I woke up with Edward's arm around me and everything felt wonderful. I'm living a fairytale, who knew I would find Prince Charming so early in life? The best thing is I didn't even have to kiss any frogs. Even 'he' can't ruin this for me. I remember telling Edward that we wouldn't be sleeping in the same bed until our wedding night, gosh he has me breaking all the rules. The funny thing about it is it feels so good. Edward really has me gone in the brain. In a couple of weeks I'll be somebody's wife. All of this is like a giant blissful blur. I stayed in bed waiting to wake up from this fairytale seeing if it would be just that, a fairytale. But I never woke up, this isn't a dream...It's my life.

As I got ready for my interview at a pre-school I noticed Edward walking around in only boxers. Omg he caught me staring at him! Great, now he's smirking at me. I got embarrassed and faced the other way, I know I'm the color of a red crayon right now. After the interview I have to meet with Edward's friend, Alice, she'll be helping me plan the wedding. She's french and seems to have excellent taste, what could go wrong?

Edward came into the room wearing black dress pants and it was still hard not to stare at him in all his shirtless glory.

"Don't forget that you'll be taking Stephan with you." Edward said.

"Who?" I asked dumbfounded.

Edward gestured to some giant dude standing in the hallway.

"Seriously?" I asked.


"I can take care of myself, you know."

"I can take you everywhere you need to go today." Edward said.

"Fine, but only cause I'm in such a good mood." I sighed.

"Don't forget to pick up Alice so she can assist you."

"Assist me, I want her, my Mother and Brasilda to do all of the work. Edward smiled as he handed me his credit card then kissed me goodbye and headed out the door. I wanted to ask him where he was going but I don't think I wanna know.

Two Hours Later...

Omg, the bodyguard is almost as worse as Edward. He insisted on sitting next to me while I was interviewed, what the hell? He followed me around the store giving me no more than fourteen inches of space and insisted of coming into the restroom to stand outside the stall while I peed. He has to be related to Edward in some way.

My phone beeped. It's a text from Brasilda.

Hey Bella, just letting you know I'm done with my date with Bill and ready for you to pick me up so we can go bridal shopping. I still can't believe you're getting married before me. Ugh. Feels so weird but I'm so happy for you.

I still can't believe it either. Looking back who would of thought I'd be getting married at twenty or friends with Brasilda. Funny how life turns out. I went on my way to pick up Silda with Stephen sitting in the backseat. There was an awkward silence in the car, probably a lot more awkward for me than for him. He seems so cool, calm and collected.

I pulled into Brasilda's driveway and honked the horn. She came out in a crop top and shorts that could be underwear.

"Some things never change." I said as I smiled at Brasilda.

"And just what are you laughing at?" She said as she hoped in the passenger seat.

"Oh nothing."

"Who's the suit?"

"Just some bodyguard Edward hired." I said sounding kind of annoyed and nonchalant at the same time.

"Oow, he's cute." Brasilda said. "What's your name, handsome?" She turned around and asked Stephen with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Hey, aren't you in a serious, COMMITTED relationship with Bill? Eyes forward, I'm not going to let you damage Edward's employee." I said as I reversed out of the driveway.

"Edward really knows how to take care of his woman, pity I couldn't have met him first."

"Yes, what a pity indeed..."

"Didn't you say one of his friend's is suppose to be coming along with us?"

"Yeah, Alice from my surprise engagement party. I'm suppose to call her when I'm ready. I also wanted to invite my Mom."

"Well, sounds like we have quite a few stops to make, one of them will be the liquor store so I can get a drink before we pick up your Mom."

"That's not funny." I told her.

I kept peaking at Stephen in the rear-view mirror, he has such a serious Edward.

"You know since Edward is so wealthy and he seems to keep wealthy, fashionable company-I bet this Alice chick is going to take us to a lot of expensive, designer bridal stores. Will we be picking out your fancy china and solid goldware today or will you be doing that with Edward?"

"Huh? Hmm... This is all a bit much. I don't even know what kind of dress I want, A-line, mermaid, ball gown-"

"You definitely don't want an A-line dress. Without a lot of pattern and style most A-line dress are boring. You want a nice fitted mermaid gown to show off your curves."

I rolled my eyes at Brasilda.

"Come on Bella, you're telling me you honestly don't have an idea of the kind of dress you want?"

"Well...I was thinking a ball gown but I'm not sure. Then there's the guest list. I don't know a lot of people, my side of the Church is going to be practically empty and I'm sure Edward is going to have a lot of fancy people on his side."

"Well maybe you should have a small wedding and tell Edward you aren't comfortable with a large, extravagant wedding."

"You know sometimes you actually give good advice." I told Brasilda.

"The way Edward looks at you I'm sure he'll be more focused on what's under the dress. Anyway, I'm not surprised you want to get married in a church, Bella. But how about a beach wedding instead? Or you two can get married in Barcelona. With a man like Edward the options are limitless."

"It's only My Mom, you and I so that's not a lot of people to fly out to Spain."

"But you were such a sweetheart in school, everyone loved you except me. I'm sure a lot of your old classmates will show up and your teachers. You were the quiet, shy, nice virtuous Bella and I was the...Well lets just say I was very hot." Brasilda said as she started laughing. "We all know Edward can afford to fly you and this entire town to Spain and back a million times."

"I haven't even spoken to Edward about all of this. He just told me to go out and shop for wedding stuff and that Alice is an excellent stylist and designer and she'd be helping me. We don't even have a budget set, not that I have a lot in my bank account."

"Bella, relax. You're going to be a bride and a gorgeous bride at that and you're marrying the very wealthy handsome, Edward. I'm pretty sure that he didn't discuss much with you because he wants you to do what you want and feel like a princess on that day like most women do. I doubt he's going to care about what kind of dress you'll be wearing. All Edward wants is for you to be happy, he told me while we were discussing your surprise engagement party."

"That you my so called friend neglected to tell me about."

"As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, I'm sure there's no budget. So lets spend as much as we possible could, your maid of honour needs new designer shoes for the wedding and reception." Brasilda said while smiling at me. "Oh and Bill gave me his credit card." She said with an even wider grin.

"Alright then, lets go spend a lot of money."

"Attagirl." Brasilda said.

I pulled in front of the liquor store so Brasilda could get her fix. As I was about to step inside I got a call from Edward. I told Stephen to follow Brasilda inside although it looked as if he didn't want to. I didn't want him to see how I melted whenever I spoke to Edward. I hope Brasilda doesn't make any moves on him for his own well being.

"Hello, gorgeous."

Just the sound of his voice made me blush.

"How did the interview go?"

"It went very well."

"I knew it would."

Edward was always as cocky as ever.

"Your watchdog insisted on being in the ladies' room while I tinkled."

"Remind me to give him a raise." Edward said.

"That's not funny."

"Relax, Stephan isn't interested in women. But I don't know any man you can't turn straight."

"Bella? I can hear you blushing through the phone. I can make you blush a lot more when you get home."

"He's gay, that's bad news for Brasilda." I said changing the subject. If someone walked past and looked at me they would think I was having phone sex in a public place.

"Are you changing the subject on me, Bella?"

"Yes. How is it that we haven't discussed what color tux you're going to wear or picking out fine china together?"

"Is that what you want?"

"I don't know what I want."

"You can pick the tux and everything else or we can do it together. Whatever you want. We'll talk about it...among other things when you get home." Edward said seductively.


"I love you." He told me.

"I love you too." I said as I hung up.

"Hello, Bella." Whispered a voice from behind me.

I hope it's not the stalker.