Star Trek

The Next Generation

Times Q


Hunger... hunger was eternal.

Food… food was near. It grew closer. A feast was in store. It was here. It was gone. It had come. It would go. It never went. Yet it had been.

There, here, now, then… Yes. There would be plenty. But it would not be enough. Never enough. Always that had been so and yet still it remained. Everything would be consumed. Nothing would endure. And then, there would be satisfaction. Then, the feast would start over. The search, the discovery, the consumption. Then, it would return. Hunger. Yes, it sensed the food was nearing. Yet there was another. Poison was there, here, then, now… Never. Yet, it was. Destroy. Yes, only then could it take what was needed. When? How? Then, now… Yes, it had the key.

They would interfere. But it would not be stopped. The meal would take place and this time, it would be everlasting. Eternity spanned in but a moment of the hunt which went on forever, yet never began. It could not find satisfaction. Hunger would be forever. Yet it had to consume.

Everything, anything, nothing, something... This was its purpose. This was its motive. Food, poison; both were here and would be consumed. All would be nothing. All would be everything. All would be it. It would be all…