Okay- I know what all of you are thinking. You see another story and either think 'oh god not another one' or ' yay! new reading material.'

Well this will be one of those times. I was requested to make a story for HICHIGOvsworld where Naru was no longer a part of the village, Kakashi was the new Leaf Bijuu- And the rest had something to do with a new rank of nins within the village that stand on par with the sanin known as Reapers. Basically they are a form of Anbu deployed for political assassinations and such. Things that many normal nins wouldn't do.

In the history of the village there have only been three. Two died. And one was retired and driven from the village.

Now to protect the identity of those who become Reapers- No one but the Hokage is allowed to know their true name and skills. Anyone that tries to look at their files are taken out and killed.

This is going to be a really long, really complicated story but hopefully I'll be able to pull it off. It just means doing more work. So bear with me and enjoy the ride.


Reaper 001- Name, age and origins unknown.

Status; deceased.

While little is known about the first Reaper brought into Anbu, it is believed that he was among one of the most talented shinobi in histroy.


Reaper 002

Name- Sakumo Hatake

Origins- not much is known

Age- 40

Status; deceased.

Hatake Sakumo became mentally unstable after last mission and committed ritual suicide.


Reaper 003

Name- Uzumaki Nara

Origins- Bastard child of the Fourth Hokage and a noble woman.

Age- 7 upon acceptance into Anbu.

While little is known about the child in question, no one was desputing her skill and ability. However after only three years of service, Nara forced herself to be retired. Unhappy by the rebelous streak in the child- the village dyamios and lords handed down an execution order.

Nara was last seen standing among the corpses of men sent to kill her with only one survior. The Hokage himself. Sarutobi suffered severe almost life threatening wounds before being knocked out.

Current status; MIA. After so many years of searching, and finding nothing; she is believed to be dead.

Sarutobi closed the file with a sense of finality as he leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes and sighed. Nara Uzumaki, huh? Wow, it had been a while since he'd last heard that name. Almost nine years since he'd last seen or heard of the child in question and while he understood her reasons for wanting to retire from the Reapers branch of Anbu.

She should have asked him for help. For protection. For...something. After all Konoha village didn't relinquish their weapons well.

And it hadn't helped matters when one of the village lords had blabbed to the civilians about who the latest Reaper was or what she held within her. Everything had happened so fast that Sarutobi was surprised the village hadn't been destroyed.

There had been riots both from groups of shinobi and civilians calling out for the child's death.

He'd been forced to have everyone that knew the girl was a Reaper, tortured and killed- including the village lord that had started the whole thing. But it hadn't stopped the fifty villagers from being killed. Just like those things hadn't stopped Nara from escaping the village and attacking him when he tried to persuade her to return.

He'd had one of his arms severed above the elbow, suffered massive internal bleeding and had nearly died. The last thing he recalled before being rendered unconscious was Nara standing over him.

Her angelic little face spattered with drying blood, her normally lovely deep, deep blue violet eyes had taken on a demonic looking red with slitted pupils. Her shoulder length silvery blond hair had been tangled and matted with blood and other bodily fluids. "Never again." She'd said in a deathly quiet tone that had sent chills down his spine.

Then the darkness had overwhelmed him and all he could remember was waking up in the hospital wondering to himself, Never again what?