Kakashi trailed after the two for another ten minutes or so before dropping from the rooftops to the ground below and running haphazardly through the streets, narrowly missing some people and market stalls as he went. His mind absently reaching for Nara's mind with his own as he tried to understand why it seemed he could communicate with her without being right next to her.

He turned a corner and felt several things sliver through her mind all at once.

Irritation. Fear. Worry- She thought he was bothersome. Though she had yet to meet him in person. She was also slightly disgruntled by how quickly the situation had gone from beyond her control. And there was a deep, deep dislike of that fact.

He gave a grim smile and let her feel his amusement and was startled to the point where he almost tripped over his own feet when she slammed up a mental block. Shutting him out of her mind. Leaving him feeling bereft.

It was such a startling feeling that his chest tightened painfully and he slowed to a jog then came to a stop as his mind went blank. He felt like he had on the day he had discovered his father's dead body in his childhood home.

Like he was mourning. Yet logically he knew Nara was alive and somewhere in the village, hiding from him.

Calm down Kakashi, He told himself as he stood in the center of the crowded street and tried to recal the basics of his Anbu training. Center yourself- He closed his eye and tipped his head back a little bit and took a deep calming breath. Scent out your prey- What did Nara smell like up close? Sure he got the impression of oranges from speaking with her telepathically, but what was her real scent? Vanilla? Lavender?

Pervert- Nara's voice sounded in his head, startling him slightly. I would never smell of such frivolous things. I prefer simpler scents.

Kakashi's lips curved up a little bit as he filed the information away in the back of his mind. That was good to know since such things were costly and he doubted he'd be able to keep them around for long since he often went into sneezing fits when he smelled certain things.

So...when I get the impression of oranges-

The mental block was slammed up again and Kakashi winched slightly as his head began to ache a little bit. Ah, so her lack of an answer either meant that she didn't want to say or that what you saw was what you got with her. His fingers twitched slightly and his smile grew.

He suddenly couldn't wait to meet her in person.


Nara's face was flaming by the time Han set her down and looked behind them to see if the other male was still chasing them. She couldn't believe that that man had somehow gotten her to volunteer such information about herself. In fact she had almost volunteered the info, 'I like orange blossoms' to him.

And how embarrassing would that be once the others found out? She thought as she dropped down to a squatting position and threaded her fingers through her thick hair and pulled at it slightly.

Something she did every time she was mortified or embarrassed.

"Princess?" Han's voice penetrated her thoughts, drawing her back to their present situation. Dropping her hands, she tipped her head back and looked up at him and blinked as he held a hand out to help her up and said, "Just because the male isn't following us for the moment doesn't mean that we can let our guard down."

Slipping one of her hands into Han's, he pulled her up to stand at her full height as she realized that he was right. For all they knew the unknown male was setting a trap for them at that exact moment.