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Great first day of school. Hoo-ray. Ya know, I didn't want to move her in the first place. I was perfectly fine back in North Carolina. But noooooo. My mom just had to get a high up cosmetics job here in Minnesota. Ugh.

I got out of bed and walked towards my closet, picking out a casual but cute outfit for first day of school. I picked my ripped, black jeans with white ballet flats and a dark blue flowy shirt.

Once showered and dressed, I walked back into my bathroom to apply my makeup of concealer eye-liner and mascara after blow drying my hair and curling it. Once finished I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, blowing stray blonde hairs out of my face. Well, here I go.

I grabbed my white backpack and headed downstairs for breakfast. I dropped it into a chair and went to get a bowl of cereal.

"Good morning sweetheart." My mom said walking in the kitchen in her 'work attire.'

"Morning mom." I mumbled, but loud enough for her to hear.

"Ready for your first day at your new school?" she asked making herself a cup of coffee. She's kind of obsessed.

"No." I said sitting down munching on my cereal. What if I don't find my class? Yeah, stupid for a junior in high school to think that right? And what if the kids hate me? Ugh. I don't want to go.

She just gave me a sympathetic look. "Oh honey. I know you didn't want to move away from your friends. But this was a very great offer. I mean, to get a call from Brooke Diamond herself, to come work for Diamond Cosmetics? It will help make our lives easier financially." She said stopping to give me a smile.

"And I'm sure you will make lots of new friends. You've been to high school before, so this shouldn't be any different."

"Yeah, yeah. Be polite, still get good grades, all the kids are nice….I get it mom." I droned remembering the pep talk she gave me on my first day of pre-school, kindergarten, all through elementary school and junior high, freshmen year, and again now. Why? I have still to find out.

I put my bowl in the sink, grabbed my backpack and headed out the back door. "Bye mom, love you." I shouted over my shoulder.

"Bye Jo! Have a great first day!" I heard behind me as I began walking towards school. I lived relatively close, about a 15 minute walk. I just couldn't ignore the butterflies that kept rising in my stomach. Stupid nerves.

As I rounded the corner I came face to face with a giant brick and metal building. Woah. There were several kids walking passed me as I stood frozen.

Come on Jo. It's not that big. Just go inside and get your schedule and locker number. I coached myself. I nodded and headed inside.

As I walked inside, there were kids going every which way. Most bumping into me and mumbling 'sorry.' I shook my head and headed in the direction towards the office, I think.

I was headed down an unknown hallway until I full on crashed into someone and my books scattered everywhere.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going I'm such a klutz. Wow I'm so sorry…" a girl rambled on. Wow, she talks a lot.

I chuckled and got up, picking my books up with me. "It's fine, It's fine really. I wasn't watching either. I said brushing the stray dust off my jeans.

"Hey are you new here? I haven't seen you around her before." She asked as we got a first look at each other. This girl was tall-ish, with long flowy brown hair swept over her shoulder.

"Yeah." I said shyly yet nervously. I hated being the new kid. "I was just headed to the office to pick up my schedule and locker number."

"Oh! Well I was just headed there. I'll show you the way." She said. I nodded and we began to walk in a comfortable silence until she broke it.

"I'm Camille by the way!" she chimed. "Hi, I'm Jo!" I said returning her greeting with a genuine smile. We then walked into a large room and up to a young-ish women typing on a computer. Frankly, I was a little frightened, but Camille inched me forward.

"Ahem." I coughed. She just looked up annoyed. But plastered a fake smile. "Hi sweetie. What can I do for ya?"

I sighed internally. "Hi. I'm new here and I came to pick up my schedule and locker number?" I asked. She frowned and turned to her computer. I could hear her mumble something like 'Great. Another worthless brat.' I frowned. Someone's cranky today.

She printed a couple sheets of paper and grabbed a brochure before putting on the fake smile and handing them to me.

"Here's your schedule and locker number, which is number 246, the code is set to default. And here's a map of the school if you need it. Have a good day." She said before turning to her computer and frowning.

I stood there frozen a bit before I turned back around and started towards Camille. She gave me a smile as we walked out. "So how was it?" she asked enthusiastically.

"Well, she kinda scares me." I replied truthfully. Seriously, that lady was mean. Camille just laughed.

"Yeah. She hates everyone, and everyone hates her. Even the staff. No one knows why she's like that." She replied slightly serious. I chuckled.

"Now let me see your schedule! She exclaimed grabbing it out of my hands. This girl is really hyper. Probably too much coffee. We're going to be good friends.

Her eyes scanned the small sheet of paper, and her face lit up. "We have, like, all the same classes. Except I'm in drama and you're in chorus. Plus you're in advanced Trig. You over achiever." She mocked smirking. I just laughed.

"Hey! We have 1st period English together! That starts in like 2 minutes, come on!" she said pulling me down a couple hallways and into a classroom.

She dragged me into a seat next to hear and a dark brown-haired girl. "Hey, I'm Stephanie, you new?" she asked politely.

I smiled and nodded. "I'm Jo."

Camille was about to say something when she was interrupted by another voice. "Yo! Camille, Stephanie!"

We all turned our heads towards the door to a tall brunette with short-longish hair, and a smaller latino boy with short black hair.

"Hey Carlos, hey James." Stephanie greeted them as they walked over to us. When they got there, they eyed me then Camille and Stephanie with questioning eyes.

"Guys, this is Jo. Today is her first day here at Grayfield High." Camille explained to me. The guys just gave me flirtatious smirks. I smirked and rolled my eyes.

"Hey how are you?" James asked all flirty.

"Oh, so based on this 'move making', I'm guessing your not going out with Rachel anymore?" Carlos asked chuckling at the end. James turned around giving him a frown.

"Dude! I told you! We were never going out!" he exclaimed throwing his arms up. Camille and Stephanie just laughed, and a tall, young-ish looking man came in. Camille leaned over and whispered to me.

"Class is starting." I quickly took my seat. Just as he was about to talk, two boys walked through the door.

Camille and Stephanie rolled their eyes and gave each other smirks and knowing looks. I was very curious.

"Who're they?" I leaned over and whispered to Camille.

"That," she said pointing to the raven haired boy, "Is Logan Mitchell." I could tell she had a crush on him. Her eyes had a mischievous look when she said his name.

"And that," she said pointing to the dirty blonde sitting a row over. "Is Kendall Knight. The ultimate jock/bad boy. Nothing illegal, just tardies and a bad reputation for a mouth and other stuff." She pointed out.

"Nice of you to join us boys." The teacher said. Logan looked embarrassed, but Kendall just smirked.

Now, let's get started, but first," he said turning to me. "It seems we have a new student joining us. Why don't you stand up sweetie?" he asked me. I looked nervous at first; I mean just get up in front of everyone on the spot? But I reluctantly stood up.

"Why don't you tell us your name sweetheart?" he asked politely. I nervously nodded. "My name is Jo. Jo Taylor." I spoke with surprising confidence.

"Hello, Jo. I'm Mr.-

"Oooo! Oooo! Mr. Richards! Over here!" a voice cut him off. He just heavily sighed. "Yes, Carlos?" he asked with everything less than enthusiasm that he just had.

"Can we ask her some questions?" he asked. "Yeah, to get to know her better. We can't just let some stranger come in here and be part of our class, we gotta get to know her." James added.

Mr. Richards just sighed. "Yes, I suppose that will be all right."

"When did you move here?" Carlos asked quickly and questioningly.

"Uh, a week ago." I answered hesitantly. Hey, how was I supposed to know what direction this would be heading in?

"What school did you go to before here?" Stephanie asked curiously.

"Um, Longview High." I answered. It was a great school, had all of my awesome friends there. And one idiot ex.

"Really, you're from North Carolina?" Logan piped up. Everyone turned to look at either me or him. How did this kid know that. I heard Kendall scoff. What, does he have something against people from North Carolina?

"Yeah." I answered sternly looking straight at Kendall's turned expressionless face.

"Where did you get your hair done?" A blonde girl sitting with two others asked me.

"Jennifer is that really-" Mr. Richards started, but I cut him off.

"Um, at an old beauty salon I used to go to?" I answered, and Kendall scoffed. I glared at him, but he didn't see it. My answer came out more of a question. Then the three girls started whispering.

I looked over to Kendall who wasn't asking any questions. He didn't look interested at all. Like he didn't care for anything. He was really starting to get on my nerves.

"Ok, Class that's enough question-"

"Oooo! Oooo! Mr. Richards! I just have on last question."

"Fine James, go ahead."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked smirking. I could see Kendall's head look up, and look at me.

"No." I said. James smirked and leaned back in his chair. Kendall just scoffed and looked away. Man, I really don't like that guy.

"Ok, thank you class. Jo you may take a seat." He said motioning me to sit. I did and Camille leaned over towards me. "Good job. You survived your interview." She said jokingly. I chuckled but my mind still wandered to Kendall. Was he always so stubborn expressionless? It just irked me.

Soon Carlos and James turned around and said 'Hey.' simultaneously. I just rolled my eyes and chuckled. Soon we began having a small conversation, Logan joining in soon after. My eyes kept wandering to Kendall and his expressionless, non-caring face. And the fact that he kept laughing at me did not help him. Soon class was over and I ended up exchanging phone numbers with the 3 guys, Camille and Stephanie

Soon class was over and I headed out the class door with Camille by my side. "Hey Jo, my locker's this way but I'll see you in chem." She said as she began walking off.

"Kay, bye." I replied over my shoulder, as I got out my locker number and combination. However, I hated chemistry so I wasn't looking forward to that. "246, 246…." I mumbled under my breath as I turned around multiple corners trying to find my locker.

"Aha!" I said as I finally found it. I dialed the combination and looked into my blue, empty locker. 'I wonder who my neighbors are.' I thought as I began putting some of my books away.

I then glanced to my left, but did a double-take. Coming down the hall was the last person I wanted to see today. Kendall Knight.

I turned my head towards my locker and muttered under my breath, 'Please not me, please not me….' However my wishes were not granted as he walked up and opened the locker right next to me and began putting away his books.

I looked up at him and managed to sputter out. "Hi." He just looked at me, with his expressionless face. Was he always like that? And then returned to putting his books away.

Ok…"Uh, I'm Jo." I introduced since he not so warm welcomed me in English class. He just looked at me and frowned. "Yeah, I know. I saw you in English." He said slamming his locker and walking away.

Rude much? Kendall Knight was now on my list of people to figure out and or avoid. As I watched him walk away, one thought crossed my mind.

Am I really going to let this guy get to me?