Chapter 41

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Dumbledore was in a foul mood. He had woken this morning to a missive that he was to appear at the Ministry promptly at 2p.m. sharp or Aurors would come and take him by force if necessary.

He wasn't sure exactly why the ministry would need him... at least not until breakfast. He took his place at the head table and looked out at all the students. His eyes zoomed in on Harry who looked happier than he had in the past few weeks. That's when the alarm bells immediately started.

"Pro-fess'er Dumble-dumbledore!" Flinch came running into the hall in that odd way of his straight up to the head table. "Professor Dumbledore I can't find Ronald! He didn't report to me this morning and he isn't in his rooms!"

If nothing else could be said for the old man, he knew how to fit two and two together. He knew immediately what his missive from the Ministry was for now. The little brat had betrayed him. He had been outted!

Dumbledore snarled in a very uncommon show of displeasure. He shoved Filch out of the way as he stood from his chair and stormed out of the Great Hall. Snape couldn't help but smirk into his morning coffee and send a significant glance at Harry, Neville and the Twins. They all looked equally as amused snickering behind their hands.

Dumbledore was usually a very patient man, but this however was not a good example. He had made it back up to his office in record time. He didn't even stop to glance around the room, so busy stomping towards his floo. Not bothering with only a pinch he grabbed a fist full and jumped into the fire before it had completely turned green.

He swirled, passing a hundred fire places until landing with a thump at the Ministry. He practically threw his wand at the poor teller and marched towards Amelia Bones' office. He was so furious he practically threw people out of the way. When he finally made it to her door he didn't bother knocking. He simply threw open the door and slammed it behind him. "What is the meaning of this Amelia?" He threw the note onto her desk carelessly.

Amelia Bones was a stern woman normally, but rile her up, get her angry and she was a force to be reckoned with. Even the Great Albus Dumbledore had to admit she was scary when angered.

On the outside she looked calm as you please, but inside she was thinking of 100 ways in which she could torture the smarmy bastard standing in front of her. If she didn't know all the things this man had put Harry through, then this right here would be enough to infuriate her.

Amelia stood slowly from her chair. Her fingers perched lightly on the dark oak desk as her steely eyes met his. "Dumbledore." Her tone was clipped, border line polite but still murderous. "How dare you come into my office and get angry with me. At the school of yours you might be great, outside this office you might be grand, but in this office you are nothing to me Albus Dumbledore! You're a foolish old man who does not know when to keep his mouth shut!"

She took a deep breath and sat back down in her chair. "Obviously you don't understand what is at play here. So I advise you to keep your mouth shut and listen. You are to be on trial this afternoon. I will not tell you what for because I know you probably are already well aware of what it is about. You're a relatively smart man and I have no time to waste on explaining it to you. You can infer what has most likely taken place. So you will appear in the court room at 2p.m. sharp. If you are even a minute late I will send Aurors to apprehend you and they will drag you into the courtroom kicking a screaming if they must. And I must advise you not to run either, because Albus, if you do I will stop at nothing to find you. Even if that means getting access to the records room and getting your magical signature."

Amelia leaned back in her chair and steepled her fingers under her chin. "Now if that is all, I have a lot to do before 2 o'clock and you are wasting my time."

For once in his long life Albus Dumbledore seemed to be speechless. Amelia was already back to her paper work. Without even bothering to glance at him she pursed her lips. "If you are not willing to leave of your own free will I will have to force you. Good day Sir." Dumbledore glared down at the witch even though it made no difference since she wasn't looking at him and strut out of the room.

Harry sat with his friends in Snape's chambers. Laughter could be heard in the stone halls outside if you listened hard enough. "Did you see his face at breakfast?" Harry was giggling like mad trying to imitate the angry look, but it was being ruined by his laughing. His laughter was making everyone else sport smiles and chuckles as well. Neville couldn't get the smile off his face as he cuddled into his boyfriend's side. The twins and Snape were sharing in the amusement from their places on the couch. They were all enjoying seeing Harry happy again. They hadn't seen him like this since the last time he had been on a broom, which was quite long ago.

"Yes well, I'll be sure to let you all see the memory if you so desire when I get back from the hearing this afternoon. I'm sure it will quite entertaining for us all." Severus smirked as he took a sip of tea.

"I don't know how you'll keep a straight face Sev." Fred smiled. George nodded as he leaned into Severus' side more.

Severus glanced at George with a soft smile. His eyes strayed the Neville and Harry who were both looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

He looked startled for a moment before schooling his features. "What?"

"Oh nothing..." Neville said in a way that clearly showed it was indeed something.

"Do you think we don't have eyes Severus?" Harry chuckled.

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

"Just kiss the man for heaven's sake. We know you want to and we know they want you to. We aren't stupid. You three are always cuddled together on that couch thick as thieves. And the twins never separate unless they're trying to make someone uncomfortable but you aren't uncomfortable are you professor? And neither are they being separated by you. So what else are we supposed to infer?" Neville's eyebrow rose in challenge. He smirked as three set of blushes appeared on the men sitting across from Harry and him.

Severus blinked like an owl for a few moments, eyes wide, before a big smile split his face. He grabbed the back of Fred's neck and pulled him into what looked from Harry and Neville's perspective a very heated kiss. Fred was released moments later and George took his place. When he was released and both twins looked dazed, Severus sat back took another sip of his tea and looked very smug.

Dumbledore was not laughing, not at all. He had been pacing his office rug for close to three hours. When he had returned from the Ministry he had tried to get some work done but after two hours of reading the same three pages over and over he stood up and began pacing. He had eaten so many lemon drops he was contemplating whether or not his teeth would fall out. He was not pleased. And he could not stop glancing at the clock. It was making the time tick slower he was sure. And Fawkes was not helping either. The bird was just sitting on his perch in the corner calm as you please sleeping away.

Usually Fawkes would be singing to him to calm his nerves or at least trilling softly in reassurance, but no. It was almost as if the bird knew what he had done and did not approve. He stopped and stared at the ruddy bird. "Fawkes!" The bird blinked slowly awake. He looked at the old man as if bored. "Why aren't you singing Fawkes? You are always singing!"

Fawkes looked less then amused as he flapped his great fiery wings. He soared towards the ceiling and disappeared in a puff of ash and smoke before Dumbledore could say more. He sneered, showing his teeth and -not that anyone was around to care- yelled towards the ceiling in frustration.

He huffed from the effort of his fit and glanced at the clock again. It was 1:45. He snarled at the clock and went to the fireplace to floo back to the Ministry.

"Please state your full name for the court." Amelia spoke.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin first class, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot-"

"That is enough information Headmaster." Amelia didn't even look up from the files in front of her. "Do you know why you are here today Albus Dumbledore?" Amelia addressed the man currently sitting in the center of the room tied to the chair with magic nullifying cuffs."

"No." Albus said simply. He wanted them to tell him straight out why he was there.

"It was brought to our attention that Ronald -formerly Weasley- had raped Mr. Harry Potter. He admitted to starting on his own; however he also admitted that he did so under your protection. He claimed that you offered to keep him safe from punishment as long as he continued to abuse Mr. Potter. Do you care to confirm any of this Professor Dumbledore?"

"No! Why should I? He was obviously lying." Dumbledore was sweating through his robe. How dare that little cretin do this to him!

"Ahh, well he said these things under veritaserum which he took willingly. He made it very clear that you were involved. He even let us take the memory and we have just reviewed it. Do you care to go under the serum and tell us differently?" Amelia looked like she wanted him to try and deny it all.

But Dumbledore wasn't stupid; he knew he wouldn't be able to get out of this. He wasn't going to say anything though to confirm it.

Amelia waited to make sure he wasn't going to say anything before nodding. "This was really more of a formality Dumbledore. Everyone who finds Albus Dumbledore guilty raise your hand." Unlike with Ronald not everyone raised their hands. And it wasn't because they didn't think he was guilty, but because they weren't sure what would happen if the man was thrown in jail. Who would take care of the school? Who would protect the children? Who would guide the light side? But the voting was unanimous none the less. With all of Dumbledore's power they still couldn't deny what he had done to their savor. And to let the man continue to be near the boy was an atrocity.

"For your crimes against Harry Potter you are here by sentenced to 10 years in medium security in Azkaban. During which time you will also be required to wear magic nullifying cuffs at all times. When the ten years are up we will meet again to decide what the next best course of action will be." she pounded her gavel and stood motioning for the guards to grab him and take him away.

This is when the Great Albus Dumbledore began to beg. He screamed, yelled and begged for them not to take him to Azkaban, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Severus stood from his place at the back of the courtroom with a smile on his face. He couldn't wait to show the young men this memory.

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