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I quickly turned around, startled.

"It's me, Xavier, from the Hotel. I haven't seen you since that day your fiance dragged you away." I let out a nervous life.

I didn't know what to say. I can tell he's genuinely friendly but it's kinda embarrassing at the same time. I never thought I'd see him again after Edward embarrassed me in front of him.

"How have you been and what are you doing standing behind a liquor store?" He asked with a friendly smile.

"I've been good. I was just on the phone."

"I saw you twirling your hair, must have been an interesting conversation."

"How are you, it's nice seeing you again." I said changing the conversation. "

I've been good. How are things with you and your fiance?"

I hadn't even noticed Stephan standing some feet away from us, staring. Great, now he's going to tell Edward I was talking to some guy behind a liquor store then Edward is going to go into jealous-Edward-mode.

"Things are great." Although it's none of your business I said mentally.

"I take it that was him you were talking to on the phone."

"Yep." I said while slowing walking away.

"It's been nice chatting with you but I have to go, really busy."

I said as I took off with Stephan in tow.

"Nice catching up." I heard Xavier shout.

I get the feeling he wanted to ask me out. I met Brasillda waiting in the car. Next stop, Alice!

At Alice's house...

We arrived at Alice's home and she welcomed us in, I noticed I didn't see Jasper around. I whispered to Brasilda not to touch anything and to not be rude. Alice has a lot of elegant, expensive-looking things in her home. Everything looked french too.

Brasilda stayed out in the living room chatting up Stephen.

I want my dress to be a surprise for her and my Mom so I don't want them to know what it's going to look like. I decided not to pick up my Mom yet.

I did some thinking on the drive here and I only plan on getting married once, I want my marriage to Edward to last forever, like a real life fairy tale, happily ever-after.

I'm going to let Alice design my dress instead of purchasing one.

I want to wear my custom dream dress to meet Edward down the aisle.

Alice took me into her room and told me to sit on her bed, she sat next to me with a sketchpad.

Before we started I made her swear not to tell Edward what the dress is going to look like.

I told her my perfect style of dress and she sketched it perfectly, every detail!

I definitely want a ball gown cause I feel I'm too thin for a mermaid-style dress and don't have much curves to fill one out. She drew me a giant, princess ball gown dress, with a sweetheart neckline and a lot of detail. The back dips low but not too low.

Alice told me how excited she was to be designing my dress. From the moment I met her I could tell she was all about style.

She said she's going to import the finest fabrics from Europe. I told her not to spend too much cause I knew Edward would be paying for the dress and I didn't want it to be expensive. In her french accent she said "Nonsense! It's my gift to you, Edward doesn't even have to worry his pretty little bronze head about anything. Even though I know he'd give his entire fortune just for you, Bella. And Edward has quite a large fortune..."

"I'm going to add a few small diamonds, crystals and a lot of pearls to your dress. It's going to be stunning!"

I gave Alice an unsure look.

"Don't worry, you won't look like a disco ball, I promise you. And we're definitely going with the hair down, tons of gorgeous curls or waves to frame your gorgeous face. I'll be designing your shoes and jewelry as well, you'll be covered in white gold and diamonds and I'm not taking no for an answer!" I was speechless.

As Alice was finishing up the drawing I noticed the veil had the same design pattern as the skirt of the dress and... some parts of the top of the dress were see-through.

"Alice! What are you doing, the top looks like lingerie! I'm going to feel naked wearing that in front of so many people, my Mom isn't going to be happy if she sees me in that."

"Oh yes, speaking of lingerie I must take you to one of my favorite stores I like to frequent when I feel like expressing my 'affection' to Jasper! Come on, grab your keys, lets go! Everything must be perfect and sexy!"

The only word Alice heard was lingerie, she didn't even edit the sketch! She was too busy pulling me out the door and Brasilda and Stephen followed in tow.

I have a feeling this is going to get pretty uncomfortable, I really hope Stephen doesn't follow me into the store...

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