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Chapter One

Moving Forward


Edward and I lay in our meadow just as we had many times before. He and I had spent all day in school just as we would for the next year and a half. I looked to my husband as he was quietly singing to me. He was humming a new tune, one that I didn't recognize. I was sure he had written it. Something that sounded so sweet and pure could only come from the lips and the mind of my loving husband, my reason for existing. I rolled onto my side, placing my head on his shoulder. I lifted my shield. When did you compose that, my love? It is a new one. I glanced at Edward and he was smiling. My husband loved when I gave him those rare glimpses into my thoughts and I loved doing it. Edward's grin broadened and he reached out with his hand, placed it on my bulge. Our baby would be here tomorrow. "Love, I wrote special lullabies for you, Nessie, and Masen. This baby is no different. This child inspired me my new song," he spoke.

Hearing Edward speak of our child so lovingly brought what would have been tears to my old human eyes. I placed my hand over his. "Can you hear the baby?" I asked him. I was never envious of Edward's gift until moments like these, when he could hear the thoughts of our unborn child. It was his gift that had made him change his feelings toward our unborn child when I was pregnant with Renesmee. Once he heard her thoughts, he loved her and no longer cursed her for what the pregnancy was doing to me. "Its times like these I wish I could hear others' minds."

Edward's grin faded slightly at my admission, "I know, love, but I share all that I hear with you. That's close." He leaned forward and kissed the bulge of my abdomen. "The baby is sleeping, dreaming. Dreaming of rainbows glistening across the sky. The baby, like Ness and Masen, is quite intelligent." Edward brought his lips up to mine. "Thank you, love, for giving me everything."

It had been discovered when I was pregnant with Masen that I had not only a shield to guard my mind, but a body that would allow for immortal births. My children were not immortal children, rather they grew for several years and stopped, but they would grow to be immortals, like their father and I. Edward and I had planned to have more children after Masen, but it was just recently that we had decided to do so. After we returned to Forks.

It had been my idea that we return to Forks when our family decided it was time for us to move forward from where we were. How long we spent in one place was determined by how young we had pretended to be on our arrival. It was nearing time to leave when we had begun to discuss where our next home would be for the next three or four years. I had remained quiet all the other times we had discussed where our next home would be. It had been this time that I had decided to speak up. I had wanted to return to Forks, to the place where I had met my wonderful Edward and darling immortal family. I missed Forks and had not been there in many years in fear of being recognized. It was a risk that I could not pose toward my family. We had left Forks over seventy years earlier and had not been able to go back. Edward had snuck back once after my father passed away to insure that the house was safe and to make sure it would remain that way. Forks was one of the few places in the entire world where we could live as the humans do. Almost. Of course there were and would be times that we wouldn't be able to venture out due to the rare sunny days that would occur. Forks was home for us. And I had other agendas on hand.

When we left Forks, I had vowed that I would return someday, when my memories began to get foggy. That day had arrived. Rosalie had told me from before my change, that if I held onto my human memories, they would go with me through my transformation and that if I continued to think of them as often as possible, I could hold on to them. It had been over seven decades and my memories of my time in Forks were present, but I could feel the fade in them. I had believed that if we returned to Forks and I could spend time in all the places where those memories had been made, they would become clear again. I had been right. Then there was my second agenda. I had wanted to return to Forks and have another child. I had not spoke with Edward or any of my siblings about my desire that my children be born in Forks. Forks was home and I wanted all of my children to have the same origination. I wanted them all to say they were from Forks, Washington. That would give them the connection to the place that their paretns had met and connected and began their relationship. It would give them a connection their mother's human past as well as their human grandfather.

It was my human past that I was reminded off quickly after returning to Forks. I had visited my home with Charlie and the memories of my father had come back to me more clearer than they had been in awhile. But returning to Forks didn't prove to be without consequence. It was upon our return that we discovered that two of mine and Edward's classmates had still been living, and one had recognized that we were the same people as he had known all those years ago yet we were frozen in young, teenage bodies. Mike Newton had become suspicious of us and began asking questions. We had been lucky that we were able to fend off his thoughts on his diagnosis of Alzeheimers. It was through Mike that I had been able to learn that my dear friend, Angela Weber, was still alive. Angela had been a true friend to me and I had always regretted that I hadn't kept in touch with her. I visited her along with Edward under the pretense I was the granddaughter of the Bella Swan that she had knew from her high school days. I recently visited her again, telling her that I had discovered journals of my grandmother's and that 'Bella Swan Cullen' had always regretted that she hadn't been able to remain in contact and had always wanted to. That until my grandmother, Bella's, passing, she had always thought of Angela as her best friend. That news had meant a lot to Angela and Edward had told me that her thoughts had became happy and cheerful and she was at peace with her friend, Bella. Angela had been the cheerful part of seeing thosse that I had known as a human. It had been a horrible experience having found my nemesis, Jessica Stanley, in the forest. Jasper and I had ran across her without recognizing her while we hunting and Rosalie had been attacked by her while she and Emmett had hunted. It took several weeks but we had finally had a confrontation with her, which sadly for her, we had to end her existence. After all those things, we had finally gotten back into our lives in Forks and was able to enjoy the home we had loved so dearly for so long.

Edward stood up, smiling slyly. This was the look he had when he was up to something in my previuos experience. He held his hands out to help me off the ground. Even after my transformation, his gentlemen ways never faltered. Although I was now more capable than ever of doing anything and everything myself, he wouldn't allow it. Chivalry was not anywhere near dead with my immortal husband. I took his hands gracefully and stood up. No longer was I the clumsy Bella that would have fallen if he hadn't help me stand, but it was nice to feel his protection around me. Edward put his arms around me and kissed my forehead. "Love, I think we should head back," he spoke.

I nodded in agreement and we started bounding down the mountain. Unlike most times that we paid a visit to our meadow, we had actually driven Edward's newest Aston Martin to the base of the mountain. Instead of bounding home to our Cullen family home, we would have to slow down and drive part of the way. I had enjoyed running more than any other part of becoming an immortal except loving Edward without him having to keep his self control intact. I had always been scared when Edward ran with me as a human but once I rna for the first time, I understood how he could run without hitting the trees. I enjoyed taking in the beauty of the forest as we ran. All the small things that are unseen to the human eye are quite apparent in the eyes of immortals.

Edward reached the car before I did. Of course he did. He always beat me. Edward held the door open as I climbed in and shut all in less than a second. Immortal speed sure did cut out the time mundane things took. Edward began our drive back to our family's home. I looked out as I noticed he didn't turn down the drive and continued into Forks. "Edward, where are we going?" I asked.

He continued to look out the window as he drove, as if he really had to pay attention. His gaze slowly came to me. "Ah, just a quick stop elsewhere, love." he answered.

A few more minutes passed and my home with Charlie came in to view. I had informed Edward before we announced to our family what our plans had bcome that I desired living in my old home. I knew that would be a sacrifice for him, leaving his own family's home, but the desire I had was quite strong. I had been willing to make a compromise, going back and forht between the two homes, but Edward immediately loved the idea. He knew how important it meant to me for just my aksing alone. We had agreed we would wait until after the delivery of the new baby, which wouldn't be much longer. Carlisle had set the date for the vampire c-section, tomorrow.

As Edward parked the car, I noticed the lights we on throughout the first level of the home, with a light on in what now was our bedroom but had once been my bedroom on the second level. I had refused to not keep my father's room or any other room in the house as it was when we lived there. Alice had wanted so desperately to update the looks of the house, but I wanted it to remain. "Edward, who is in our home?" I asked him.

Edward shrugged his shoulders, his eyes never meeting mine. I was sure of it. Edward Cullen had something up his sleeves and I didn't know if I liked it. Surprises were not part of my top ten list of things I loved. More like on the top ten list of things I hated. I was out of the car before Edward could get his door closed. I felt the wind of his bound behind me and he finally caught up to my stride. He opened the house door and I finally could see a slight grin spreading on his face. In the living room, I saw all that I needed. Renesmee and Jacob were standing there with my granddaughter, Emma, and Masen. They were all smiling from ear to ear. I had not had all of my children together in one place since before our move. I jumped across the room throwing my arms are Renesmee, then Emma, then Masen. I hugged Jacob last. "Nice to see you, too, Bells" he said.

Hearing Jacob call me 'Bells' in my father's home made me smile. I hadn't been called that in so long that I hadn't realized how much I actually missed it. "Mother, I've missed you," Renesmee said. "Emma couldn't wait to see you."

I bent down and picked up my granddaughter. Emma was quite the little character. She grew differently from the way my children had, most likely due that she was more human than immortal, but yet she was also part shape shifter. None of us truly knew what would happen with Emma as a result of her lineage, but we knew that her growing was similar to the other's and she seemed to possess traits from both the wolves and the immortals. "I sure missed you, too, Emma dear!" I planted a huge kiss on my granddaughter's rosy cheeks. She looked so much like Renesmee, had all of her facial features, but she had her father's dark hair and skin. "Its about time you come for a visit!"

Edward was next to me, hugging and greeting our guests. He was beaming with pride that his surprise had been so well received by me. I smiled at him. Thank you so much, love. This means more to me than you know. Edward nodded and kissed my ear.

Masen walked over and gave me a hug, picking me up off the ground. "I'm glad I could get back here so fast. When dad called and told me about my becoming a big brother, I knew I wouldn't miss it!"

I looked to my children and they were beaming. They had come here to be with us when a new member of their family would arrive. It was truly only a matter of hours before their baby brother or sister would arrive. I looked to my husband as his eyes were roaming toward the staircase. My face must have looked confused as he finally spoke. "There's just one more thing for you to do," he said. He nodded at our children as they began to lead us toward the stairs. Edward took my hand and walked with me. Our children, including Jacob and our granddaughter, held back and allowed Edward and I to pass them as we reached our room. My old room. The same room Edward