A/N: This is the fill of the prompt from Ainjel (crissingmrcolfer) on tumblr.

Food Fight

Kurt smiled as his boyfriend wrapped his arms around him from behind "Blaine, what are you doing?" Blaine smiled "I'm cuddling. You smell good. Plus you've been baking for ages and I'm bored."

Kurt laughed softly "It's been 20 minutes, Blaine. I haven't even finished preparing the mixture yet." Blaine pouted softly "But Kurt. You promised we could cuddle and watch movies today." Kurt giggled softly "And we can. But won't it be much nicer to watch a movie when we have fairy cakes to eat?"

Blaine huffed "I hate it when you're right. But can I stay here and cuddle you?" Kurt smiled "As long as you don't distract me, yes." Blaine beamed "Yay! Can I eat the mixture afterwards?" Kurt laughed "Fine. You can eat the left over mixture afterwards."

Blaine grinned, nuzzling closer to his boyfriend as Kurt continued to prepare the mixture. Blaine started pressing little kisses over Kurt's neck, nuzzling his nose against the taller boy's neck, licking occasionally before kissing again.

Kurt huffed "Blaine, what are you doing? I told you not to distract me." Blaine murmured "Can't help it. You taste so good."

Kurt rolled his eyes, trying to angle his head away from where Blaine was now sucking behind his ear "Blaine, stop it." Blaine whispered "Don't want to."

Kurt moved to turn around to admonish his boyfriend some more, when his legs got tangled and he tripped, bringing his boyfriend down with him, both of them landing on the ground with a loud oomph.

Blaine's eyes widened and seconds later a jug of flour fell off the counter, straight onto Kurt's head.

Blaine burst out laughing as Kurt squealed, running his hands frantically through his hair "Stop laughing! There's flour in my hair! This is your fault!"

Blaine tried to control his giggles "I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry. I can't help it. You look so adorable." Kurt rolled his eyes and leaned up, grabbing the bag of flower, taking a handful and dropping it on Blaine's head.

Blaine closed his eyes tightly and spluttered "Kurt? Baby? What was that for?" Kurt was giggling above him "Because you laughed at me. Now you look just as stupid as I do."

Blaine smirked "You asked for it, Mr Hummel." He grabbed another handful of flour, pulling Kurt's shirt forward, dropping it down it.

Kurt squealed and wriggled "Blaine! That's awful! Its itchy!" Blaine grinned "You started it."

Kurt shook his head "You're ridiculous." He pushed up Blaine's shirt, dumping two handfuls of flour on his chest. "Better. Now we're the same."

Blaine laughed "Oh, you asked for it now Hummel." He flipped Kurt over, onto his back, dropping flour over his clothes and body. Kurt was squealing, grabbing handfuls of flour, launching them in random directions, very few of them actually hitting Blaine. Blaine grabbed handfuls of sugar from the bag on the kitchen counter, trailing them over Kurt's face and neck. Kurt grimaced, trying to push his boyfriend away frantically "Blaine! You're making me all sticky!"

Blaine laughed and grabbed his boyfriend's hands, pinning them above his head "Okay, okay. You're hitting the kitchen more than hitting me. The place is a mess. Truce?" Kurt glared at Blaine playfully from where they were collapsed on the floor, covered in flour "Now it's going to take even longer for me to finish the fairy cakes, and even longer until we get to watch movies." Blaine grinned a teasing grin, licking through some of the sugar on Kurt's cheek "That's okay, I'd rather eat you." Kurt squealed "Blaine! Stop it!" Blaine grinned wider and kissed Kurt's nose "Never."