Below is the fixed up, grammar correct version of Devon's dark sequel. For the most part it is the same but with slight changes. Remember I began this on December 31, 2009 enjoy!

The deal by WildCroconaw

Plot: sequel to my deep, unhealing scars fic. It takes place at the end of the second Red Gyarados episode but due to being part of the WCverse, it has been modified. I don't own anyone, but Devon. If I did, then I'd make the English versions of HeartGold and SoulSilver be out now. Flamers shall feel the wrath my Ice Beam.

Anyways the good old author's notes: ""designates humans while scene changes are marked by AAAA. Mommy and Daddy are what Togepi calls Misty and Ash. He also has trouble saying words that start with 'r's, so he replaces the' r 'sound with a' w 'sound. Italics have thoughts in them and () designate Pokémon speech, translated, of course. Also remember that this story may contain spoilers for people who haven't read my deep unhealing scars ' fic. Yes I know there is a line that is taken from the first movie but it works for the scene! Enjoy!

XxX fic is below XxX

Grrr. Tyson glare at the retreating form of Lance as the pink haired trainer/pokemon G-men member ran off. The plan is ruined. The boss is going to kill me. He thought.

The grunt heard his phone vibrate so he reached into his vest pocket and pulled out his cell phone. It was Giovanni. Speak of the devil. "Well?" His boss asked. "Are you on your way with the Gyarados?"

Tyson heard footsteps in the distance so he quickly explained what had happened. There was a bit of a pause on the other end of the phone and Giovanni spoke again. "This boy had black hair and a Pikachu with him, right?"

Tyson thought hard. "The kid had a pikachu with him but he had white hair with bit of black in it"

"Must have dyed it." Giovanni mumbled. "Get them and bring them to me." There was a click as Giovanni hung up.

Tyson put the phone back in his vest pocket. 'Why does he want the kid? 'He wondered. 'What's special about him? As far as he could see, the boy was a nuisance as was the pikachu.

"Wait a second," he said to himself. "The rat should still be weak from the Wave Evolution inducement" He reached for the extra item ball on his belt. 'This will be easier than taking a Rare Candy from a Smoochum ' he smirked. He was prepared.

XxX scene change XxX

Meanwhile on the way back to Mahogany Town, Ash, Misty, Togepi, and Pikachu were discussing Lance's battle with the enraged water / flying type. "The way he battled Dragonite was amazing," Ash said.

(You're telling me) Pikachu agreed.

"It was kind of scary though. The way you tried to get it to stop "Misty pointed out.

Her boyfriend did not look ashamed at all. "I was not scared,"

Both misty and Pikachu groaned. (I heard you from my pokeball, daddy) Togepi said as they walked.

"You could have been killed," she told him.

"Come on, it wasn't bad" he objected.

"Are you kidding? Not bad? It nearly drowned you with Hydro Pump!" she countered.

Pikachu looked at the two humans and sighed. . Oh brother. Here they go yet again. The mouse knew from experience that they would keep this up for a long time if someone didn't change the subject... quickly.

(Who was that old human with the Dewgong) asked Togepi

"No clue" misty shrugged her shoulders.

(He didn't seem nice to me, whoever he is) Pikachu commented. (Who in their right mind would think that making friends with pokemon is immature?)

(That's not wight what the old man said, is it daddy?) Togepi looked at Ash.

"Not at all" the young trainer agreed. "Immature concept, yeah right" he punched the air with his fist. "The next time I'll see that guy beat him in a pokemon battle"

The redheaded girl rolled her eyes. Her boyfriend got so overconfident easily. "Remind me again why I put up with "-but she got no further as a smoke bomb went off and surrounded them

They could not see anything and they all began coughing. There was a cry of "Stay together. It's our only hope " from somewhere in the cloud. The smoke was hurting Misty's eyes so she closed them to block it. Something clutched her pant leg.

A strong gust of wind blew past her a few minutes later.

(Mommy, open your eyes. its alwight) Togepi encouraged her so she did.

Out of instinct she looked around. The smoke was gone, and Togepi was in her arms. She looked down and saw Pikachu as she put Togepi on the ground. He gave a little cough- apparently some of the smoke had gotten into his lungs "Are you okay" she asked him.

He nodded. (The smoke's gone) he said and then gave another cough. He looked around in alarm. (But where's-)

"Are you alright" all three of them looked up and saw a pink haired cape-wearing man walk towards them, a Dragonite at his side. It was Lance. She nodded

"It's Mary, right? You were at the Lake of rage with the boy "

" Yes. " She easily lied and then bit her lip. She had a funny feeling about what had happened

"I saw the smoke from the air. Dragonite used his wing attack to blow it away"

(Where is the male human?) Dragonite asked them.

(We don't know) Pikachu told the dragon, catching Misty's eyes.

(We were walking & this smoke appeared out of nowhere. When the cloud was gone so was my daddy) Togepi added

(He means my trainer) Pikachu explained.

Dragonite said nothing but sniffed the air. (Hair gel, team rocket scent and fear. There is no doubt that Tyson took him)

Pikachu, Togepi and Misty looked at one another, a look of horror on their faces. No. " Do you know why Tyson took ... "

"A-Adam?" Misty finished. "No clue " . But privately she thought I have an idea why and it's not good

(The scent is very fresh. It appears to be heading back to the lake of rage, Lance-san) the dragon told his trainer.

"Hmm" Lance jumped on Dragonite's back and motioned for Misty, Togepi and Pikachu to jump on. "We'll catch him faster this way"

"wait." Misty unclipped Togepi's pokeball, maximized it and knelt down to face him. "Sweetie you have to go in. it's too dangerous "

He spoke in a whisper (you're scared, aren't you mommy? About if daddy's okay?)

She nodded. He hugged her knees. (Don't be sad mommy, we'll save daddy from the mean man. )

She smiled as she pointed the ball at him. "Thanks Togepi. Return". The red beam of light sucked him inside. She minimized it and put it back.

Without a word she and pikachu climbed on the dragon's back. It took to the air with surprising speed. Misty prayed that they would not be too late.

XxX scene change XxX

Tyson wiped the sweat off of his face with his free hand. The other hand was tightly holding onto a gagged Ash. Once I get to headquarters I can find out if this brat has it 'he thought.

"Mmmmpph" Ash grunted.

"Quiet you" the team rocket officer told him. "I'm getting my revenge cause you freed the Gyarados. You can't leave cause you're tied up at the moment "he laughed.

The teenager gulped. The only good news was that Pikachu was with Misty, as he had bolted to her as quick as he could. The bad part was Tyson had tied a rope around his hands behind his back to keep him from using any of his pokemon. The officer was now gloating about how he was going to get promoted but ash wasn't paying attention to him.

"Here's our ri- " Tyson stopped as saw the wreckage of the small boat in the water. "Uh-oh" A loads roar made him look up and Ash. There a few feet in front of them was the Red Gyarados as well as Lance on his Dragonite.

"Fancy meeting you here" lance coolly said. The water/flying type thrashed its tail angrily

'This isn't good at all' Tyson thought as he Placed Ash in front of him, like a shield.

"Hey! "A feminine voice came from behind Lance. "Let him go now!"

"Mmmph!" Ash called out through the gag.

'It's the red head that was with him' thought Tyson and with a stroke of luck he heard a shout of "Pikapi!".

He saw the mouse glare at him. That's the Pikachu the boss wants. If I could get it and the Dragonite, maybe he'll will forgive me for this whole Gyarados fiasco' he thought. ...

He slowly inched his hand toward his Skarmory's pokeball when Lance cried "full Thunder Wave Dragonite!" Blue sparks of electricity formed around Dragonite's horns and then zoomed at Tyson and ash

As they watched the attack hit Tyson and Ash, Pikachu let out a little cringe (Ash isn't going to like feeling that)

"He's put up with much worse from you" Misty whispered.

Dragonite flew down and landed on the ground. They saw that the two humans were dazed, on the ground, still feeling the effects of the attack. Lance nodded to Misty, Pikachu and Togepi as they got off the Dragonite. Misty and Pikachu ran over to the dazed men. Misty grabbed ash, and ran over to lance but Tyson grabbed Pikachu's tail.

"I Got 'chu' " Tyson laughed at the bad pun

(Let me go!) He struggled. He tried to muster up a thundershock but he was still feeling weak.

"You're mine runt" Tyson reached with his free hand for a rope

"That was a big mistake" ash muttered. Lance had taken off the rope and gag.

(I don't think so) the electric type turned around and bit the hand that was holding his tail, breaking the skin

"YEEEOOOOOOW!" Tyson yelped as he let go of the tail. " You little rat!" he made another grab for the electric type but he was too fast.

Pikachu dashed over to his trainer, who was leaning on Misty's shoulder for support. (That was close) he told them.

"Never grab a Pikachu's tail or they bite, hard I might say" Lance said as he recalled Gyarados.


Are you okay?" Misty whispered to her boyfriend

"Just. Fine asides from having the wind knocked out of me by that thunder wave" he replied.

(Sorry. It was the only way to keep Tyson from running off. I saw him reach for another pokeball) pikachu told him

Lance looked over at the trio. From he could tell they had a long history of being together.

. He looked Tyson in the eyes and misty followed suit. "I cannot tolerate the pain you caused Gyarados but stopping as low as kidnapping is something I can't abide at all," he firmly told Tyson as Dragonite growled his approval.

" Two flashes of red light appeared in front of Tyson. They materialized into a Skarmory and Golbat. Tyson was standing up looking healthy, an empty full heal bottle at his feet. " I'm not down for the count yet. One of us is going to fly the coop and it's not going to be me"

Another flash of light appeared. It came from Misty's backpack and formed into her Golduck, who had been listening the whole time. (So you want to play hardball? Let's do it) an energy ball formed in his hands.

"Golduck, Psychic!"

"Dragonite, thunderbolt!"

"Skarmory, Steel wing! Golbat, supersonic!" Misty, Lance and Tyson commanded at the same time.

As the battle began, a figure watched them from the shadows of the trees

XxX scene change XxX

Giovanni angrily slammed down the phone. His Persian looked up at him, its master's mood affecting the normal type. "That idiot Tyson! All I ask for him to get the brat and the Pikachu. Is that so difficult?" he asked.

The Persian, who had heard the phone conversation, meowed (don't worry Master, we'll get them)

The Team Rocket leader patted it on the head. "But how" he muttered.

There was a knock at the door. "Enter"

The door opened and a nervous looking blonde female agent came in, carrying a stack of papers. She came up to Giovanni's desk. "Boss?"

His mind still on the phone call, he said "yes"

"Um, here are the latest reports from Devon." She put the stack of papers on his desk "He's got loads of rare and valuable pokemon for us and his experiments are doing." she trailed off.

A light bulb went off in Giovanni's head. He dismissed the officer. " Why didn't I see it before!"

(Now we know how to get them Master" Persian purred. They both let out a cold laugh.

Giovanni picked up the phone and dialed a number. When it connected, Giovanni said. "Devon, its Gio. I've got something I need you to do…."

To Be Continued.

XxX end of fic XxX

Author's notes: Well how did you like it?