This is a new thing. Basically Stefan's going to cause a big trouble, without him meaning to do it. And Elena will have to deal with it.. And with Damon's shattered heart.

Will the eldest Salvatore's love for the human doppelganger strong enough to stay with her in the hardest time of her life? Or will his pride destroy her even more?

Elena will have to carry on not only for her life. This time there will be somebody else worth living for…



It's everything you wanted

Chapter 1

"I love her Damon" Stefan's quiet voice arrived sharp at his elder brother's ears.

"So do I" he told back, convinced of his own words.

Then the display of his phone went on, the human's name appearing in bolt letters.

Damon didn't pick up the call,though.

This moment was between his brother and him, no woman in the middle. Deep down, at his confession, he knew Stefan wasn't far gone. He could have gotten home to sort out the events with a good amount of Bourbon.

Stefan did the only thing is impulse demanded,like he was getting used lately.

Helped by his enhanced speed, he made it to the Gilbert's where he found Elena sleeping on the couch with Matt.

He stared, knowing the back of her mind would have sensed the danger his flesh emanated just with his presence in the room.

That happened quickly, as he watched her catch a deep sigh and stroke her eyes. When she sat down straightly, her gaze went in the dark spot he was hiding.

"Who is it?" she asked, slowly standing up to reach the enemy.

He knew her too well to be sure she wouldn't have backed off or run to hide in a corner.

The Petrova's Fire…

Stefan rushed through the stairs and in her room, waiting for her behind the door.

Elena knew something was off. That she needed to dial Damon's number to ask him to come over, but what was the point?

Klaus couldn't kill her. He needed her.

And nobody would have stepped in his way.

She followed the noise into her room, knowing she should have run.

"Stefan" the air stopped circulating in her lungs when the younger Salvatore stood in her way, startling her.

"Hello, Elena" his greeting was formal and detached.

"What do you want with me?" she asked, backing off.

Stefan was faster.

The door behind her was shut closed and locked in a matter of seconds.

She found the back of her knees brushing the border of her bed, noticing she had moved unconsciously.

"I love you" he admitted.

And for once, his eyes lost the sinister and cold look that used to freeze her heart.

She felt hope.

She didn't know for what.. but she had that feeling.

Still deep in her considerations, Elena sensed the well-known lips touch the softness of hers, brushing slightly until she found her lips parted.

What the hell?

She backed off, having herself back.

"I don't, Stefan. That ship sailed a long time ago" her trembling voice only made the grin that she hated form on his lips.

"That's a lie." He approached, as she fell with her back on her bed. "And you know it."

His hands were brushing her skin, the tips of his cold fingers pacing back and forth on her exposed neck.

She closed her eyes, shivering.

Of fear.

"Please don't.." she begged, as his eyes filled with lust.

"Elena" his sobered voice made her eyes open. "I won't hurt you. But please.. I deserve a goodbye".

Her jaw dropped.

Did she love him, deep inside?

Sure she did.

And the thought they didn't have the chance to have their last moment, together… Only made her feel guilty about denying him that..

Again, she didn't have the time to reply, because her clothes were being ripped off by him.

She felt exposed when her naked body was appreciated by the man who once used to own it.

Elena closed her eyes, trying hard not to cry.

"Be quick…" she begged. Stopping him would have driven him mad.

She had what she asked.

Stefan was swiftly freed of his own outfit and hovered over her, his hardened member brushed her entrance.

Elena tried to focus, wasting all of her mental strength to pretend it was Damon. To pretend this wasn't actually happening… That it was only a nightmare meant to end soon.

It took one second to process the thought, that Stefan pushed himself quickly inside of her.

She screamed in pain because of her tight and dry walls. One tear streamed burning down her cheek.

How long had it been since she last had somebody into her? Three months, more or less?

And now Stefan was going in and out of her craving for more, as he held her hips close to the mattress.

"You're.." she chocked in pain, again. "You're hurting me, Stefan"

She could see him getting even more excited and horny at her words.

"Pretend it's him" he whispered in her ear, seductively . "Let me have my last time with you".

She did as he asked the moment he began talking. That was all she could take..

And Damon was suddenly there, replacing the ripper above her bare body.

It was him who was moaning her name,I t was him the one touching her nipples and licking her every inch of her chest. His voice filled her mind.. Her kiss clouded her view.

And it was him who was inside of her, pushing near the spot that once got her so turned on to scream louder than she could even figure out.

Elena started moaning in pleasure, her core went wet, and the juices ran down her tights.

The smell of her arousal filled the air, getting her even more horny.

"Please.." she begged again, this time eager for something else. "Faster"

Her wish was listened.

And with that, the flesh of their bodies filled the silence along with the sounds they emanated.

Elena was so into it that Damon was all she could see.

And when she reached the edge, she fell from it screaming his name.