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FAIR WARNINGS: Ron bashing, Dumbles bashing, rape, self harm, extreme dirty talk (totally weird's me out to write it but hey it's necessary for making Ron a horrid person in this), male x male sexy times! Basically is rated M for reasons! Basically trigger warnings.

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To Wound a Lion

Chapter 1


Harry had always loved going to the Weasley's home during summer hols. Since the summer after first year the Burrow had felt like a second home. This summer was no different. He spent hours joking with the twins and Ron, then they would all spend time honing their quidditch skills, flying around pretending to play quidditch.

And, in the evenings after dinner, Ron and he would stay up late into the wee hours of the night just talking, very rarely did they speak of things that held any real importance in the world, they left those conversations for when Hermione would arrive. They simply joked and played cards, teasing each other and laughing…

It was a freedom Harry very rarely enjoyed… joking, he never had time for it anywhere else. At the Dursley's it was; clean this, and clean that, and when you're done go to room without so much as a thank you let alone food. Then Hogwarts, although he never worried about where he would find his next meal… he did have to worry about whether or not someone would try to kill him again.

Unfortunately for Harry, the two weeks he spent at the Burrow were his only real break. And in that time he had learned something very important. Maybe not important to anyone other than himself, but it was a big discovery for him.

Harry had realized the summer after second year, only a few days after his 13th birthday that he did in fact fancy boys. He had stared at girls, admired them, they had pretty curves and glossy hair, but he had no desire to kiss any of them, or run his fingers through that glossy hair.

He wanted to hold onto firm chests and tug on short bristly hair… he wanted to be kissed by another man.

The revelation had been freeing for him, he no longer wondered why Ginny's show of admiration had always felt off putting instead of charming. But he didn't know how his friends would react to all of this… what would they say? Would they accept him for it, or would they turn him away in disgust? He had decided to think of ways to bring it up and see responses from that instead of just telling everyone outright.

Of course with his life it had turned out to be put to the back of his mind when there were always so many other strange things to worry about. And by the time he remembered he was supposed to be figuring it out again, it never felt like the right time.

That had been the pattern for three years, and finally on the summer before 6th year he had thrown caution to the wind. He had already lost his god father, and although the sting of losing his friends would be great, he already felt such despair over Sirius it didn't really matter anymore…

He wouldn't know then that this would not be the case, losing even just Ron would break him… but he didn't know that yet and at first he never thought it would have to…

His decided love of boys had been general for the entirety of third year… but the summer after that, as he watched Ron fly around on a broom and laugh, his eyes sparkling with mirth at something the Twins had said… it hit him like stray hex, Harry was in love… with Ron.

He kept that secret locked up and to himself for two years; even Ron's anger at him during the Tri Wizard Tournament didn't quell Harry's desire to kiss the red head breathless. He wanted nothing more than to rap himself around the gangly teen and never let go, but he was also scared, what if Ron didn't feel the same way?

But now, Harry's patience had finally slipped. He couldn't stand another moment watching Ron lick his dry lips and then laugh at a joke, his shimmering blue eyes dancing in the light…

Harry tugged Ron's arm and led him away up to their shared bedroom in Grimmauld. And the second the door was closed he had pounced! His arms wrapped around the tall red heads neck and sealed their lips together. He had pulled back a moment later dreading what the red head would think of him now.

But he had worried for nothing it seemed. Because moments later as realization dawned on the freckled face, Ron pushed his lips back to Harry's, deepening the kiss until it took their breath away. And when they pulled back, Harry whispered the words he had been dying to say to the red head for two years, "I love you Ron." Ron's face broke out into a huge smile as he pecked Harry lips and whispered against them, "I love you too Harry." With twin smiles they kissed again, this time with tongues and clicking teeth, lips melded together like they had been welded into place.

They wouldn't have stopped for hours if Ginny hadn't knocked on the door telling them dinner was ready. With a sigh they had parted and went down to dinner with knowing glances playing between them the entire meal.

And when the meal was all done they retreated quickly back up to their room, leaving confused siblings in their wake. Once there it was as if a switch had been flicked inside of them, with a lustful grin Ron pounced on Harry causing them to crash to the bed.

Ron quickly divested them both of all clothing to Harry's great surprise and when that task was done Ron finally stopped movement.

The look in his eyes as they roamed over Harry's body made Harry want to buck up into him, Ron's blue eyes warm and tingly as they passed over his body. He shivered, Ron loved him and it was obvious in the way he looked down at Harry's flushed naked body with such desire it hurt. And when Ron's eyes met back with Harry's green ones, they both smiled.

To some it might have seemed fast, the declarations of love had only taken place a little more than an hour before, but this had been a long time coming for them both, they had known each other for five years, they had been each other's first Hogwarts friends, they were best friends, and this just felt more like the next step instead of a leap.

And with that knowledge passing between them through just their eyes they had made slow and passionate love. It had been mind blowing; Harry couldn't imagine anything feeling as wonderful as having Ron inside of him, loving him.

The moment that bliss overcame them Harry couldn't imagine not being with Ron, not loving him and having Ron love him back… he couldn't even imagine it…

Until he could…..

He could imagine it very clearly….