A/N: Sorry it took so long to update everyone. I've been busy with finals, but more watching DVDs I got for my birthday, like Little Voice *giggles*. And again, writer's block took over, so let's hope this is funny, hmm?

(We open to see Bob, Yoda Doll, Frank, and Zidler all wearing bright colors, cargo pants, and very very very bleached hair. They are standing in the main room upstairs. We follow Christian upstairs, still only in boxers.)

Christian: Shh. I'm trying to get away from that bloody Duke. He's chasing me, but he started making out with Carson Daly when I said no, dammit, he cannot have my boxers.

(Christian arrives upstairs, and immediately turns to leave.)

Christian: Holy crap.

Bob: No wait, honey, we can explain. See, we've got our own band going here, and well we just need one more member…

Frank: All the cool boy bands have five…

Zidler: And plus we need you to help us pick a name. You're hotter than us anyway. You have to be the hearthrob. Every group has one. I'm the old guy that none of the girls actually like but he's just there anyway.

Bob: I'm the bad boy.

Frank: I'm the quiet one.

Yoda doll: The strange, dark, mysterious one, I am. (Yoda doll somehow manages to pull out a wig with long flowing black hair).

Zidler: So as you can see, my bro (randomly high fives the other three), you are needed. None of us are hot.

Bob: And your -

Zidler: Don't even say it. I swear, if you say "talent" one more time I'll -

Christian: Umm, guys, I'm not interested. Why don't you get Demon Carson Daly or something, I mean, he's down their kissing that Dukey kid already, I'm sure he'd just LOVE you all…

(Toulouse and Satie come out from behind the bar. Satie keeps giving Frank evil looks.)

Toulouse: They've already tried to recruit us, Christian. Join our Rebellion. Resist the evil boy band.

Yoda Doll: Futile, resistance is.

Bob (whispering to him): Wrong movie…

Yoda doll: Oh. Christian, your father I am!

Christian: What the hell.

(Toulouse throws Christian a squirt gun. He and Frank dramatically put on sunglasses.)

Bob (completely randomly muttering): Here come the MIB…

Christian: If you come any closer…I'll…I'll squirt you!

Bob: I think I took that totally the wrong way…

(At this moment the Duke, Carson, and Frogger come running up from downstairs. They all immediately run straight into Christian and knock him down.)

Duke: ha, now I've got them on my side, I'll have your boxers in no time!

Carson (who is apparently a total idiot, but still has red eyes): Whoa, check it out, these look like those boxers Madonna wore one time…or was that Puff Daddy? I was drunk that night.

(They have now successfully gotten the boxers off Christian. The "boy band" has all pulled up chairs and is eating popcorn.)

Bob (to Zidler): Nice show.

Zidler: Too bad Satine's missing it.

(Suddenly, Satine and the Green Fairy come back, carrying about 5 dozen shopping bags.)

Satine: Christian, I've gotten over you and moved on and - OMIGOD.

(Christian streaks by everyone)

Satine: Nope, definitely not over you.

(She and the Green Fairy pull up chairs. Camera fades to black. We hear a whisperJ

Satie: Did you two buy any extra shoes, by any chance?