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Short Summary (I- VI chapter ) :

Elena allowed Stefan to love her one last time, before he carries on with his life without her, joining Klaus .

What she hadn't expected was the hidden and impending doom that's about to happen, and about to change her life even more.

She's about to find out if she's really pregnant, or if it's just something the devil hybrid made up in order to mentally torture her and take the fun of it.

In the meanwhile, Damon will get suspicious, pushing Elena to the edge of the truth and shattering revelations.



I'm not manipulating you, Elena



"I need to be sure it's really what we're guessing it is." The murmur left everyone to intend how much Elena hoped it was all something they had wrongly assumed.

She couldn't be pregnant.

She was freaking eighteen.

And Stefan was a vampire.

What was this, some kind of twisted remake of a supernatural romance novel ?


"Sure" Caroline piped out, readily supporting her friend. "I'll go get a …" there was a small sigh from her part, in which her voice was made lower. " a test."

Elena clenched her jaw and nodded silently, fixing her gaze into a blank point in front of her.


When the blonde vampire blurred out of the residence, an uncomfortable silence washed over both girls.

The unfortunate one couldn't help but stumble on what was right and what was wrong.

What should her next move be?

If she was really carrying a life inside of her, what would his destiny be like?

She had loved Stefan so much, he'd been the one to carry her through the storm that her life was before, the one who'd stood there with her no matter what'd happened.

The one who'd brought her back to life after her parent's death.

But she was young. She couldn't be a mother. She just wouldn't be able to.


But back in time, if Elena could've had the possibility of appearing next to Isobel, in the exact moment she was about to choose whether to keep her baby girl or not, what would have she told her?

In her own mind, she wasn't a hypocrite.

Sure as hell she'd have told her biological mother to keep her own daughter. Because a baby is going to love you more than anything else in the world, not matter who you are, no matter what choices you've made.

Your son is going to love you with no prejudice, with no ulterior motive.

Just like she'd loved her adoptive parents.


How many times she'd sworn never to do the same mistakes as John's and Isobel's.

She had promised herself her future would be different.

Elena wanted to go to college, to live every human experience she could get to experiment, she wanted years to pass by and fully live her life.

To get married, and just then create a family.


Most of those hopes had been shattered once she'd stepped into the supernatural world, but still… a few lights and shreds of her old dreams enlightened her way.

And now..

Stefan was gone. She was pregnant.


Suddenly, an uncomfortable thought crossed her mind.

Drawn back to Earth, Elena said coldly. "You can't tell Damon."

Bonnie, who had been in a reflecting session, was called back from Elena's demand.

"What?" she blurt out. "Elena, maybe we're just assuming it wrong. Maybe you're not really…"


"How was slumber party?" his voice interrupted the witch just in time. She literally chocked of fright, blessing whoever was watching over her that she had stopped before he'd have heard.

Elena's blank face, anyway, was eloquent enough to get the two busted.

"Fine." She muttered, nearing the counter to handle some bowls for her breakfast.

Of course, Bonnie thought, that was a worthless try to hide her messed up expression.


The witch gave the blued-eyed Salvatore a sneaky look, profiting of the moment in which he was immersed in reading whatever had gone on.

She then grabbed her phone to alert Caroline about the latter events.


He couldn't understand what was wrong with the girls.

But he couldn't talk, because of the witch being in the room. And because of Elena openly avoiding him by showing him her back, which –needs to be said- he tried not to overlook in order to keep his mind under a firm control.

"Bonnie" Damon called, cheeky."Would you mind giving us a sec ?" he unnecessary pleaded the witch with one of his usual gazes.

She, however, didn't beckon any angered or unnerved expression. But he adverted Elena stopping and rigidify .


When they were left alone, Damon grabbed her forearm, forcing her tiny body to turn and get her face a few inches from his.

"What's going on?" he asked, concretely and deadly serious.

Elena didn't talk.

She couldn't lie to him. It felt wrong. It felt like killing her with guilt. Because Damon had always been the most honest person to her than anyone else she'd ever known.

But she denied everything. There was no way out.

"Nothing, Damon. Just stay out of it." Her eyes felt like if they had piercing pins painfully taking her sight away.

She tried with a big sigh, holding back those damn tears.

And she succeeded.

Problem is: he couldn't buy it.

"Why are you lying to me?"his sharp question stabbed her violently.

She stiffened even more, trying to come out of the situation with a good excuse.

So, unlocking her gaze from his fairness for a while, Elena cleared her mind to think of a coherent thing to say to him.

"Stefan was compelled to come and talk to me. I guess Klaus enjoys seeing me getting worn out over something that can't be repaired." She murmured, supposing that it was the truth, in a kindly twisted way.

Damon nodded, finally believing her, increasing the level of guilt in Elena.


She sighed again.

"I'm trusting you to tell the truth" he began, slowly. "'Cause the moment I'll be kicking Klaus and Stefan' asses, I want it to be for a good reason."

"What?" she goggled her eyes, taken aback. "Are you trying to get yourself killed, Damon?"

He shrugged, casually, finally letting go of Elena's arms.

"You can't go there provoke them." She stated, serious.

"Uh?" he asked, sarcastically . "And why is that?"

"Are you trying to play me around?" she spat out, sharply.

Damon stopped from his pacing back and forth. "What?" he narrowed his eyebrows. "I'm not manipulating you. Why'd you think that?"

Because that was exactly what I have done with you Elena's inner voice spoke aloud, but wasn't given any air from her lungs to create a mess.

"Just don't go there. They're up to something. If they see you messing around, they could get mad and do worse" she explained, urgent.


He blurred a few inches from her, repeating the act he'd done a few minutes before.

"I'm not gonna let them hurt you." He whispered,fighting the aching need of touching her soft skin.

It was as if their fleshes emanated heat.

They both could feel it. They both tried to ignore it.

" Damon, this needs to stop "she murmured helpless, fearing the way his lips desperately called for her attention.

"What exactly?" he seemed drawn to her even more, with every click on the clock ticking and passing by.

"Whatever is going on." She replied softly. "I don't wanna…"

"You don't wanna what?" he supported her to continue, studying every inch of color reflecting in her brown puddles. He noticed the way they were becoming darker and darker.


"I don't want to lose you." She closed her eyes to hold everything back, dying inside for the upcoming words. She didn't want to say it, but her control was lost in the moment the tip of his fingers brushed in the slightest and most tender touch her heated skin.

"Don't make me push you away. Don't go there, Damon"

He didn't stop to caress her cheek. Not now that he was finally given the gift of touching her.

"Open your eyes" he whispered.

"All I know is that I can't shut it off." He admitted. "It's more than I can bear. If I do deny what I feel, I'll lose myself again"

She chocked with air that stopped circulating in her lungs. Her eyes widened at the admission.

Bleeding inside, Elena gave him the most sincere answer ever.


She couldn't let him close to her, she couldn't let him feel something for her. Not now that maybe, more than ever, her life could have been linked to Stefan's. Because it would have destroyed Damon.

It was for his own sake.

"If you really care about me…" she whispered, her voice trembling for what was coming. "Please let me take my decision. Don't be like him…" Elena felt his hands move away from her face, leaving an unpleasant sense of cold .

"Please Damon. You'll understand why. You will, someday" she nodded almost invisibly , trying to convince herself of the truth of those words. "This is because it's the only way I have to thank you. It's because I care about you too much."

He shook his head, his unbelief was shown in the sincerity of his expression. His eyes were glassy, his dark eyebrows defined the seriousness of his emotions.

"You care about me?" he murmured, astonished to hear an admission that would have cost too much for Elena to speak aloud just a few months before.

She simply nodded, biting hard her lower lip.

"Then why do you complicate it?" he demanded, sudden. "Why, Elena?"

And just when she was about to say something, that may have ruined the both even more, somebody came in.