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It was going to be another long day. Is all the Aaron Hotchner can think to himself as he steps off the elevator with Rossi. Knowing they are going to have to wait for the rest of the team members the two men start walk into the coffee shop just off the of the lobby hoping to grab a cup of coffee before they go to the police station

It is what they see that makes the two men stop and watch. Their tech talking to a man and woman. They watch as the woman takes Garcia's hands in hers and kisses her cheeks as only a friend would. They watch as Garcia moves ever so slightly and raises her head standing on tip toe she kisses the very tall man. It is then they notice as she removes her hand from his cheek the man has been horribly injured his face has been burned and he has a prosthetic for his left arm. But it was his eyes that told the story they were filled with sadness even though he was smiling as she pulled away. Penelope says good bye to the couple after a quick exchange of numbers. She gathers her bags and goes to where the bosses are standing.

"Friends of yours?" Rossi asks simply.

Penelope blinks rapidly before she answers. "Yes they are, very good friends. Do we have time to stop for breakfast or are we living on coffee today?"

"Breakfast I'm starving." Rossi answers when he sees the rest of the team walking toward them. Both men turn away from her giving her the opportunity she needs to clear her eyes from the tears they saw forming.

It is late when the get back to the hotel every one of them is exhausted. Twelve hours of searching and gathering leads and they are no closer now than they were yesterday afternoon.

After showering and changing into her pajamas Penelope made sure that she left the connecting bathroom door unlocked so that Hotch could use the bathroom without any problems.

It was just after nine and when she opened up a laptop intending to do some searching for a least a few more hours. After ten minutes she stops and digs through her bag she takes out a small plastic bag with all the ingredients needed for a cup of cocoa. Having no trouble boiling some water in the small coffee pot that comes with the room.

She knows what's wrong she has known for a while now. It was the mornings' unexpected meeting of old and dear friends that gave her the final push needed. Having come to a decision she takes in a deep cleaning breath of air before letting out in out slowly.

Dialing her cell she make a call that she knows will forever change her life. Putting it on speaker she picks up her cup and take a sip as she waits for it to be answered.

"Penny, you called its late I thought you forgot."

"No Kevin I didn't forget. I just got back to my room a half hour ago. I needed to shower and change first."

"Do you have your own room, or are they making you share again?" He asks with just a touch of suspicion in his voice.

" I have my own room. I am sharing the bathroom with agent Hotchner though, he is in the next room:

Hearing his name Hotch stops closing the bathroom door on Penelope's side. Curious as to why his name is being mentioned he listens.

"Why the hell do you have to share a bathroom with him for?"

"I don't know Kevin maybe because I don't carry and they want to make sure they can get to me if something goes wrong." she explains as if she was taking to a five year old.

"You know if you would just say yes we could quit and move to a farm in the country. Get away from all of the crime then you wouldn't need to be protected."

"About that, I have an answer for you, the answer is no. I don't want to move away and I don't want to marry you Kevin."

"Why I thought that you loved me?"

"I do love you but not enough to marry you. Think about it Kevin all we do is fight and bicker. You don't like my job, my friends at the Bureau or away from the Bureau. I don't like your friends either. We have different tastes in music and movies. All you eat is meat and potatoes and bacon doughnuts. I'm a vegetarian. And to top it all of admit it Kevin the sex is lousy and it has been for the last year."

"We can make it work and compromise, Penny."

"Life is to short Kevin and I don't want to settle. You shouldn't have to settle either. The perfect woman is out there for you Kevin I'm just not it and you're not the guy for me either."

" You're right." he tells her softly. "But we did have fun, didn't we?"

"Yes we did have fun." she admits with a smile.

"Penny. ." Kevin start to say.

"I know Kevin. I'm sorry I have to go I'm running a few searches before I go to sleep. Good night." She tells him before she ends the call.

Hotch places his hand flat on the door and starts to close it quietly as he does he hears her whisper "Oh Alex." then a soft sob and barely audibly crying.