Chapter 11

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To those who said I was too harsh on Ron.

This is my work and it was explained why the sentance was so harsh and in an earlier chapter what the conciquenses were if Ron was expeled. If you dont like it then please dont read and then complain. Also, to the reader who said Dumbledore had no right to snap Ron's wand, two words: Rubius Hagrid!

Several weeks had passed quietly. Life continued as it usually would.

Sirius had been found by a man walking his dog the day after the trial. The black dog was acting suspiciously and the man took a chance in calling Sirius by name. The man was later treated by St Mungo's for cracked ribs, a strained back and whiplash caused by Sirius hugging him and spinning the both in circles.

Immediately after taking a much needed shower he went to the ministry to organise his official pardon and compensation. During the compensation negotiations Sirius asked where Harry was and when he could see his godson.

Hearing that Harry had been living with Petunia and Vernon Dursley the air around Sirius turned blue (and nearly black at times) with the profanities he bellowed. Sirius immediately demanded custody of his godson and threatened dire and public prank wars against the ministry if custody was not granted immediately, both magical and muggle. The ink on the papers was not yet dry when they were given to Sirius by a former classmate. (Said classmate was later found sitting in a corner rocking and muttering "Not again, not again" repeatedly.)

After a short stay in hospital to treat any lingering health problems (paid for by the ministry) Sirius arrived at Hogwarts to meet his godson for the first time in twelve years. To say it was a touching reunion would be an understatement. The pair picked up where they had left their relationship last. With Sirius teasing Harry, Harry pranking Padfoot with wandless magic (and Hermione's help) and Padfoot blaming Moony.

They would go on to be a family that many would look up to and try to emulate.

Harry and Hermione continued to date throughout Howarts and married a year after graduating.

All in all, life was good.

One morning Arthur Weasley received an unexpected official owl.

"What's this then? Oh dear,

'Mr A. Weasley.

We are writing to inform you of the transfer of your son Ronald B Weasley (Prisoner No 8674533) from Azkaban Prison to the prison section of Saint Mungo's Hospital. This is owing to your son's excessive and potentially lethal flatulence. To date he has been responsible for the death of four Dementors and the illness of several prisoners in his cell block.

Additionally, there has been an increase in suicide attempts amongst the prisoners in that particular cell block since your son was interred as a prisoner. Unfortunately there were several prisoners who were successful in their attempts, including the infamous Lestange family.

All of the illnesses and suicide attempts coincide with the day Ronald was brought to the prison. The day after Ronald's arrival the first of the Dementors died.

We are hoping that the hospital can find a cure for this problem.

We are asking if this is a family illness or curse and, if so, is there a cure?

Please help. We are getting desperate and the Dementors are threatening to leave and all shifts must use a bubblehead charm and protective goggles just to perform the most basic tasks.

Yours truly,

Alcon Hubei

Head Warden

Azkaban Prison.'"

Arthur read and then re-read the letter.

"They should have read his medical records from school" Arthur thought grimly. "I can't believe they are asking ME for help."

And with that thought he threw the letter away.

A few days later Arthur read the Daily Prophet. Splayed across the front page was the headline "ST MUNGOS HOSPITAL CLOSED!"

"Oh no, don't tell me he…no, I am just being silly!" Arthur thought with a shake of his head and started reading the article. "Noxious fumes, unexplained gas detected, violent illnesses, oh Merlin, Morgana and Mordred! Ron!"

The end.