I sprung up from the sofa and quickly ran into my room and yanked my closet doors open. I scanned through all of the clothing and nothing wowed me, though I found nothing wrong with them but a guy like Edward would be expecting something...fantastic?

Knowing him he probably goes out with tall leggy girls who wear clothing that shows off their curves.

I sat down for a second and sighed...guess I have to go shopping. I'll do it tomorrow...

I woke up still a bit sleepy but decided to shower and get ready anyway. You know what happens when you sleep all day then when night comes you can't fall asleep and you're up trying to fall asleep until 4am and because you went to sleep at 4am you wanna sleep in all day because you're so tired...yeah...

I braided my hair down in pigtails and threw on a cotton candy colored strapless dress with baby blue flats then I was out the door. Today's going to be a good day. As I was reversing out of the drive-way I noticed a girl with black hair and immediately recognized who she was, I immediately pressed down harder on the gas.

Brasilda jumped out of the way and started shouted something so I rolled down the window to hear what she was saying.

"Damnit Bella you almost ran me over!"

"Sorry Silda didn't see you but I have to go so I'll talk to you later." I rushed out and drove off as she was opening her mouth to say something.

I headed to the mall but as I was driving I noticed a dress in the window of a cute little was stunning! I turned off and parked my car in a parking lot and headed across the street.

The cool air-conditioning immediately hit me and there was a sweet scent in the store too. A lady with blonde hair and green eyes noticed me and came over.

"Hi honey, can I help you?"

She had a nice wide smile and what I believe to be a southern accent.

"Yes, I noticed the dress in the window and-"

"Oh yes, the Belle Angeline. That dress brought in a lot of girls and when they tried it on they fell in love with it but as soon as they heard the price they were heartbroken that they couldn't afford it."

I didn't hear what the lady was saying, everything she said came in one ear and went out the other. I couldn't stop staring at the dress, it was perfect.

"I'd like to try it on please."

She gave me a strange look then went and got it off the mannequin.

"This dress is the only one of it's kind. Follow me to the dressing room please."

I tried on the dress and the inside was a thin silk material, it felt so smooth on my skin. It was a long, floor length strappy navy blue A-line halter dress with charmeuse silk and a sequin skirt. The two straps hugged my waist like a second skin and I felt my confidence shoot up by a hundred.

A/N: I posted a link to the pic of the dress below.

I stared in the mirror for a really long time trying to grip how exquisite I looked, I even did a little twirl. I heard a knock on the door and a cheery voice asking if I was okay in there.

I opened the door and she smiled.

"Look how well that dress fits you, you look stunning. I'll tell you something honey, I've seen a lot of gorgeous girls come in here and try that on but that dress suits you the best."


"Look at how it hugs you."

I smiled in the mirror, it was perfect.

"So are you getting it?"


"Good, come on out when you're done and I'll ring it up for you."

I turned around and looked at my back in the dress, the dress stopped a few cm before it reached my hip. I caught a glimpse of the tag and pulled it up then turned my head around to see the price.

$650.00! You've got to be kidding me.

I'm going out for one night in this dress, if I'm paying that kind of price for a dress it should be my wedding dress.

I started to take the dress off but I noticed how beautiful I looked in it. I've never felt this way about a dress before and I've never owned anything like this. I sighed and thought what the hell.

I walked out of the dressing room with a smile on my face and handed the dress over so she could ring it up. I noticed a pair of dangling earrings that matched the dress perfectly.


Guess she noticed my staring.

Well, since I'm already spending so much it's all or nothing, right. I'll take those too.

The saleswoman smiled. I watched as she bagged up the dress and thought how gorgeous I'm going to look.

"So, who is he?"


"The guy, who is he?"

"How did you know?"

"You have a certain glow about you. Your blushing tells me I'm right."

"He's someone I just recently met."

"Well my dear you look head over heels in love."

"I'm not in love."

"Not yet but by the looks of it he'll have you hook, line and sinker just like that."

She snapped her fingers to give an example and it made a sharp sound throughout the boutique.

"You don't want to fall too fast, remember, all that glitters isn't gold. Now, since you're going out with a real high class gentleman and I know you are because an attractive girl like yourself would and should accept nothing less so you'll need a really sexy pair of stilettos."

The woman practically dragged me across the store towards shoes that looked like I would twist my ankle the first step I took in them.

I was finally able to agree on a pair of shoes the lady picked and was happy to get out of there. I looked at my watch and it read 12:15pm, I left home at 10:30am, that means I was in there for almost two hours. I couldn't stop thinking about what the lady had said...all that glitters isn't gold...

Edward seems like a nice guy...I just hope he is. I noticed I was passing the docks and the image of me falling into the water flashed through my mind, how embarrassing that was...

I had reached my desired destination...the ice cream parlour! No other way to celebrate a successful little shopping trip than with a large chocolate sundae dripping with chocolate syrup and bits of chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

The same girl that served Edward and I before handed me my sundae. I drove home as fast as I could so I could enjoy my treat, I've gotta start stocking my freezer with ice cream because I'm developing a real sweet tooth.

When I got home, as I pulled into the drive-way I noticed a familiar aston martin parked outside with BRASILDA LEANING AGAINST IT? She was talking to Edward. Has she been here since this morning, and what time did Edward get here?

I looked at my watch and it was 1:00pm, I slowly got out of my car while eyeing Brasilda on Edward's car. Her pants were so tiny they could be underwear. My good mood was completely gone, as a matter of fact, it wasn't just was destroyed...

"Hello Bella."

Edward came over charmingly as ever to greet me, he even kissed my hand. Hmmm..

"Your friend was just telling me how close you two are."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, she said you've been friends since pre-school."

I was too upset to think about the lies Brasilda was telling him so I just ignored it.

"What are you doing here?"

Edward was looking at me with 'that' look, I was trying so hard to stop the blush but it was getting the upper hand.

"I came to bring you this."

He came closer to me so that we were touching, and he pulled out a flat square box wrapped in metallic wrapping paper with a big gold bow on the top.

"I want you to wear it tonight."

What is it? I asked while staring at the present in my hand.

"You'll see."

Edward headed for his car and started to leave but not before he rolled down the window...

"Oh and Bella, cute pigtails."

By now the blush had spread past my chest and I knew Edward noticed. I don't understand how he does this to me with just words. I've never gotten so gushy over a guy before...I've never even had a guy before.

As soon as Edward drove off I felt Brasilda brush next to me.

"So, what's in the box Bella?"

I heard Brasilda ask with her annoying, nasally voice.

"That's for me to know and you to try and figure out. What were you telling him anyway?"

"That we're good friends and if he has any friends like him to give you a call and you'll give me a call."

"I can't say I'm surprised."

I pulled my car up next to where Edward's was and started walking towards my front door. I noticed Brasilda was following me and I got annoyed.

I opened the door with my keys, walked in and closed it behind me. After a few seconds I noticed Brasilda was still standing there looking all pathetic, I wondered if it was all an act. I know she's pathetic but she was never that low to stand outside my door unwanted.

This isn't the way my Mother raised me to be, I sighed and opened the door.

"Brasilda, would you like to come in?"

She smiled widely and shook her head up and down. This is the girl that annoyed and tormented me for years, I can't believe I'm being nice to her. I did say I forgave her though.

"Have a seat and don't touch anything."

I hadn't realized I had left my cell phone home, I picked it up and scanned through it. I had a few missed calls from Edward, though I don't recall giving him my cell phone number.

Brasilda must've given it to him when he came here looking for me...or I might've given it to him and forgot.

I dryly tore off the wrapping paper and started to open the present Edward gave me. I would've probably been happier doing it if Brasilda wasn't around.

When I saw what was in the sleek black box my mood suddenly lightened...A LOT. It was a diamond bracelet. No, it was a really heavy diamond bracelet.

"Is that a platinum diamond bracelet?"

When Brasilda noticed the shiny, glistening jewel she jumped over the couch and yanked it out of my hand with her grabby hands.


"Trust me Bella, I know jewelry. I went through a lot of rich married men in the past year."

Again...not surprising.

"I didn't know platinum shined as much as silver or white gold would."

"Damnit Bella this is really heavy. These diamonds are real too, this must've cost him a fortune! Who is he!"

"Some guy I met while taking a walk." I said not wanting to tell her too much.

I was uncomfortable accepting something like that from Edward and not just Edward but any man. Maybe I should return it to him at the end of the night.

"I knew you were getting laid, you must've put it on him real good for him to buy something that costs a down payment on a house. Wonder how many carats these diamonds have?"

"I'm not having sex with Edward or anyone for that matter."

"Yeah, right."

"I'm serious."

Brasilda eyed me weirdly.

"Not everyone sleeps around you know Brasilda." I'm sure she read between the lines and got the hint that I was implying she slept around a lot, even since high school.

"Well if you're not giving him anything I'm sure he's expecting something since he's spending that kind of cash."

"Well he's not getting anything." I said while grabbing the bracelet out of her hand and put it back in the box.

"Bella, you're twenty years old, it's time you get some cock in your life and in you."

"Don't stare at me, don't act like you haven't heard a dirty word before."

I didn't know what to say...I was in utter shock.

"Seriously Bella, fix your face. I'm getting thirsty, what do you have to drink around here?"

"You just told me I need to get a...penis inside of me and now you're talking about wanting something to drink?"

"'m thirsty here Bella."

I grabbed a bottled water out of the kitchen and threw it at Brasilda.

"Thanks for being such a polite hostess..." Brasilda said sarcastically.

Brasilda was snooping through my bags being nosey again.

"Oow, lookey here, this looks expensive. So this is why you almost ran me over this morning, to go shopping for your date."

Brasilda was holding my brand new dress in her hands and I watched her pick up the price tag.

"$650.00? This reminds me of when I would take my sugar daddies credit cards and treat myself to $12,000.00 shopping sprees. Did he buy this for you?"

"No, I bought it myself and I can support myself thank you very much."

"But for how long? What do you plan to do with your life anyway, you graduated college and now you're unemployed."

"I'm unemployed because I can be and I'm thinking about pre-school."

"Who are you going to be, the teacher or the student?"

"The teacher of course."

"It doesn't look like it, with those pigtails in all..and that dress..."

"What's wrong with my hair and the way I look?"

"You look like a fifteen year old school girl, did you meet loverboy dressed like that? It's hard to believe he was interested in you, I thought he would go for someone who dressed and looked like a real woman."

"Screw you."

"Come on, I'm not insulting you. You look cute...just not sexy."

"Well wait until tonight, you'll be changing your tune."

Brasilda finally left but not before talking my ear off for hours and asking me if I know any of Edward's friends. Does Edward even have friends? Hmm...

As soon as Brasilda left I took a shower and washed my hair then brush my teeth, it was time to start getting ready. I sat in front of my mirror for half an hour trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I finally decided on a sexy updo.

I debated on whether to wear stockings or not, the dress is so long I don't think anyone is even going to see my shoes so maybe I don't have to wear the stockings.

I slid on my panties then the dress, it felt weird not wearing a bra since I've always worn one. I've never really been one for make-up but I decided on eyeliner, a navy blue and blackish smokey eye and black cherry lipstick.

I put in the new earrings and shoes then prayed on a little perfume. Last but not lease, the bracelet Edward gave me... I looked in the mirror, I looked amazing.

I heard a knock on the door then looked at the time on my cell phone, 8:59pm. I took baby steps in my heels towards the door, Edward looked so sharp in a what I believed to be a designer suit. I didn't think he could get any more handsome...guess I was wrong.

"Bella, you look...breathtaking."

I could see Edward's eyes roaming over every inch of me. He was wearing a black suit with a black shirt underneath and a black silk tie.

Edward took my hand and led me to his car and opened the door. When he sat next to me I smelled his cologne, he smelled divine. The tingly feeling I get when I'm near him started acting up.

As we drove it started to rain and we sat in silence for a little while.

"Bella, I've been meaning to mention that dress, it looks amazing and expensive."

I got a compliment on it, my $650.00 was well spent. I noticed Edward was looking at me and smiling.

"It's nice to not look like I'm going out with my little sister."

I hit him playfully on the arm.

"I do not, nor have I ever looked like a little sister, much less you're little sister."

"Did you see the outfit you were wearing today, I could've put a lollipop in your hand and walk around with you all day and everyone that passed us would've said what a cute daughter I have. Not to mention the pigtails."

"You said they were cute, I think you just like teasing me."


"Do you have a problem with the way I dress?"

"No but if we're going out to meet my friends, rainbow dresses and pigtails with bows wouldn't be appropriate."

"So you're telling me how to dress?"

"Of course not, you look adorable in those cartoon like things you wear. You just shouldn't wear them if we're going out at night."

Maybe I should've worn my other dress and walk around calling you daddy and lover all night."

"And that would've probably gotten me arrested."

The drive to where we were going was long, I noticed we were now in a upper, upper class part of town I never knew existed or even seen...I really do live under a rock.

"So who's this friend of yours we're going to see?"

"His name is Jasper Henderson, he's an artist."

Why does that name sound familiar?

"I wanted to thank you for the gift."

"It doesn't do you justice."

I felt the blush coming again.

"It's expensive."

"And you're stunning."

I saw where Edward was going with it so I decided not to say anything else and give it back to him at the end of the night.

We arrived at the gallery (finally) and Edward opened the door for me. After a few steps I ended up stumbling but he caught me.

"New shoes?"


"They're nice, and they add a few inches to your height."

As soon as we stepped inside the gallery a medium height blonde man greeted Edward with a hug. I realized why the name sounded familiar, I've seen him on TV before. Him and Edward seemed like good friends. I noticed most of the people there looked familar, I probably saw them on tv as well.

Edward had his arm around my waist.

"Jasper this is Bella, Bella, jasper."

Nice to meet you. I said while shaking his hand.

"Oh believe me, the pleasure is all mine." He took my hand and kissed it. A lady with short black hair noticed and came right over. She was wearing a tight fitted black dress with long black gloves and a white fur, I noticed she has a fake mole on her face...probably done by an eyeliner pencil.

"Well who's this lovely creature, Edward?" She asked while circling me, she was holding a wine glass and looked very free spirited. I also noticed she was in half of the painting in the gallery.

"Alice, this is the lovely Isabella, my date."

"Well Isabella, I love what you're wearing."


I watched the lady Edward called Alice saunter off to mingle with the other guest. Everyone here looks either rich or famous...or both. They were dressed lavishly and looked like stuck up rich people.

While evaluating the guest I heard my name being called.

"Bella, come over here and meet Rosalie and her fiance Emmet."

Emmet was muscular and handsome and Rosalie looked like a beauty queen. I shook both of their hands and even had a conversation with them. She said I looked 'interesting' and wanted to ask me a few questions, a conversation related to the question followed after every question.

I was getting tired of talking to them and looked across the room at Jasper elaborating on his art to everyone. I couldn't help but notice how curvy Rosalie was, I bet she's the kind of woman Edward usually dates.

She wore a long red tight fitted, mermaid dress, long white gloves and her long blonde hair in long vintage waves. Her skin was fair and she wore a bright shade of cherry red lipstick. Looking at her she has that I'm better than you look but if you talk to her she isn't that bad.

Edward could talk forever with these people, I get that he's here to support his friend but is he even into art? I wonder if he's going to leave with one of these paintings.

I don't know how he doesn't get bored when he comes to these things. Throughout the night I shook a ton of people hands and got compliments on my dress.

Edward brought my a glass of wine but I declined, I don't drink on an empty stomach and I don't drink period. Guess I should've eaten before I came out. Edward pulled me into a corner and started talking about everyone one by one. He told me who was sleeping with who and who's going broke etc...It was funny and interesting the way he told it but I've been here for atleast two hours and I'm ready to leave.

"Edward I'm ready to leave."

"Give me a minute."

I saw him walk over to Jasper and talk for a bit, then to Emmet and a few other people. He came back and said lets go. He led me out of the building and to the car, I was way beyond hungry...I was practically starving...

"Which restaurant are you taking me to?"

"One of my favorites."

"You said that on the phone, I want a name."

"What's the matter, you don't trust me?"

"You could be a psycho killer leading a perfectly normal double life and is off to kill me and bury me."

"Well then you should put on your seatbelt, I don't want you to end up dying before I get a chance to kill you."

And with that Edward hit the gas and I think we were literally going 100mph.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at what I believed to be a dock and no, not the one I fell over and into the water.

"Why are we here?"

"You asked where I was taking you for a dinner."

"A dock?"

"The Ocean."

A yacht arrived and Edward helped me onto it, curse these heels. There was a little table for two set up with candles, roses, a butler and a man playing a violin. Edward pulled out the chair for me and I sat down.

We were immediately served with food, the butler pulled the covers off to reveal salad and steak.

"I took the liberty of ordering for you the samething I ordered, incase you asked for my steak."

I couldn't help but laugh.

The sea was calm as we sailed and the moonlight glistened on us. This setting is perfect and so romantic. The cool ocean breeze blew over us as Edward reached over to brush a few loose strands of my hair back.

"Would you like anything else sir?" The butler asked.

"Another glass of wine for me and grape juice for the lady."

I've never been on a yacht in the middle of the Ocean before, it all seemed so surreal.

Edward dismissed the butler and violinist and at the same time the wind blew out the candles so the only light we had was from the moon. We talked and talked and Edward told me the funniest stories. We discussed everything from childhood, kids and politics but then things got serious.

Edward complimented me all night and told me that he wanted to see me again and again and again. He held my hand in his and would rub his thumb over it. He was basically asking me to be his girlfriend and when I hesitated he promised to buy me lavish gifts.

"...Basically, you can have anything you want."

"I'm not a prostitute you know, I'm not going to have sex with you for money or anything else."

"I'm not asking you too, I'm simply asking you to give me a chance."

"Why me?"

"You're special, Bella."

"I can't be that special, you can have any woman you want. You obviously have a lot of money. When I saw you talking to Brasilda I automatically thought that..."

"Thought what?"

"That you would like her better than me and ask her out instead."

"And why would I have done that?"

"Because she has long perfect legs and looks like a model, she's even got the height for it."

"I'm only attracted to you, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You're name says it all."

Edward stared into my eyes and I wondered what he was thinking.

It was after 1am when I got home, we were parked in my drive-way and Edward had his hand on my knee. I had a feeling he was going to lean over and kiss me so I immediately started talking.

"Thanks for a wonderful night."

"It was my pleasure."

"I really do appreciate you buying me something so nice, but I should really give this back to you." I said while taking off the bracelet.

I handed it to him.

"I want you to keep it, that's why I bought it for you."

Edward took the bracelet and put it back on my hand.

"Thank You."

I still felt uneasy accepting something so expensive so I'm going to try and get him to accept it back on another occasion.

"Have a good night."

"Let me walk you to your door."

The only sound to be heard was the clicking of my heels as Edward followed closely behind me. I opened the door but before going in I turned around and told Edward goodnight but instead of saying it back he crashed his lips onto mine and pushed me inside.

It was one of the best things I ever felt and I suddenly got hot. Edward had his hand around my waist trying to merge us together. I felt him pushing me backwards until I fell on the couch and he fell on top of me while never breaking the kiss.

He moved down to my neck kissing it hungrily, it felt so...pleasurable. His right arm was around me while his left one was on my breast as he kissed me. I felt so many different emotions and thoughts running through my mind.

What happened next was just...unreal.

Someone turned on the light and shouted my name...that was it, then everything just

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Is Edward a wolf in sheep's clothing and who the heck turned on the light? Trust me, things are going to get a lot more interesting as we go along.

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