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Ziva snored loudly on the couch, the bulge in her stomach moving up and down with each one. She snorted, and rolled over on the couch, still snoring.

Someone knocked on the door, and Ziva snorted again.

"Ziver?" A familiar voice called.

"What?!" Ziva cried, nearly falling over. She caught herself, and stood up, stumbling slightly. "I'm awake!"

She heard a voice laugh. "Ziva, it's me."

She sleepily stumbled over to the door, wiped the side of her mouth with her sleeve, and opened it.

"Gibbs." She smiled sleepily."What's up? Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"Lunch break." He said, smiling."I, uh, I brought you something." He said. "It's in the garage." He took her hand, and let her outside. It was about twelve, and Ziva squinted in the bright sun. He led her out into the garage.

"All right, cover your eyes." He said. He put his hands over her eyes.

"Come on, Gibbs, do not leave me in suspense!" She laughed, stepping forward, letting Gibbs guide her.

"All right, you can look now." He said. Ziva opened her eyes, and gasped.

Sitting in front of her was a white crib, adorned with a classic little mobile attached to the side. The paint lines were smooth, and the wood wasn't faded. It looked brand new.

"Gibbs." She said softly. She ran her hand along the smooth side fondly. "You didn't have to."

"Well, I wanted to." He said, pulling her close and kissing her forehead.

She looked at him. "Did you make this all yourself?"

"I did, a while ago, and I just polished it up." He said, nodding. "It's nothing, Ziver. Honestly, you can get a better one if you want to-"

"No." She said, holding onto it. "I love this one."


"Thank you, Gibbs." She hugged him tightly, and kissed him on the cheek. He turned to leave, a smile across his face.

His hands were on her eyes, covering them. She giggled, and her red hair was being mussed by his big hands.

"Jethro, where are you taking me?" Shannon asked, giggling. She prodded at his hands, but he held them tighter.

"Be patient!" A younger Gibbs said. He had dark-brown hair, but he still had those bright blue eyes. Right now, they were filled with excitement.

"All right, Jethro, spill- where are we going?" She asked, slightly exasperated.

"All right, you can look now." He said with a wide smile. He took his hands off her eyes. Sitting before them was the same crib, white, with the small, hanging mobile. Shannon's hands flew to her mouth.

"For Kelly." He said, rubbing her swollen abdomen. Shannon, with tears in her eyes, hugged Jethro, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you so much, Jethro." She whispered. "Kelly will love it."

Gibbs smiled to himself, remembering.

Gibbs turned over, unable to sleep with the howling.

"Shannon, could you please-"

"Jethro, I've done it four times already tonight." She said, her sleepy and grumpy voice muffled by a pillow.


"I'm going to find your gun and shoot you if you ask me again."

"Fine." He grumbled, rolling over. He checked his watch: 3:07 a.m.

He stumbled into Kelly's room, where she was crying loudly.

"All right, hun, come on, Mommy and Daddy need some sleep." He said, reaching for her. He brushed her already long red ringlets out of her face. Her eyes were tearstained and red, and she was crying loudly, screaming.

"All right, baby girl, come here." He whispered to her. He started rocking her back and forth, humming a lullaby quietly. He sang an old lullaby he remembered his mother singing to him when he was very little:

The wolf, he cries to the moon
Alone and a-waiting for me and for you
"Come," he says "I'm so tired and lonely."
Let us cry together because all we are only

And he howls to the moon
He speaks and tells the angels
To watch over his pups
And to them be faithful

So hush, little baby
Fall asleep to
The steady and heavy rhythm of
The wolf howling to the moon

He looked back down at the little redhead, who was now fast asleep, her deep brown eyes shut and little snores emitting from her moth. He chuckled lightly, and laid her back down in the crib.

"Sleep well, angel." He whispered before closing the door.

He smiled, driving off into the bright sunlight.

Ziva rolled over, feeling an impending sense of dread. Why- she had no idea. Maybe it was the Mossad paranoia. Maybe it was just the paranoia of having a baby.

But whatever it was, it was screwing with her.

And she did not like it one bit.

"Tony." She poked her sleeping husband. "Tony." She poked him again. "Tooooooneeeeeeee-"

"What?" The Senior Field Agent grumbled.

"I have a bad feeling." She whispered.

With the air of telling a child with an irrational nightmare to go to sleep, he said "Ziva, please- go to sleep."

"Fine." She grumped, rolling back over, when, suddenly, she had a weird feeling. Like water had just been dumped out of her pants. Her heart basically stopped.

"Tony?" She whispered.

"What?!" He cried.

"I think my water just broke."

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