semi truck, and Connor stared at the gashes that littered the side. "Can you imagine how much force it took to rip this thing open? Look at the size of the marks. You know, if you want my opinion, its-" Connor broke off, seeing the irritated glance Professor Cutter shot him, "You- you don't, do you?"

Professor Cutter turned his attention away, looking toward Stephen, and Connor let his shoulders drop. Of course, no one cared about what he had to say.

"If I found these…gouges in the wild, I'd be certain we were looking for a large predator." Stephen said, staring at the marks inquisitively. Connor was forcefully reminded about the stories he had heard about the other man.

"But we're in the Forrest of Dean." Professor Cutter remarked.

"It was huge. And so fast…" The security man started rambling, Connor nodding along with him. He had stopped listening though, looking at Stephen from the corner of his eye as the man moved to the gouges.

"Well, there's blood." He remarked, looking at the red stained on his hands.

"Stephen, come give me an explanation for this." Connor remarked, staring at something Connor couldn't see.

"It's a hoax, obviously." Stephen muttered, moving beside the other man.

Connor moved, looking at the metal fence that had been ripped in half. Hah! Now they had to believe him. "Can I just say something-" He started, but stopped as the Professor moved away from him, once again acting like Connor hadn't spoken.

Stephen went on to explain about Helen Cutter, Professor Cutter's wife. That she had disappeared in the Forest of Dean. Well, that explained why he had wanted to come.

"I say we search." Professor Cutter announced, turning back around and staring at Connor and Stephen- well, mostly Stephen.

Stephen nodded, once again sighing. "How about we head to the hotel, and think about what to do?"

Professor Cutter stared at him for a moment, than nodded. "Fine." They headed to the hotel lobby, Cutter instantly moving toward the bar.

"What do you think? Some sort of-"

"I don't know what to think, Connor." Stephen said quickly, cutting him off and staring after his friend. "But I need something to eat. Be back in a moment."

Connor nodded, already knowing the man wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. They never did. He sighed, moving back outside and getting his computed from the truck. He set the computer on the hood, then turned it on to his database, trying to match the picture to something.

"I was looking for you." Stephen said, coming up behind him and making Connor jump. "I said I would be right back. What are you doing?"

"My database." Connor announced proudly, moving to the side to let the man take a closer look. "I've been building it since I was fourteen."

"Its impressive."

"Pretty cool, huh?"

"Slightly sad." Stephen remarked, moving away from him with a smirk as he went meet Professor Cutter- and some woman.

"This is Claudia Brown." Professor Cutter said, motioning to the woman, "She'll be coming with us."

"I knew it, it's a cover up." Connor remarked to Stephen, leaning so close he could actually feel the heat coming off the other man.

"What's he talking about?" Claudia questioned.

Connor narrowed his eyes at the woman, not trusting her for a moment. "Connor never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like." Professor Cutter said with a smirk.

Connor saw Stephen smirk back, and he frowned as they all headed back into the truck. Of course, laugh at him, as always.

Dinosaurs. Real dinosaurs. That was the only thing Connor seemed to be able to think at the end of the following night- that and how amazing Stephen had looked jumping out of that truck after he saved them all.

Stephen. Somehow, Connor had found himself paired with Stephen most of the day, and Connor couldn't seem to stop making an idiot of himself.

Connor remembered the amused shock on Stephens face when Connor had mentioned some of the mans…accomplishments to Claudia. So yeah, like he said, he had heard stories. But Stephen had sent him a look that said he did not appreciate being stocked.

Not that Connor was stalking him. He hadn't even known what the man looked like before yesterday morning.

But Connor had to squish the disappointment he felt in his stomach when he had seen Stephen and Abby- a girl they had met in the Forest who now seemed to be a part of their little 'group'- talking after they found the anomaly. There had been no doubting the look in Abby's eye- she was attracted to Stephen. Really attracted. And Stephen had just smiled and talked to her.

So, when he had once again got paired with Stephen, he had tried to get the man to open up. To admit that he was attracted to Abby. Although, Connor probably could have found another way to do it. Telling the man that he had a crush on Abby didn't really seem to work. Instead, it just seemed to annoy the other man more.

But then Connor had found the Predator in his database- and he had told Stephen what it was. He had seen something flash in Stephen's eyes, something that had made Connor feel that the other man actually…trusted him. And then Stephen asked him if he would be okay, and Connor felt that familiar heat explode in his chest once again,

Then the man had left and Connor started getting more and more worried as the day went on. And then, at the end of the whole…adventure, that thing had appeared, and Connor had felt like he had been punched in the stomach. Because if that thing was here, then it had got around Stephen- and Connor knew that meant the other man had to be hurt somehow.

And then he had shown up, driving like a maniac and slamming into the dinosaur. Connor had literally felt his knees shake with relief. Stephen was here, he was okay. And since Stephen was okay, everything else was too.

And that was when Connor Temple knew he was in trouble.