Ok, I can finally agree that inspiration can hit a person really hard. I didn't even expect to ever right a story again, much less a collection of drabbles. But, stranger things have happened. This is the first drabble in the Contingent Ambience collection. I hope you enjoy it, and please... feel free to leave a review :]

Disclaimer: If I owned Kizuna, there'd probably be a lot less drama and a lot more love-making. And Masa and Kai would be together from the get go.

"He's tough… he's so tough…!"

Enjouji Kei distantly realizes that he has exclaimed those words. He distantly smells the salty tang of the sweat that permeates the air, hears the complaints of his fellow classmates, feels the pins and needles in his thighs and calves that comes from resting one's weight on them too long. The only thing he sees however, is Samejima.

The quick parries and thrusts of the other boy's shinai against the instructor's. The swift, expert shuffles of his feet as he efficiently transitions from one position to another. Kei strongly believes that behind that mask shielding Samejima's face are tawny eyes that shine brightly with warrior-like ferocity. His golden hair was probably damp with sweat, and plastered to his forehead and neck, thinks Kei dazedly. He pictures the boy's face scrunched up in utter concentration, and his lips in an almost snarling position as he calls out his strikes with fierceness and surety.

"D a a a !"

Kei's observations yield forcefully as the shout rings throughout the dojo. The kneeling boy recedes from the recesses of his mind and focuses his eyes on the source of the sound.

Fucking Samejima.

His arms are raised above his head, his shinai pointed skyward. His left foot shuffles to the front, and his arms swing down with another yell so intense that Kei can't control the shiver that runs down his spine. There is a resounding smack, and all is silent.

Kei distantly hears the sensei chiding and praising tone. He feels his fellow classmates' fear. He feels his own as well, churned together with an unfamiliar sensation. All of a sudden, his clarity returns as he shoots up from his previous position, and volunteers to spar with Samejima.

Well? I hope you enjoyed my very short piece of work. I don't think I'll ever be able to write a story that is more that 1,000 words...

Thanks for reading!