Okay so I've been away for like two months or so since I completed my last story and I tried to make up for the loss of sleep.

I've been vacationing, sleeping and being stressed. Don't even ask... Anyway I told myself I wouldn't publish another story for a while but this just kept nagging at me since I started to write it a few weeks ago.

Hopefully this won't have around 30 chapters as my last two stories did. I'm thinking no more than 12. Short chapter, I know but there is more to come...just wanted to publish this little bit first.

I'm hoping for the later chapters to be filled with a lot of humor...we'll see what happens.

I must say I've missed all of my readers. Hope you enjoy. :)

I can't believe that troll had the nerve to spill brandy on me, what a stupid skank. I was so fricken pissed, I slammed the door behind me. I had to come home cause I couldn't stand being out and smelling like a bar.

We're not in kindergarten, we're 20 frigging years old and it's time she grows up. It's not my fault her boyfriend kept flirting with me.

I picked up the phone to call my Mom and tell her what Brasilda did, what kind of name is that anyway. Brasilda...Pssh, sounds so stupid. I moved out of my Mom's house a few weeks ago right after I finished college and she changed her number so BRASILDA (damn I hate that name) wouldn't be able to call anymore.

Come on, if you hate me so much why would you call everyday. Who does that? She's one of those pathetic types that insults you then calls and tries to brush everything off and be friends..

Lets see, 555-8255...I think that's it. I know my Mom's gonna pick up and start ranting about her bingo team so I did what I always did...cut her off.

After a few rings she picked up. Hey Mom, how are you?

I started rambling off before she could even answer.

"Do you know what that wicked troll did today, she threw brandy on me! I mean who walks around a carnival drinking alcohol anyway, it's a family oriented area. It landed right on my chest and I didn't know my shirt would turn transparent once wet."

"My breast were showing for goodness sake and I didn't even have a jacket to cover up with."

"Oh this one likes to get right to the point, my kinda girl."

"The joke was on her anyway because her boyfriend happened to like the view. When he tried to get touchy and kneed him and he actually found it pleasurable, what kind of weirdo is that? What, does he get off on pain? I'm not surprised she's dating a freak like him, they're a perfect couple."

"What made things worse was the fact that all the lights were so bright it made my wet chest glisten and even more noticeable! Thank goodness some nice tall brunette came over with a napkin and helped me wipe the liquid off the top of my breast."

"She reminded me of you but 30 years younger (no offense), her touch was so gentle. Did nothing to help my wet shirt though."

"Damnit, who is this chick? She has a really sexy voice, my pants are getting so tight. Maybe I should ask her name."

"Don't say anything, Mom. I already know what you're going to say, leave her be and she'll get what's coming to her."

"This isn't Mom but we sure got what was coming to us, a nice sexy little story."

I felt my heart drop.

"Who the hell is this!?"

"This is Edward and you just dialed 555-talk."

Whoever he is, he has a really nice voice.

"555-talk? Nooo...I dialed 555-8256."

"You must have been confused sweetheart, because you dialed 8255."

That's right, I did press a '5' instead of a '6'. Darnit!

"Well Angel voice, what's your name?"


"Well Bella-can I call you Bella-I'm sure our listeners loved your story."


"Yes. This is an erotic call-in radio show and you just dialed our hotline."

Uh ohh...I think I'm gonna be sick...

"Bella, Bella?"

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