Chapter 2

The second battle is an uphill battle between #2 uphill Adam Morales and #5 uphill Edith Camacho. Edith drives a Nissan Skyline 25GT (codename: ER34) with 400 hp in its inline-6.

Adam, on the other hand, drives a Mazda RX-7 Type R (codename: FD3S) with Mazdaspeed wing and front bumper, and a 350 hp 13B-REW rotary engine. Edith, unnerved by Adam's calmness, plans to stick to her own pace. Therefore, a hillclimb challenge begins!

Battle 2: FD3S (Adam Morales) vs. ER34 (Edith Camacho)

Togichi – Nichien Momiji Line

Music: Power by Go 2

"3! 2! 1! GO!"

The yell of "Go!" meant the two drivers launched out of the gates, Edith leading Adam. Edith, sticking to her own pace, was driving a grip style, while Adam drove his usual drift style. However, whatever Edith did through the corners, Adam was bound to catch up…until they reached a straightaway.

"That thing definitely accelerates well on the straights," Adam thought. "She definitely puts up a fight with that engine's power. But the real question is: how well can she use that power?" It looks like she's using the power pretty well, Adam. "I won't use the same tactics as Jim – I'll leave the 'circus acts' to him. I'm doing this my way. I'M Pioneer Valley's ace!" And indeed, was he showing it. He has to win in order to prove that he's the ace. And Edith wouldn't make that easy.

"This 34 may not be very light, but it's got a strong heart," Edith noted. "Besides, the hillclimb is all about power!" And she was defending her line, thanks to the 400 hp wall that Adam has to climb.

"There's no need to block the inside so much," Adam complained, "I'm not making my move in a place like this. I will NOT use the same tricks!" And it seemed like a foolish decision not to use the same tricks, because he was now falling behind.

"Take me if you can, you useless brat!"

"You're too full of yourself, you naïve bastard. I see your weakness!"

"I've definitely got the power advantage; I accelerate faster on the straights – I got him! I can take this in the first round!"

"Such pathetic cornering – you've got no style! You simply take advantage of power on the straights – however, attacking a touge* isn't that simple. It's pretty damn lame, if you ask me. Even a complete moron can go fast in a straight line! After all the training Ryosuke put me through, you're nothing! I'll show you…Ryosuke Takahashi's Theory of True Speed!"

*touge = mountain pass.

Adam got set to launch his attack.

"Even if you push me in the corners," Edith thought, "I'll erase you on the straight. I'll pull away, no matter what!" However, she was wrong. "What?" Adam had floored the pedal and began to overtake Edith. "Wait, what the hell?"

"Like I said," Adam repeated, "you're naïve – Top speed on the straights is dependent upon momentum out of the corner. It's all about understanding cornering forces!" And with that, it was Adam who won in the first round.