AN: So this covers the second arc, 1st period (chapters 6-10). It includes a few OCs, which will be confusing until I get a couple more chapters up.

Marissa Von Bleicken is trying to convince herself that getting up and walking across the room to ask a girl if she knows her is not a good idea

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Marissa Von Bleicken: Bryce, you changed your last name again?

Bryce Ross-Johnson: So? Artists do it all the time.

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Bryce Ross-Johnson: Who the heck…?

Marissa Von Bleicken: Seriously, why are you here?

Bryce Ross-Johnson: Well, I don't exactly wanna be on the news crew!

Marissa Von Bleicken: Go away. Go. Shoo. People in this class should at least have some appreciation of art.

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Marissa Von Bleicken is now friends with Samuel Larsen

Marissa Von Bleicken: Ms. Justice is weird…

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Ellis Wylie: You don't know what weird is, Mars.

Bryce Ross-Johnson: I do. It's you.

Ellis Wylie: Why, thank you.

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Marissa Von Bleicken is contemplating her love of Green Day

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Ellis Wylie is now friends with Emily Vasquez and Granyt Nichols

Ellis Wylie is a sad little freshie

Granyt Nichols: Why? :(

Ellis Wylie: Because I'm the only freshman in this class?

Emily Vasquez: So? You have us! ;D

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Ellis Wylie: Dear God…

Ellis Wylie: Hang on, your name is Granyt Nichols?

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Granyt Nichols: Yeah…

Ellis Wylie: Right…

Granyt Nichols: What? What's wrong with it?

Emily Vasquez: Granyt, hon, I'll explain later.

Granyt Nichols: Okay…

Cameron Mitchell is now friends with Matheus Fernandes

Cameron Mitchell finds height differences annoying

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Matheus Fernandes: Hey, wait a second!

Cameron Mitchell: No offense!

Damian McGinty: Cameron, what did you do?

Cameron Mitchell: Nothing!

Flower Knight: You peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeople are all insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane…

Honey Gilong: How much coffee have you had?

Flower Knight: About seven cups… I wanna go back to bed.

Cinnamon Akamori: DON'T.

Honey Gilong: Just two pots. Just get to two pots and you'll be fine.

Flower Knight: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…

Hannah McIalwain is now friends with Damian McGinty

Hannah McIalwain loves accents

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Hannah McIalwain: Hey, Damian, why were you sitting all by yourself, anyway?

Damian McGinty: I don't know anyone…

Hannah McIalwain: Aww, are you really that shy?

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Damian McGinty: Wha- No!

Hannah McIalwain: Awww! So cute! ^^

Damian McGinty: *blush*

Damian McGinty is sadly proud to say that he now has two friends

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Alex Newell is now friends with Lindsay Pearce

Alex Newell is trying to fit in

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Lindsay Pearce: Is it weird that we met because we were fighting to do so?

Alex Newell: A bit, yes.

Lindsay Pearce: Okay, then.

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AN: Okay, this is all I have. *dramatic British accent* To continue or not to continue, that is the- *normal voice* Alright, I'm done. ^^;