Romano learns his lesson.

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I awoke at nine that morning with Feliciano sleeping next to me; I was used to it by now. According to him he had huge abandonment issues and was afraid that I would leave him in the middle of the night. Whatever made him feel better I guess. World War Two was now passed and the Axis and Allies got along quite well, well Ivan and Alfred still didn't like each other that much. But there was still one person that hated me, Romano Vargas.

The Italian was nothing like his brother, a fact I was glad for and yet I hated it. Every day he would purposely seek me out and challenge me to something stupid, the last time he challenged me he not only messed up on the grenade launching, much like his brother, but he had the gall to punch me when I ripped it from his mouth before it exploded. The least he could do was be a little thankful that I saved his sorry backside. I was always telling Antonio that he should rein his "little Italian" in at times. But Antonio would always tell me the same story.

"He's just too precious! Besides he doesn't mean it, he's just all bark no bite at all."

Yeah right Romano was anything but precious.

But back to bed, sitting up and stretching I felt my back pop in the most gracious way. Slicking back my hair and pulling on my white button up that I had laid out last night I slid out of bed, Feliciano always woke up a little later with cries of pasta wants.

"Pe~? Ludwig, is the pasta ready?" A moan came from the bed. I rolled my eyes, here we go.

Pulling on my black trousers and snapping the clasp I answered.

"No Feliciano, it is not." I said with a sigh. I really didn't feel like cooking today.

"Can we go out for breakfast?" He replied in a sweet tone.

I groaned, not only was he annoying but now he was cleaning out my wallet.

"No Feliciano, I have no money to play with this week." I said finally turning to him. I slapped my forehead; he was completely naked save for his red boxers.

"Italy, please get dressed then I may make you pasta." I said before turning again and leaving the room.


My office was quiet for awhile save for the small beeps and music, Feliciano was playing with one of Kiku's latest inventions. I think he called it a Game boy, the little box played Feliciano's favorite games, Pokémon. What a silly title, Feliciano took to naming his Mightyena after me; Wonderful.

"Ve~ I just beat Flannery, and now I off to beat my dad!" He cheered suddenly making me jump slightly, not much mind you.

"That's wonderful, but can you please refrain from shouting?" I asked as nicely as I could.

Face dropping slightly Feliciano said. "Okay Ludwig."

Chuckling at Feliciano's expression I went back to work, until a certain someone burst in and interrupted the silence.

"Oi!" "Potato munches, where's Veneziano?" Romano yelled. His curl bouncing as he came in and slammed the door.

"Here I am Fratello." Feliciano said switching off his game and setting it on my coffee table.

"Good, let's go before German rubs off on you." He said making my blood spike to dangerous levels.

"Where are you two going?" I said calmly, my fingers digging into the desk.

"Lovino said he would take me out today!" "You don't mind do you Ludwig?" Feliciano said.

I calmed at his face, he made me feel so much better when I looked into his brown eyes. I ignored to snide look from Romano.

"No, I don't mind at all." I said picking my pen back up.

"Yay!" He yelled before grabbing his brother's sleeve and dragging him out the door.

I shook my head at his antics before returning to work.


At six that evening I sat in my living room reading my latest magazine when Feliciano and Romano came home. Barley turning my head I asked.

"How was your day?"

A hiccup was my only reply. I took a double take. A hiccup? Feliciano never drank enough to get drunk. Sniffing the air, I had the distinct smells of liquor and vomit invade my nostrils.

Jumping up and running over to Feliciano I saw that he had a colorful array of vomit on his chest and his brown eyes were glazed over in a drunken stupor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Romano scuffing his foot on my carpet.

"Romano Vargas!" "Did you have something to do with this?" I demanded the small Italian.

He flinched at my voice and looked away. "~M-may-be~"

"What was that?" I asked grabbing his arm with my free arm.

"Maybe?" He said again, a quaver in his voice and fear in his eyes.

My temper rose and I couldn't help but pull him closer, I smelled the liquor on him to.

"Romano you will go wait in my office as I put your brother to bed!" I commanded. A defiant look is all I got.

"No, you damn potato sucker, I will not." "I brought him home and now I am leaving!" He said yanking his arm away and walking to the door.

Grabbing him again, I tucked him under my arm and made my way down the hall to deposit a cussing and thrashing Romano in the room.

Locking the door to the office so the Italian couldn't escape, I went up stairs into Feliciano's bedroom and helped him into his pajamas and into bed when sleep over took him. Stroking his head a little, careful to avoid his curl I nuzzled him slightly.

"Don't worry Feliciano, I going to punish Romano for doing this to you." I said to the sleeping figure.

A hand grabbed my sleeve and a very sleepy reply came. "Not to hard nee~."

I gently shook his hand loose and said. "Okay, but only for you."

Quietly closing the door I walked back down stairs and stopped just outside my office door.

Nearly ripping my belt from my waist I unlocked the door to see the room in shambles and an irate Romano on the phone creaming in rapid Italian to another person.

In quick strides I pulled the phone away and pushed Romano onto the couch, I heard snippets of Spanish before clicking down the phone and facing the oldest Vargas. The defiant look had now left his face and was replaced with the look of fear; he was staring at the belt in my hand.

"Good." I thought.

I paced back and forth in front of my desk, a whimper wrenching me from my thoughts.

As a German man I have seen many things; Families separated, war, terrible experiments that I whole heartily didn't approve of, and yes, even death of said families, children, women, men. But nothing seemed as terrible as the look I received from the oldest Vargas brother.

Romano had never looked so pitiful before, tears streaming down his face. For a second he looked like Feliciano. Calming myself down a little I sat next to him, placing the belt out of view.

"What's wrong Romano?" I asked.

Sniffing he replied. "Are you going to beat me?"

Taken aback at his sudden compliance I asked. What do you mean?

I mean he replied, Alfred said that you beat people with that belt.

I rolled my eyes. Of course he heard it from Alfred. Only he could blow something like a spanking out of proportion. He looked so much like Feliciano right now, I felt like I was about to punish him and not Romano.

Snapping back to reality I replied. "No, I'm not going to beat you."

"Then what's the belt for?" He asked, the defiant look coming back.

"I'm going to spank you." I said sighing and pulling him over my lap. He fit across my thighs just like his brother did; it was quite confusing to me.

"Hey!" He squealed out as I pulled his pants down slightly, just enough for his backside to peek out.

Taking the belt back in hand I brought it down in a light swish before a terrible CRACK was heard.

"Owww!" He yelped, I barley left any time for a recovery before bringing the belt back down again.


I tightened my hold on him when he began squirming and bucking.

"Romano Lovino Vargas, you do not get your brother dunk and then assume that I will take care of your messes!" I shouted at him, his tears now falling onto the hard wood floor below.

He mumbled low broken Italian and through the sobs I understood that he was sorry enough to actually sound sincere.

After the last almighty CRACK I let him up, his curl now in a low droop and almost curving the opposite way. His face was red from crying and his tears left stained trails down the round cheeks.

Next he did the almost impossible, his arms snaked around my neck and he squeezed gently. I now understood how Antonio thought that Romano was precious.

I hugged him back, a bit reluctant at first, but I slowly lifted him up and took him upstairs to join his brother. Careful not to wake Feliciano, how he slept through the screams was beyond me. Laying him on the opposite side of Feliciano so their curls would not intertwine I brushed his hair and turned to leave the room.

"Hey Potato sucker." He called quietly.

I tensed but turned my head slightly to let him know I was listening.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." He said sounding remorseful. "But please don't tell Antonio about this."

I shook my head and replied; "I won't but be warned I won't hesitate to do this again."

With that I left the room to fix up my office.